Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw / meowitch666 / bigfatwitchbitch / ClayAikenGurl - Fat they/them shut-in who fucks the ghosts of serial killers, sings while pooping in public

Opposite Time Nomad

"We could be brothers"
Her obsession with the nastiest junk food and saltiest, unhealthiest shit prove that her stomach issues are overblown. It's always hot wings, chips, poptarts, cheap chocolate candy, "huge plates" of eggplant parm (why does she always have to describe what she eats as "huge" and "enormous"?), and Ben & Jerry's. Every meal is an entire cheat day in the Crimson Claw household.

I just saw an old "toot" (god, why) of her blaming her weight gain on medication. Stephanie, you eat like shit.
Doesn't she also complain about heartburn? Like.. almost all of the food she eats are prone to cause it. Staph if you bother to change your diet most of the digestive problems you have can be fixed.

A single cheeto

99.9% pure dumbass
Well, gee. She has only 2 solutions to that stomach problem, speaking from experience. She can either:

A - Take stomach/acid reflux meds, such as Omezaprole or Prilosec. She can't miss a day or she'll probably suffer extreme nausea.

Or B - Stop eating fatty foods, spicy foods, extremely sweet foods, and stop drinking alcohol. Eat bland foods only. Eat one of the BRATTY (Bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, toast, or yogurt) a day.

But she won't do either. Because she only wants to bitch.


Satan made me Racist
"maybe I wasn't clear" no, you were. You've also made it very clear that you already have the money, and plan to spend it on pride stuff for a community you're not part of and heavily fetishize. You've also made it clear you do not plan to get a job to support yourself, you're spayed so no kids to support, no dependants of any kind, no sick animals, you're not genuinely too disabled to work and you don't have a large follower base, at least one of which is required for donation posts to take hold because donations go to 2 kinds of people: people genuinely in need, and people who create enough content and joy that others want to give them money for it. You are neither. You will get nothing.


Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
She's not even attractive enough to be a gainer.

And that's saying something.
The only kind of attention Staph would get is from people who want her to do really degrading or fucked-up kink shit, and she's either too lazy for that or she'd get offended and whine about teh patweearchy and teh mussoginee and teh wape cuwwture and "i was sexually assaulted via chaturbate!" for weeks on mastodon.

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