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The Fatriarchy

The plot thickens. Some people are theorizing this guy harassing people is actually an exceptional individual posing as Unixmad. The prime suspect is Antago.
It would actually make a lot of sense, Antago is totally nuts and has a vendetta against Unixmad spanning over a decade.

Actually, schwrz as he calls himself is a member of a fake Graal Online piracy ring called otherwise known by Graal Reborn. This dude has been loitering around Mongers and is now slandering us for exposing their piracy. They literally run a complete knock-off of Graal Online software (available in the forums) where they pirate thousands of developers' files, release them for download, and then slander the game creators as you can see him doing here.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.09.19 PM.png

Here you will find him in the Mongers Discord server literally advertising to me to come join Graal Reborn, while he is secretly slandering me behind my back here on Kiwi Farms.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.07.50 PM.png

This dude literally is the exact same as Unixmad. He hasn't created a single element of Graal, and yet he runs a Graal knock-off community complete with all the files he's downloaded, including my levels. then proactively slanders the game creators the same as Unixmad in order to try to elevate and advertise themselves while persuading players to stay away from the creators they are robbing, and to join their community instead.

Notice the dates on these screenshots; he is literally writing mad trash about me on here and then trying to convert Mongers into a group to endorse and promote Graal Reborn. Again, Graal Reborn is literally knock-off Graal software running older versions of the Graal engine from They recreated a server program to run with the old clients, and then they redistribute all the files they've downloaded from game developers Unixmad has robbed over the years, including themselves.

Here, a member on the "Graal Reborn" team (rip-off Graal Online client) named Viper who works with the people above in this thread who are slandering me from, also ran a site called NekoRoy where "Graal Reborn" as they call themselves are hellbent on literally delivering hundreds of levels packs (sometimes jumbled together in one big giant zip file) for schwrz's illegal Graal Reborn community so they can steal the lives of game developers. You will even see a file named "Antago's Levels" and "Destiny", both of which are mine.

Note that the current Mongers Discord has not existed for years as he alleges, and it is not anti-Graal. In fact, Graal Reborn is ran by the anti-Graal movement including Viper who have been pirating Graal software and developers' files for decades. This dude is literally projecting THEIR crimes onto Mongers. Mongers is explicitly anti-piracy and anti-child predation, because Graal Online began a Zelda ROM cult ran by pirates.

The Graal Reborn community is now in here writing fake information about me, because they want to hijack the Graal community and destroy anti-piracy movements which are exposing them & hindering their efforts to run a fake Graal company called "Graal Reborn".

The following images will reveal this to be true:
Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.17.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.18.01 PM.png

Here, you will find Viper slandering myself & Unixmad for literally 20 years on an old site called SG111:

He was literally slandering me for being a child game creator, which has been part of a multi-decade long agenda to meticulously pirate and destroy the reputations of game creators.

You will find again that the Graal Reborn community was caught making criminal bomb threats and framing Unixmad (who is a pirate himself, but their hatred toward Unixmad is not that he is a criminal, but that he is in control of Graal Online which they intend to steal using slander & piracy ). Viper was arrested for making fake bomb threats and framing Unixmad. He did the same thing to myself, creating fake accounts calling me racist, an anti-Semite, a Nazi, and making school bomb threats. The FBI literally called me and I went into their office and we sat down and laughed.

I told the Graal Reborn community that I have suffered with autistic tendencies & asked them to help expose Unixmad since they've been anti-Graal & anti-Unixmad for 20 years, so I figured they would help me expose Stephane Portha for stealing my games when I was a kid (memories I otherwise repressed due to the online brainwash and threats). You know what the Graal Reborn community did when I asked them to help me? They harassed me, slandered me, ignored me, ridiculed me, and tried to get me to kill myself; come to find out, Viper has autism himself secretly, and both him and the entire Graal Reborn community collectively harassed me and slandered me because they were afraid of my intellectual property rights (and they are still harassing & slandering me).

Viper was arrested for slandering and trying to get Unixmad in jail almost 20 years ago by claiming that Unixmad was going to blow-up some schools with bombs from Paris: Literally, from

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.25.01 PM.png

He is now creating more fake accounts and claiming I am saying and doing things I am not, because I am old enough to begin fighting the piracy.

Here, when Viper believed he could use my testimony to bash Unixmad and take over Graal with Graal Reborn & Nekoroy even more in his 20 year long tirade of slandering members of the community, he released a statement validating the truth of my claims. Later, when he discovered that I am sending cease & desists, and that he now has to compete with me for rights over my own intellectual property, the Graal Reborn piracy ring (including the individuals above in this thread), began immediately revving up and slandering me doing a 180 degrees in their testimonies about myself to try to destroy me like they've been doing to countless other game developers for literally 20 years.

Here, Viper sent me an e-mail in December of 2015 validating my claims of ownership, before he realized I demand people respect my intellectual property, then schwrz and all the other Graal Reborn community members, including Unixmad and the piracy ring of, began slandering me. Why? Because I am anti-piracy.


Meanwhile, here you will find one of the original admins of Graal Online was a pedophile.
This game is using children's files & stolen Zelda ROMs to lure kids in:

Graal has decomposed into about 10 gangs of piracy emulator psychos who are actively slandering every single last game creator as much as they humanly can in order to hijack their property, and convince the public to discredit & destroy the actual game creators. With access to hundreds of thousands of digital files from the piracy ring, there are like 5 fake hacking and piracy "companies" trying to present themselves as Graal.

It's like a decayed carcass of game files where 900 maggots keep springing up to try to create their own "virtual empire", each meticulously slandering myself and any other game creator who demands our intellectual property.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.08.46 PM.png

Here he literally claims "I downloaded these resources so therefore I can redistribute your files and everyone else's without infringing". This dude is a lying thief. He's another Unixmad. So are these other people in here slandering me. Mongers is literally an anti-piracy & anti-child predation group, and Graal Reborn is now just as angry as Unixmad and trying to destroy their victims like all gangs do in order to keep doing what they're doing.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.41.03 PM.png

Here he acknowledges I made content and he's stealing it. He tries to pretend "it was just graphics", which is false.
On an article Stephane "Unixmad" Portha threatened or bribed to take down, among other sites, you will find that I created a game project called Destiny 20 years ago, which you can see on the Graal Reborn "resource directory" site called Nekoroy for download.

These pirates are trying to claim I did not create these things, and are trying to ruin my life along with other child victims so they can wear our clothes. Destiny was used to jumpstart the Graal Online business; Graal Reborn is a knock-off of Graal Online, and Graal Online itself is a knock-off of Zelda 3 & Destiny (for another time, my friends). They also stole Graal2001, another game I created, to jumpstart Unixmad's fake "Graal company" which was originally supposed to be Stefan Knorr's game tools for developers. They rebranded themselves as game creators by stealing games from myself when I was a child, because I was halfway around the world, a boy with autistic tendencies, and unable to defend myself.

Note that "Graal Reborn" wants to destroy me now that I am old enough to defend myself. This whole fucking business is more screwed up than Epstein's closet of little girl's tear stains.


Attached is the official news section from I downloaded before Stephane "Unixmad" Portha could convince to delete it:

Here, you will find I announced my intention to create Destiny on a church website:

Here you will find under my video game character account in Mongers (God of Gravity being the name of my character in Destiny you have to fight in the Gravity Tower, which they are now claiming I am a cult leader for having gods/myths in my games), I announce that Mongers is explicitly not anti-Graal in any way shape or form. It is a group dedicated to exposing emulation & ROM ripping from gamers, as well as child predation through the use of video games to lure & abuse children game creators & players under the age of majority:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.48.22 PM.png

Here you will see he continues to show his agenda to destroy autistic people, falsely calling me schizophrenic to try to denounce that I have intellectual property over the files they are illegal redistributing in a completely fake community called "Graal Reborn" by which they are decompiling games and redistributing them for their own benefit. Then he legitimately admits he just wants to destroy me, and he hates autistic people.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 3.51.26 PM.png

Fucking ridiculous. Anyway, thank you Kiwi Farms for the platform to defend myself. <3


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The Fatriarchy
Oh, so that's it. You're so exceptional that you think your maps are an actual separate game and not just part of the thing everyone was building. Good job showing that to us, retardo. The rest of this rubbish is so schizophrenic that it does very little to prove your point, or any point. You're still a broken idiot who thinks he can have claim over the part of the work he did for a larger group, as I've already stated. Maybe you're all exceptional individuals, but you're probably the most exceptional of all.

Quit calling the portion of content you created FOR a game "a game". Nobody believes you. Your own screenshots even show that you called it a town, not a game. You didn't make a game. You're staff at best. Stop pretending you know what you're talking about. I can clearly see everyone hates you because you're fucking stupid and cause problems, nothing more and nothing less.

Your own lack of understanding is creating the problems you think you have.


True & Honest Fan
What I gathered from that massive wall @antago posted is that Graal is a MMORPG Zelda clone that turned into a cancerous tumor of lolsuits, asshole Frenchmen with ego issues, spinoffs with people flinging shit at each other, and a never ending cascade of butthurt.
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Well I was about to make a detailed post about Antago but it looks like he's so exceptional he did it himself and spent far more time on it that I would've. Antago is basically like the a-log or Terry Davis of Graal, he has a seething hatred for Unixmad which makes him way more of a lolcow than Unixmad, and like Terry, thinks God is talking to him. In his discord he has a dedicated channel to praying to God for the power to fight Unixmad. There's plenty of trails left behind on the internet of him making posts saying that he's talked to God's angels and they told him to fight Unixmad. Antago is a total narcissist and loves to divide and conquer even those within his inner circle. Hence why he's decided he hates Graal Reborn now, which has nothing to do with piracy and is just a f2p nostalgia project for those that like Graal.

What I gathered from that massive wall @antago posted is that Graal is a MMORPG Zelda clone that turned into a cancerous tumor of lolsuits, asshole Frenchmen with ego issues, spinoffs with people flinging shit at each other, and a never ending cascade of butthurt.
That's basically the gist of it; "Graal Online" as they call it, started out as an illegal Zelda cult operated by pedophiles & child predators to lure kids in. (see image below; PACHUKA also ran other cults)

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 11.53.02 AM.png

The community hasn't changed much, it's just fancier looking like a 5 Star restaurant with hookers and mafia men shooting up their enemies in the back in torture chambers over competitive territorial business arrangements. And no, I do not consider that glamorous; these are literally international con-men, the major rift being that they targeted to prey on English-speaking American children or other countries. They assumed they could get away with it, because they're outside the borders of France & Germany. Also, the countries they target have lots of money & talented kids who they can steal artwork from.


Some German programmer coded a generic tile editor then ripped the Zelda 3 rom to target American kids mostly.

Originally, the server application could be ran by anyone including the emulator tools, so you could create your own game communities. The game tools were pretty much another Unreal or Unity game engine to make your own games, except they were low-end freeware. The German coder had a server-host where he illegally kept the Zelda 3 rom up.

That server guy is Stephane "Portha" Unixmad. The German programmer is Stefan "Bomber" Knorr.

Unixmad offered to literally host anything on his server for free even if it was illegal ROMs, hoping to twist the narrative and rename the games to sell copyrighted content from other countries so that he could make money doing nothing in this life.

If you look at the following image you will see Unixmad's first "game company" website Cyberjoueur where he was pretending to legally own the rights to Bomberman, Tetris, and Zelda. He renamed Zelda to Graal to throw Nintendo off the trail.
The video and screenshots of 3D games were not his; he has no affiliation to Nintendo, Playstation, Tetris, Hudson, Sega, Zelda, nor Disney—literally, in any way shape or form. Unixmad is a mega con-artist.
He was a pirate from the beginning, and wanted to host illegal ROMs & then associate with game developers long enough to steal their clout, communities, and files. He illegally calls himself a game designer & creator, when in fact everything Unixmad has done is nothing more than bribing programmers to help him pirate & steal game creators' identities by setting up a server in game development communities & befriending emulator ROM script-kiddies like Stefan.

He then bullies and harasses the independent game developers later into being scared of protesting his theft when he robs them as well; he first targeted children to steal enough of their money, clout, and content. Then he banned them, erased their names, and told the entire communities to ostracize and destroy their careers & to slander and role-play against them under fake accounts to make them appear mentally ill. He tried to cover all the evidence, which allotted him the freedom to then rebrand his fake piracy company to look more legit so that when he wanted to threaten & rob adults, these adults would be more intimidated and not know that his entire company and claims to fame were stolen from kids.


Notice Unixmad's first fake game company website where he puts all kinds of links and images from other games, images of Disney, etc. to trick kids into thinking he's a game company. Then he ported Stefan's illegal ROMs on there and even renamed Zelda to Graal.

Looks impressive, unless you analyze the freaking content and realize that he's showing screenshots and videos from other game companies, pretending to have some affiliation to Disney, and then offering illegal ROMs up-top. Later, he stole all my games and rebranded the Zelda 3 rom & game tools with Stefan, and mashed my games into Zelda then split them up and called it "Graal Classic & Graal2001". It is from here that he began making money and looking legitimate, except that this too was nothing more than a clever rouse to appear like a game company.


Graal New World was never completed, and it wasn't a Cyberjoueur game either. Graal New World was a project ran by independent developers. Unixmad put a link on there to make his new fake game company look like he was spitting out tons of original games.

In February 2001, Unixmad began pretending to own "Graal Classic" and "Graal 2001". The following image will show you how Graal Classic was a cheap knock-off of Zelda 3, and it was also a testing sandbox with hundreds of levels uploaded largely from random people, none of whom Unixmad paid nor had any rights over their content. He offered free hosting on purpose so he could steal it all later. I will explain after the following screenshot how this all went down.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.22.55 PM.png

Here you see Graal was Zelda Online, then in 2001 they started selling my games


Here, the tileset is clearly a rip of the Zelda rom. In fact, most of the original tiles (cropped out of this image) I actually made. Pretty much all of the other tiles were ripped right from Zelda I found out later.


This is the screenshot of "Graal Classic" in February 2001, clearly depicting 2 enormous game prototypes (sunken Nazi ruins, and Destiny) affixed to a Zelda 3 knock-off that was called Zelda Online


Here you can see my games labeled, along with photographic proof that it was called Zelda Online for a reason


Here, PACHUKA's online testimony along with hundreds of logs all over the Internet will prove to you that they mashed my games into a Zelda 3 rom and called it Graal Classic


This is Graal2001, which was my game. It was an autogenerated world, you can literally see squared off areas where I had stopped detailing the world like in the mountain (named after me). You can see lots of squared off areas where levels were being detailed, then in February 2001 they pre-maturely launched my stuff because they were impatient thieves, they hated me, and they hate games. They wanted to start making money off my stuff ASAP. I will tell you more in the rest of this post.

How It All Went Down

  • "The Programmer" - Stefan "Bomber" Knorr
  • "The Server Host" - Stephane "Unixmad" Bomber
The programmer of the emulator tools tried advertising the emulator software to the public with an intention of selling the software years later after he had loyal game developers, no different than any start-up software company.

The blaring problem was that these tools were & still are substandard, especially at the time. During the late 1990s, his software was literally low quality; but what they did have, were underage kids who were loyal to the tools, which over the course of some months & years, Unixmad (the server host this thread is dedicated to, pretending to be a game company) began getting angry and hungry behind the scenes watching kids rightfully live their dreams when he himself wanted all the money, glory, and power so he didn't have to work another day again in his life.

The programmer knew he wasn't going to make money off the games tools to ever make a living; he had to provide the emulator game tools as freeware, however, because nobody would pay for them, but they would use them if they were free since they were substandard. He was hoping to build enough of a loyal base of game developers to at least sell the game tools some day.

The server guy in Paris (Unixmad) wanted to literally takeover all the games so he could get rich by doing nothing. The software programmer couldn't make money off his tools; the server guy couldn't make money off game hosting, because nobody wanted to pay him to host their games.

They knew the game developers were going to be making money off of their games. Since they weren't creative and didn't have money to buy games, they made themselves relevant by conspiring to steal games from children who were using the game tools. So they began befriending kids in the community.

In the summer of 2000, I finished Destiny which was originally meant to be a town in the Jesus Freaks game (which they never made), but by the time I finished it, it had evolved into an entire game. Unixmad offered me hosting on his server, and gave me an FTP login & password. I had other experimental content in the Zelda 3 rom, so I placed a portal to get into my game world by entering "Antago's Manor / Boot Shop" on the Zelda rom through the storybook in the back of the house. It would transport you into my game world.

Eventually a bunch of the hackers who were friends with the fake game master "Galen", who was helping Unixmad & Bomber hack the game creators, decided to slander me with fake images. Then Unixmad & Bomber told me they could no longer host my game because I was "corrupt" for threatening to jail some players for breaking rules in my game. In other words, they were setting me up to rob me. A bunch of hackers hijacked the Destiny police horse and then Unixmad & Bomber, as well as Galen, shut down Destiny and moved it into the Zelda 3 rom along with some sunken Nazi ruins game I was working on.


Here, hackers in the Zelda 3 rom (now called Graal Classic) hijacked the Destiny police horse, from my game world, in the Zelda world during testing; they were going to duplicate it and give it to all the players

They told me that my games belonged to them because I uploaded them. At the time, I was being threatened, slandered, robbed, and harassed by a dozen adults or so in this rom community, and I was 13 years old so I had no ability to defend or question the situation.

I started creating a ton more content for Destiny, but they wouldn't allow me to touch my game anymore because "It was now a pat of Zelda 3, which belongs to them". But my games were evolving so quickly and full of so many cool ideas, my websites had a ton of followers, I had lots of friends from my church & over the years who followed & supported me. They wanted to literally absorb every single last piece of my virtual identity; they wanted me friends, supporters, staff, my new ideas, my patentable technological concepts, my following, and all the new content for Destiny.

Unixmad decided he would give me FTP hosting again, because "they really believe me and want to give me a second chance". I created a creature called the bomy-bopot, and I was inventing many more creatures; a friend of mine helped code my creature so the player could control it (play as it).

I invented something called an Animal Sector which Stefan then basically stole the credit for and coded; he renamed it to the "NPC Server". They wanted every single piece of my future, so they told me if I wanted to keep working on my games, I could use the NPC Server I invented and my new content on this separate FTP again.

I was given a map generator which spit out a giant world in 1 second, then I had to go in and modify it, I created towns, characters, had my bomy-bopots in them, you could play as the human or the body, I invented the gralats and an economy for the first time; I had my own time system. I named the regions, created tons of graphics. I then recruited my fans and my programmers to help make this happen.

Halfway through getting my second game going, they told me they were going to start selling it. When I asked for money they threatened me, again; having been hacked and slandered dozens of times by them, and them having nearly three of my games now (really it was all supposed to be one giant game, but they kept stealing them and forcing me to split them up while they pretended these were separate worlds to trick customers into investing in Unixmad)—I worked several months more before they made this FTP also public, started selling access to it. I was a kid, and for the first time in years, I broke down & cried, didn't understand why, and I left after being threatened by hackers while Unixmad & Bomber refused to ban them or give me financial aid from the money they were stealing.

It took me about 15 years with my autistic tendencies, years of repressed threats and shame from this criminal community to question years of brainwash and realize that I was literally robbed. All their claims that "uploading something to my FTP means I own your games and can take credit for it", and my beautiful life that was stolen; it was miserable and beyond painful realizing what happened.

Stephane "Unixmad" Portha convinced Stefan "Bomber" Knorr to move to Paris and shut down the G-Server so that every game creator in the community would have to give their game to Unixmad if they want it to function. They needed to steal my games to make the merger.

"Cyberjoueur" as they call it is a sham.

There's genuine people in Graal Reborn who do not use piracy; and then there's a lot who do. But in its basic essence, due to the nightmare of Graal beginning as an emulator cult that was hijacked by a thief with a server who teamed up with the emulator software coder, Graal Reborn is now literally a huge entourage of independent game developers, some hacker, & also some underground piracy rings mixed in with some authentic players & software coders who are protesting Unixmad's scam.

So what we have are two piracy operations going:
Graal Online - Unixmad & Bomber's fake company funded by stealing Zelda & my games to afford shutting down the game tools, and forcing people to use Unixmad for hosting (without my games, they couldn't disguise the Zelda 3 rom, and they had no money; they rebranded a game development company and started selling content they virtually violently mugged by threatening & tricking a kid)

In 2002/2003, a year after I left, I was brainwashed and robbed. But I wanted my life back, so I teamed up with the other underground piracy & hackers in the community & united them to create Mongers under a fake name. I released all the files to the servers I had, and then set them to the task of taking the game client back from Unixmad & Bomber.

Years later I guess they, along with some new programmers, achieved the task by using the older Graal clients while some practical geniuses managed to recreate the G-Server they shut down when they stole my games. Enter in, Graal Reborn.

Graal Reborn - a renegade community of pirated files they took from Mongers and other communities, and began restoring Graal to a free game development community again.

Now there is a hacking guild with many of the people from Graal Reborn; they're all nearly the same people going by different names.

So we have Graal Reborn, a fake community running the G-Server outside Unixmad's control. Then we have Graal Online, another fake community running the G-Server that Bomber gave to Unixmad in exchange for a salary Unixmad paid him by pirating & selling my games mashed into Zelda.

3 years ago I began speaking out and Graal Reborn supported me because they want to free the G-Server back up. Then when they realized that I wanted Unixmad to give me my share of Graal Online since he built the entire company off my games & money he took by lying to me when I was a minor (not even old enough to consent to a contract, nor did I sign one)—they turned against me.

I then found out my research into law & sociopathy was right, because Unixmad has been robbing hundreds of people over the past 20 years by stealing the community. Bomber allowed him.

In the end we have major warring factions trying to take control over the war of worlds, essentially.

Schwrz contacted me, and we seemed to come to a resolution. I guess Graal Reborn thought I was lying to take them down; in truth, I am not. I just want Unixmad's tyranny to end, and I want what belongs to me. If Unixmad were to be taken down, I would certainly grant the liberty that many of the Graal Reborn developers are aiming for. As mentioned, it was only by stealing my games that Unixmad got Bomber to shut down the G-Server. It was by Bomber's own greed and malicious piracy that he conspired to do it, and decided to destroy the community so he could start making money. The major reason there being, that game content makes more money than the software tools; they were envious and angry that kids were going to be rich, while Unixmad's piracy was going to force everyone to see him as the bottom feeding trash he really is.

So, they stole it and then told all the game developers that their games belonged to Unixmad (which was a total lie). They discontinued the ability to host your own games, and said if they wanted to host games again they would have to literally sign their games over to Unixmad. At the end of the day, they didn't need to try to sell game tools anymore because they now had game content which make a million times more money than the game tools or hosting do.

It's a scam. The whole thing.

Stay far the fuck away, and expose Stephane "Unixmad" Portha. He is a con-artist who preys on children and creates fancy fake companies using websites & servers, then threatens & character assassinates his victims or targets.
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The Fatriarchy
Calm the autism, man. You literally just accused them of being a cult because their stupid edgy-named group had the word "cult" in it. You're also bitching and moaning about cyberjoueur having screenshots and videos from other games, as if game-related sites didn't do that a lot. It doesn't imply a connection to those games. It means it's a fucking gaming website. There also aren't any roms there. Zelda Online also doesn't count as a rom just because they used the graphics (and later, like EVERYONE KNOWS ALREADY, changed them to avoid legal trouble and continue having a game. A game you did not "make")

I'm also having a hell of a time finding an archive version of this site with that Disney store link on the side, heavily implying that you've either cherrypicked your "evidence" or you were full of shit to begin with. And even if it did exist, there was probably a program you could sign up for to work with Disney Store in the first place. What the fuck do you think Amazon affiliate links are?

You really just seem assmad that you were a volunteer in a shitty online game and didn't get paid to make a few maps and/or graphics (that's how a lot of these things went) and never got paid later when it actually became a thing (maybe not great, but still legal because you aren't an employee of a company to begin with)

Why do you keep calling it "your games" and "zelda 3 rom" When you know none of that is true? Is it just your unbreakable autism that refuses to read anything anyone says here and causes you to insist on your own broken version of reality, like a tiny, less powerful unixmad angrily lashing out? Your desperation to call some map collections for an overall game you did not program is ludicrous. That would be like saying a player house in an MMORPG is "your game"

Literally everyone knows that Graal used to be Zelda Online. Extensive changes were made. Obviously you can see some of the Zelda influence slip through the cracks. We also know that your map contributions are not games, merely part of a game. I shouldn't have to say this dozens of times.

You have a lot of images to ramble with, but you have no actual concrete proof any of this means what you say it means. You're mostly in this as a revenge fantasy against people who you perceived to wrong you, as you center around yourself quite a bit and have very little that actually backs up information about Stephane we already are partly aware of. You're a terrible source of anything and you could only possibly damage your cause the way you go on. You're also certifiably insane. You are ACTUALLY so fucking crazy (please just read how you frame everything and tell me you aren't) that your firsthand account of everything is worse than useless.

(Also we already fucking knew Stephane Portha is an exceptional individual that stole shit when the game was taking off. It just probably didn't happen remotely how you said it did, and probably far later in the game's life too)
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