Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw / meowitch666 / bigfatwitchbitch / ClayAikenGurl - Fat they/them shut-in who fucks the ghosts of serial killers, sings while pooping in public

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This image pretty much sums her up:

30-year-old Stephanie Cianfriglia spends most of her time on Facebook (archive) and Tumblr (archive), where she routinely reblogs nonsensical SJW garbage and e-begs. She claims her mental health is too poor to work despite having a master's (!!!) in social work and dresses like a short-bus kid who just raided a Hot Topic. She used to hold multiple professional positions in social work but still lives with her parents, having been allegedly unable to work for years. She makes a tiny bit from her Patreon/YouCaring bux despite producing nothing of value.


Stephanie's pen name / other identity is Sapphire Crimson Claw (ow the edge!) She wrote a couple books about troon shit, titled "You're not Cis, you Just Think You Are" and "I Sold my Soul to Pass and Other Trans Tales from the Dark Side."

Her books were uploaded to the thread; they're literal middle-school level shit.




On her YouTube, she claims she is in a "poly relationship" and identifies as pansexual. It turns out that her "poly relationship" is with four ghosts: those of serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jeffrey Dahmer, along with Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger.

She also has spoken of being hospitalized due to panic attacks and loss of employment.

On Twitter, her username is AgenderMSW77. She basically cross-posts all the stuff on her Tumblr on Twitter. She was banned from Twitter in summer 2018 for threatening suicide by cop.

She's "propeestsexual," but that really means poopoopeepeesexual. She loves talking about her urine/incontinence and feces too much for there to be any other explanation.


The skin she picks, mostly from her feet, is often used in her offerings to various demons.

Her dox are publicly available.

Her Photobucket username is ClayAikenGurl, so it's quite possible she is exceptional despite her education. There are ~2500 photos of Michael Jackson on that account, which is because she used to identify as being the spirit of Michael Jackson when she was 22.

Greatest Hits

Stephanie has done a lot of childish, horrifying, and/or otherwise terrible stuff. These are the ten worst things she's done or said that we have proof of. Related thread pages linked for easy access.

10. Halloween cop freakout

(Pages 188-189)

On Halloween 2018, Stephanie went to a cemetery to be edgy in a totally not Hot Topic way- err, I mean, to practice magick. A cop doing a routine patrol drove past the area, ignored her, yet somehow still managed to trigger the life out of her because she thought someone had called the cops on her.



9. I Sold my Soul to Pass and Other Trans Tales from the Dark Side

(Pages 17, 19, 21, 437)

"I Sold my Soul to Pass and Other Trans Tales from the Dark Side" is Stephanie's best-known written work. It features short stories about characters with "ne/nym" pronouns who think it's OK to punch people who misgender nym, a stereotypical jock named Shark, and an absolute lack of proofreading.

8. Grimoire curses with bodily fluids/foot pickings

(Pages 1, 261-262)

Stephanie routinely uses her body waste as an offering to demons, as if the most powerful evil beings in the universe have a) any interest in an obese shut-in; b) any use for her various discharges.

She even peed on her father's mug as part of a curse she performed on him. You know, the man who raised her and still takes care of her. That guy.




(Page 228)

Stephanie wrote a Tumblr post condemning JoyOfSatan ministries for allegedly being linked to neo-Nazism. In the post, she claimed Satan wanted her to "sit down with [her] laptop, enter a trance state, and automatic write (or type) for him." Of course, the resulting spew aligned completely with her beliefs and didn't seem remotely Satanic... and was really fucking racist in the way only a woke white SJW can be.


In the screed, "the queer, the brown, the lame" are positioned as "lesser entit[ies]." Hmm, nothing potentially racist there.

6. Poop ritual observed in public

(Page 104)

Stephanie has bizarre rituals involving the bathroom and lots of disgusting habits. This cow was spotted in the wild during this process:


This incident was later confirmed to be her.

5. Smol birb girldick

(Page 31)

She claims she isn't into cis men's dicks but loves the thought of a troon's:


4. Eating hand sanitizer

(Pages 86, 346)

Stephanie claims to have panic attacks, and has been committed to a psychiatric hospital on multiple occasions.


3. Summer 2018 Meltdowns, Threatening Suicide by Cop

(Pages 95-96, 131, 136; part 2 on 436)

Stephanie sent some harassing messages to the MOGAI-Watch Tumblr blog, which criticizes gender stupidity such as hers. It triggered her into a rage, during which she sent herself numerous graphic and harassing messages.



The next month, she got into it with MOGAI-Watch again, this time leading to an even more extreme meltdown after MOGAI-Watch said she would contact law enforcement with regard to Stephanie's continued harassment, threats of suicide, and general mental instability:


Both of Stephanie's Twitter accounts were permanently suspended because of the tweet in which she threatened to grab a cop's gun and shoot herself.

In September 2019, Stephanie started drama with MOGAI-Watch yet again, which resulted in yet another meltdown (page 436.)

2. The ghost harem

(All over the thread, mainly the earliest pages; recap on 452)

Stephanie's ghost harem consisted of Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Richard Ramirez. Allegedly Michael Jackson and Richard Ramirez's ghosts were fucking, according to Stephanie. She broke up with Michael Jackson for unrelated reasons in late 2018, and claims he took their "astral child" in the breakup.

She also likes to pretend to be her ghosts, or speak for them, to use as a point in arguments or send harassing messages. Of course, all of them have been radically molded to align perfectly with her gender stuff.


Stephanie does not actually speak Spanish; she uses Google translate.

1. The Womb Wizard incident

(All over the thread)

Stephanie's best-known accomplishment in life is the incident which permanently earned her the nickname "Womb Wizard" across social media platforms. She was losing an argument with someone and ended the discourse by cursing the person's womb to be barren. A screenshot of her tweet was uploaded to Tumblr, where it amassed 130,000 notes.



Something involving talking to younger children caused her parents to "disown" her, though it's believed she never moved out. Since these posts are from 2011, it's unlikely we'll ever find out what exactly went down.

Now, however, her internet drama is concentrated on Tumblr and Mastodon, where she routinely attacks the eebil TERFs and others whom she conflates with Nazis.



She talks about how she wanted to meet serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez (she is now allegedly dating their ghosts) and often mentions her quest to get on disability benefits. She also claims to "astral travel" to hell.


Her porn blog (deactivated) is full of weird posts involving urophilia, hybristophilia, haematophilia, and other bizarre fetishes.

Her personal Facebook

Stephanie recently admitted she started self-harming again due to being mocked (oh noes) on the Twitter:


She's talking about astral-projecting to hell, being a Hindu goddess with astral spirit companions, and making more genders.

Here are some new nonbinary identities she invented to describe herself:
And yes she made shitty MSPaint flags for all of these:
She thinks a Neo-Nazi calling for genocide is worse than a serial killer.

Apparently she's a shapeshifter too. Unfortunately this power of hers somehow doesn't let her shift her waist size.


Stephanie routinely reads this thread despite it "triggering" her, and often posts responses to us on her various blogs. Case in point:


And this thread wouldn't be complete without this cow's udders.


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Well, i'm surprised this kind of person didn't have a thread earlier. I guess now would be a matter to know why. Taking a quick peek at her social media indicates she's still active, but the images you posted off (at least some of them) are years old. Not much to said 'bout he/she/whatever the fuck that is.

I like the OP because it's informative enough, but there's too little information written considering the size of the images you upload and how crazy this person is. Also, I don't get why you have 1 single image to download instead of simply viewing it like anything else. You need more images, you need spoilers for them, and more info. Also, all links MUST be put at the bottom of the OP with their archived versions. There's clearly potential, but more info is needed for a thread, at least for me.


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This person seems to have more potential than I initially thought. The OP needs to be better organized. Right now, stuff seems arranged randomly. You'll need to archive everything, not just the Facebook and Twitter. She appears to still live with her parents. Also, link and archive the posts where the screencaps are from.


Can't complain (but sometimes I still do)
So "gender" just means "personality I aspire to have other people think I have/treat me like I have" now.

Which also leads to the disturbing conclusion that these people think "man" and "woman" are also personalities, and that 99% of people just have one of the two most common personalities and are pretty much interchangeable. Only the genderspecials have authentic, unique ways of behaving, the rest of the normies are just cogs.

Hamplanet Fitness

@Ride - I can't edit the OP. Should I remake it with archive links, etc?

Also, I found some more information about her background. Pretty boring stuff, but it should be documented. She went to Keuka College for her BS 2007-2012 and Marywood University for her Master's 2013-2015.

Here's another junky site (archive) that looks like it's from 2005 where she's trying to pawn her wares.

This is her "digital book of shadows" (archive) where she keeps a bunch of weird shit, ranging from bad graphic art to necromancy instructions. A lot of it is just content she lifted or screenshotted from others' Tumblrs.




And some shit about serial killers Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy. The hybristophilia is strong with this one:

This is the setup in her room where she practices magic. I'm sure the Joker toy and her prescriptions help whatever astral demons she's summoning break into the mortal realm:



She wrote "GET OUT _____" on her prescription bottle; the image is fuzzy so it's hard to tell what her scribblings are.

She "summons a demon" aka stands in place mumbling to herself about depression and unemployment for a few minutes before being interrupted by someone she's living with, presumably a parent(?)
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I would do so. You should be able to edit though.
Include the education stuff and the other sites you found as well.

Hamplanet Fitness

Here's a bunch of madness from her "ghost-fucking" blog, spectrophiliacsanonymous (archive)

This is about her shapeshifting and astral demon biffles:

And some allusions to fucking the ghosts of serial killers and her spirit companions:

Her spirit companion Rick is serial killer Richard Ramirez, commonly known as the Nightstalker.
Source / archive

Source / archive

Source / archive

Source / archive

Source / archive

Source / archive

Source / archive
I googled congenital avagenesis, and it does not appear to be cited anywhere. Either she's making it up or she got the name of the condition wrong.

I'm still unable to edit the OP. There is a report link, but no edit link in the lower left corner.
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