Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw / meowitch666 / bigfatwitchbitch / ClayAikenGurl - Fat they/them shut-in who fucks the ghosts of serial killers, sings while pooping in public


Build-A-Cow Workshop: Satan's Favorite Idiot
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"maybe I wasn't clear" no, you were. You've also made it very clear that you already have the money, and plan to spend it on pride stuff for a community you're not part of and heavily fetishize. You've also made it clear you do not plan to get a job to support yourself, you're spayed so no kids to support, no dependants of any kind, no sick animals, you're not genuinely too disabled to work and you don't have a large follower base, at least one of which is required for donation posts to take hold because donations go to 2 kinds of people: people genuinely in need, and people who create enough content and joy that others want to give them money for it. You are neither. You will get nothing.


Build-A-Cow Workshop: Satan's Favorite Idiot
True & Honest Fan
Oh boy here we go with the "Im a Sex Worker!!!" saga.

EDIT: ECCIE is a site for prostitutes, not camgirls. She's taking up space in a place she doesn't belong yet again. If she's not going to do actual prostitution she doesn't belong there and should be removed.
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Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
She's not even attractive enough to be a gainer.

And that's saying something.
The only kind of attention Staph would get is from people who want her to do really degrading or fucked-up kink shit, and she's either too lazy for that or she'd get offended and whine about teh patweearchy and teh mussoginee and teh wape cuwwture and "i was sexually assaulted via chaturbate!" for weeks on mastodon.

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...both shooters were far-left, Steph. Not the alt-right boogeymen you envision every maniac to be.

A product for which there is zero demand.
Apparently Stephs mom is emotionally abusive/manipulating.

I missed days of this thread and lo and below Steph couldn't help herself to stop contradicting any statement she makes, either money, food or health issues.

But the thing that got me is this:

Steph, you constantly say about making your mom to divorce your dad because "muh abuse". You have no fucking right to try to rip the marriage of your adoptive parents after making a fucking post on mother's day of how she's an emotional abuser. When time after time she let's you be there at home, works her ass for you and tries to learn even fucking made up nouns.
She welcomed you to her family because both wanted a kid. But you know what? The moment they heard this psychic guy about you coming their way, she should have used a protection ward to keep the fucking failure of a womanchild you came to be away from their lives. Maybe a dog or a cat would have made a much better child than you.

An utterly embarrasment to show any sympathy for your mother only to backstab her like a teen, but on their 30s and with a clear abusive behaviour.

Btw, you thought we weren't looking:


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