• ”I don't know all the lyrics,
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Stephanie Cianfriglia / Sapphire Crimson Claw / meowitch666 / ClayAikenGurl / FedoraHippieFat they/them shut-in who fucks the ghosts of serial killers, sings while pooping in public

Discussion in 'Tumblr (◡‿◡✿)' started by Hamplanet Fitness, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. I like the "you psychically cannot smudge."

    So if white people can't "smudge," then it's only "smudging" if a person does the exact same action but is Native American?

    That's such a weird way to word it.
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  2. Smudging and cleansing are the same exact thing, but a bunch of white kids on tumblr larping as natives because their great great grandma on their mom's side was half native have been having an ongoing tantrum since 2015 or so about how if you're not native, you can't smudge, even though burning herbs to banish evil and whatnot is a common practice in almost all religions.
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    cogsworth it's Faggot O'Clock

  3. Regardless of if it's actually endangered or not, I enjoy the (lack of) logic about how that means only white people should stop collecting it. I guess when native Americans pick it, it magically grows back?
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  4. My guess would be the OP means Diviner's Sage, not white sage. White sage you can literally buy at Walmart. Diviner's Sage, however, is extremely endangered and extremely illegal in most of the US. It is also primarily used by the indigenous people of Mexico, so no 1/16th Cherokee girl should be touching it either, as per their own rules.
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  5. That reeeeeee about sage makes me laugh.

    I currently work at a hippie-dippie kind of shop that sells metaphysical shit, like crystals and essential oils and whatnot. We sell sage at the shop, as well as yerba santa and palo santo wood. We were trained on the proper ritual for using it and everything so we were aware of the cultural implications and proper practice. Sage in particular is a very popular item, but you know something I've noticed when it comes to sage?

    Most of the people interested in it are Black.

    We get the woo-woo New Age white people, but I want to say that 80% of the customers who go "ooooh, you have sage!" are Black. Black women who are dressed business style buy sage. Ratchet Black women with neck tattoos buy sage. Black couples with matching dreads and Marley shirts buy sage. Black dads with grey beards and polo shirts buy sage. And that's not it either; Latina grandmas buy sage. A guy whose mother does Santeria bought some sage.

    Sage is being harvested faster than it can grow because it's very #aesthetic right now, and I personally think that Sephora's little witch-kit thing was kind of gross and stupid, but I think I've maybe seen one or two customers interested in sage because it's trendy - versus the dozens of others who buy it because it's an important part of their personal spiritual practice.

    So her nonsense about "fuck u whitey appropriating native traditions!!!!" cracks me up. Is Staphy going to tell the fifty year old Black lady who bought sage that she's a racist and colonizer?
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  6. If the hypothetical black woman used the internet for stupid gender, and stupid witch shit, yes.
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    Rumpled Foreskin

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  7. Are they just making fun of her, or is one of those actually different somehow? They all look like mental illness to me.
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  8. Coming from the girl who pretended the ghost of Michael Jackson boned her nightly on the astral plane and then proceeded to use her "black partner" as an excuse in an actual debate, anything is possible.
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    sarcasticslipandslide the neopatriarchal sexdroids are kinkshamers

  9. 1.PNG
    A message to us haterzz I guess

    Imagine giving up a kid that grows up into her. Talk about a bullet dodged,

    I mean, you kinda did force him to get a cat. You begged him for years (?) just cus he said he liked the cat doesn't mean he wants it

    Yes These Words Have Meanings, But As A Community, They Aren't Real

    idk shit about sage, I was kinda under the impression that you had to be like a healer or something for it to technically be "smudging" vs just smoke cleansing? Like the difference between communion and eating wine and crackers.
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    4000saladplates Definitely Not A Fed

  10. Since when did us trolls like Sapphire's dad for being "misogynistic"?

    Guess Sapphire didn't learn from the MOGAI-Watch incident and now has to pester other transgender bloggers who don't think MOGAI is "real" in order to get their day's worth of discourse. Kind of sad, really.
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    Sylvie Paula Paula

    Sylvie Paula Paula Running at 500 "bi"s per minute

  11. So the ritual we were taught at work involves holding the sage over an abalone shell and wafting it with a feather. The four elements are represented in this setup: water is the shell, fire and earth are the burning sage, and air is the feather. You have to close all windows in your space except one, and sprinkle the ash outside that window so the energies and spirits can't come back in. I do not know any Native people to ask about this, and the person who trained me was not Native, so the Native ritual could be way different.

    If a Black person buys the sage, feather, and shell, and goes and does that all around their house, with the intent of banishing evil energies or getting rid of excessive energies left behind by other people, how is that different from a Native person doing the same thing? Or a white person? Or someone's Abuela? If the intent and ritual is the same, I don't see how skin color, age, or ethnicity makes a difference.

    When you chow down on some Ritz, you aren't thinking "Jesus, I eat this snack food in Your name". But you are when you take communion. Is a child taking communion with genuine intent and belief in his heart lesser than a church official taking communion with the same intent and belief? Same purpose, same practice.

    I think it's gatekeeping (ugh, that term) to say that only people with X years of experience or X bloodlines or X witchcraft levels or whatever can practice certain things - as long as they are respectful to the culture, not hurting others, and not putting themselves at harm, it's giving their life meaning and that's fine. Shit, if all Staph did was fuck about with silly little spells and pretend potions and plastic shrines, I wouldn't really fault her for it - my issues with her are her malingering, gender obsessions, serial killer/demon fetishes, things like that. Her "spellwork" is sneerworthy but not condemnable to full cowdom.

    But that is just my opinion.

    we are ignoring for now the lack of scientific evidence and whether or not you actually believe in sage, yadda yadda
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  12. Is this post basically admitting that dollar store incense and scentsy aroma diffusers works the same as "smudging?"

    They basically just admitted that smudging is bullshit
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  13. Hellgenders aren't real Staph. But, it's impresive the amount of mental gymnastics you need to do to avoid being called a female incel.

    You kind of forced him, I mean, probably he's the one buying food and taking real care of a cat he didn't want at home in the first place.
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  14. posts that have a bunch of whine tags are dumb. just write a paragraph
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  15. If she knew he didn’t like the idea of having a cat and proceeded to put in the application, then I don’t see how her Dad had any say in it. Staph is really just petting and taking pictures of the cat besides “witch” shit. Her dad is probably the one dumping the litter and making sure the food bowl is full. Luckily, the cat will realize this and try to be affectionate to the Dad because of it, How she’ll react is a range from anger to making a new sigil for her cat to love her.
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    ComputerWife I want a divorce

  16. For the sage shit, there likely are some rituals that Native folks do that had deeper meaning than cleansing or whatever with sage. That said, I somehow doubt that tumblr "native" knows what the fuck they're talking about. Cleansing in general is bullshit, so who cares.

    I don't remember anyone saying they like her dad. If anything, we've called him a little bitch for not reeling his deranged child in.
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    PuckishRogue That fresh, haunted air on my naked breasts

  17. She interprets anything that isn't the violent hatred she has for him as us liking him.

    Most of us feel pity, empathy, sympathy or some combination of the 3 for him because his daughter is an absolute nightmare mix of narcissism, delusional behavior, laziness, bad hygiene and exceptional individualism, but Staphanie the Living Grease Pit thinks that feeling bad/sad for him is the same thing as wanting to be his best friend (which explains a lot about her constant 'i'm the victim' refrain, she thinks pity = friendship).
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    cogsworth it's Faggot O'Clock

  18. This explains any "friends" she has that invite her to do anything. The trans woman activist, the chick who invited her to speak at a college, it's all just people that were probably nice to her once and talked to her more than 2 times.
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    4000saladplates Definitely Not A Fed

  19. This. She has been complaning about him, especially over the acknowledgement of her delusions-tantrums as valid traumas and not overreacting.
    Now, what's interesting is this: she's making him look even more of a monster with the whole stuff of "he thinks womyn needs to be raped", when she fantasizes with Richard Ramirez.
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  20. But Ramirez the ghost husbando is a totally different person, guys.
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