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an absolute chad of a lesbian
I cannot fathom what the fuck she thinks gender non-conforming means. She dresses like a frumpy, fat and lazy lesbian. How the hell is that non-conforming?

Remember when gender had actual meaning and didn't mean the equivalent to aesthetic?!

(And what the feck is her aesthetic besides fat, lazy, incel lesbian?)
pleas don't compare Gyro Brownpants to us fat lazy incel lesbians, at least we wear jeans with our ugly thrifted shirts and birkenstocks when we leave the house 😢 /s

nothing about her look says punk, lesbian, or even some kind of queer. take off the pins and she's somebody's frumpy auntie. she has that denim totally punx jacket that she spent hundreds of dollars paying someone else to sew, but has she ever actually worn it in public? maybe she's not allowed to wear it outside? i can see papa crimson claw yelling at her to take that damn thing off before they leave the house tbh.

lol her speech sure is something. how can someone talk about themselves yet absolutely nothing for 15 minutes? i had to put the speed on x2 to get through it.
i will give her this though- as annoying as her voice is, she's admittedly one of the more eloquent cows on this site. i know we like to say mommy and daddy bought her master's degree, but she has some gears in her head. too bad the only thing that gets those gears turning is talking about herself.

what stood out to me is where she said she wants incarceration reform, but ideally wants to get rid of jail altogether. just a month ago wasn't she calling the cops on some kids stealing her biden/harris lawn sign? and earlier this summer was freaking out because of a water bottle left in her yard? the FUCK THE PIGS, ANARCHY FOREVER thing is just performative, and she's not even performing it right. if you're gonna pretend you're a cool punk youth and not a screechy WASP karen, at least try to look punk. stop wasting money on pins and thrift some boots or something. smoke some weed. listen to music that isn't clay aiken. god damn. if we were in high school together i'd be shoving this nerd in lockers on a daily basis.

edit to add: reading thru the transcript, this stuck out to me too.
"I stand on the shoulders of Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, I amplify the forgotten voices of indigenous people whose culture or traditions mirror our modern-day gender revolution."
lol shut up whitey, your plantgenders have nothing in common with the old LGBT revolutionaries or indigenous cultural gender identities.
also she whined about being excluded from the gatekeepy online communities. like, alright. and? do you expect people irl to take your plantgenders seriously, or something? the only people who would accept you are tumblr freaks but you scared them off. the communities you're trying to get involved with suck, but it's not their fault for kicking you out, it's yours for being a goddamn creep.
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Inflammatory Metacommentary
The individuals carefully select targets based on their identities, [christian] and/or [republican], and systematically and relentlessly dox, track, and bully these individuals into silence. Using screenshots taken out of context, they attempt to character assassinate and publically shame their victim, often exposing them to [the one person reading her facebook page unironically]. They will also dox and harass any individual seen interacting with the victim, to increase social isolation. The end goal of this is simple: to emotionally torture undesirables for sadistic personal entertainment."
It's funny how just changing a few words can flip this around on Staph. I guess we taught her well.


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It's funny how just changing a few words can flip this around on Staph. I guess we taught her well.

She really is just a reversed image of a Christian Facebook mom; all of the faith and magical thinking and judgement-passing, and none of the reproductive capabilities.

I think that's a big reason why I dislike her as a person but find her so fascinating as a lolcow. She really is what she hates.

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Alright nerds, here's the full fucking thing.

WOMB WIZARD PRESENTS: My Experiences as a Nonbinary and Intersex Activist

Boobwhiskers note: she sounds like a downsy boy too in this speech.

My name is Yarrow Brown, pronouns are they/them, I spoke at Keuka previously under a different name, talking to social work students. I’m a 2012 graduate of the Bachelor’s of Social Work program. In 2015 I graduated with my masters in Social Work from Marywood University in Scranton.

Since 2018 I have [sound cuts out] Tier Transgender Advocacy Group.
Stepping out as an activist in my community has largely been a very rewarding experience, I had the chance to work with a few preeminent and very interesting people. I began pursuing my pipe dream of my own organization after meeting Kiara St. James at a professional conference about the transgender community in 2017. To the uninitiated Kiara is the Executive Director of the NY Transgender Advocacy Group based in Brooklyn, and a strong advocate for transgender women of color. Our first event in 2018 fell flat, but I vowed to try again.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Binghamton is my friend and ally, together with Julie Gray Owens of Gender Equality NY, housed the first Trans 101 Forum based in Broom County to a resounding success. I also served as a participant to its panel discussion, which housed a very frank and open discussion with members of the community. [The pot luck?] that was hosted by the United Presbytarian Community [unintelligible] ways I have contributed to education outreach within the local LGBT community [unintelligible].

In 2018 I was a guest speaker at Binghamton University for Asexual Awareness week. I answered questions on both my agender and asexual spectrum identities, as well as my experience with online gatekeeping around such identities. It’s an unfortunate trend within online LGBTQ space to exclude and harass nonbinary and asexual/aromantic identities. I was often the target for such online harassment for being an adult who spoke against such activities, for refusing to allow mockery of identities to fly, and how such discourse is influenced by TERFs and the alt-right.

Openly identifying as intersex also brings its own challenges. The slur of ‘hermaphrodite’ is still distressingly common, which not only stigmatizes and others intersex people, but, like is so often the experience of transgender people, reduces us to simply our genitals. Not that I have any particular issue with discussion, I have only ever met one other person with the condition I have, vaginal agenisis, with which I was diagnosed in 2015. That individual was also nonbinary, so perhaps this signifies some type of correlation, that being physically different leads to feeling mentally and emotionally different. It can be alienating for sure. I often reach out with a somewhat humorous anecdote, being sent to a urogynecologist at [Suni?] Upstate Medical and his remarks on never having seen anything like me in his entire career. Given the advanced age of this practitioner, surely this indicates that my situation is exceedingly rare.

I wish that I could say I have been welcomed into the community with open arms, but as I mentioned earlier gatekeepingin queer spaces has become increasingly and distressingly prevalent. When I first publically identified as intersex, I was told I couldn’t use the term to be quirky. I was told I needed a diagnosis, never mind the fact that I did have a diagnosis. It made me reject myself and keep that label to myself, lest I face more backlash. But upon meeting other intersex activists, I have been met with reassurance. No doctor willingly doles out the term intersex, even when presenting a patient with an intersex condition. It is largely a social label for finding community with others, yet gatekeeping still persists. A fellow intersex person was met with criticism when speaking out for herself, she was told to get her karyotypes tested, which is exorbitantly expensive and overlooks the fact that not all of us have genetic reflections of who we are.

I’ll never understand why such animosity exists in online queer spaces. My activism thus seeks to affirm others in their sense of otherness. If you feel like you lie outside the norm, own it! You are queer.

I also did a booth at my local pride, where I met Senator [Berndice?]. He showed a willingness to help my organization obtain a grant, should things reach that stage. Even this year I gained an interested individual, a trans man named Joel, who’s helping expand our social media presence. But the thing about the nature of the work is that, for every step forward, there can be two steps back, for every positive gain made, there is a setback. And when you appoint yourself into the role of a public advocate representative for a marginalized community, things don’t stay all sunny and positive all the time. Even as I sit here a white, cis-passing person, I’ve been subject to some hate.

I want to use my platform here today to talk about the difficulties both I as an activist and other trans and interssex people experience in this politically polarized day and age. I want to tell you about Kiwi Farms, and its transphobic and ableist abuse. This is a website founded by an anti-semite, enabled by anonymous internet trolls who dedicate their lives to ridicule and targeted harassment on the basis of hate. The individuals careful select targets based on their identities, transgender and/or autistic, and systematically and relentlessly dox, track, and bully these individuals into silence and in some cases suicide. Using screenshots taken out of context, they attempt to character assassinate and publically shame their victim, often exposing them to TERFS, predators, and white supremacists in the process. They will also dox and harass any individual seen interacting with the victim, to increase social isolation. The end goal of this is simple: to emotionally torture undesirables for sadistic personal entertainment.

The biggest obstacle to the rights of transgender and intersex people currently does not lie in government necessarily. Indeed this election cycle has seen a record number of trans candidates take office. Rather, it lies in the proliferation of far-right, white supremacist ideology. If the goal of trans rights is assimilation and respectability in the eyes of the cis majority, is that truly freedom? Must we exist to please? Isn’t a constant race to meet the goalposts of what society deems acceptable only a part of our oppression? I am unabashedly an anti-facist; as such, I am the enemy of the alt-right. I don’t care if they disguise their intentions as trolling or cringe culture or memes. I am against any toxic online movement designed to dictate what trans means [be it?] you call us ‘cringe’ or ‘transtrenders’ for not having gender dysphoria, or you call us delusional or use slurs. Weaponizing respectability politics does us no favors against our oppressors, and only furthers division and infighting as we target one another versus the people trying to do us harm.

So yes, I stand against 4chan, reddit, [pleorma?], Kiwi Farms, and other websites of that nature. For they are only the Proud Boys, but online.

Being that I am not solely an activist for the LGBT community but for criminal justice reform and Black Lives Matter, I often run afoul of racists and white supremacists on the local level. My online persona of ‘anarchoenby’ is much more bold and brash, and has made those who stand against racial justice very angry and uncomfortable. Being that no bigot sticks to one form of hatred, I get subjected to transphobic, transphobia quite often. I get called slurs like ‘it’ and ‘heshe’, and told that I am confused or mentally ill. I take it all in stride for these reasons: being that I’m white, I can use my privilege to shield black activists. I recognize that, as of this writing, thirty-three transgender women, mainly of color, have been senselessly murdered. Also, in an attempt to shed light on the injustices being perpetuated by local law enforcement, the incarcera-- the incarcerial system against downtown Binghamton’s largely black and impoverished population. I [get?] these same things happening.

As a short aside, being that I am anti-fascist, I criticize incarcerial and punitive policy across the board, not just by conservatives. While I did support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for this election, I remain highly critical of their records of [???] jailing people of color, including transgender women. I know several transgender women who were harmed by the prison industrial complex, in my opinion advocating for trans rights must come along prison reform, if not outright abolishment.

This is why I use my identity in and of itself as a form of political protest. I am not just Yarrow, I am ‘anarchoenby’, I am ‘gendernoncompliant’, that’s my Instagram handle. My existence is rebellion in of itself. Although we’re making great strides towards awareness of nonbinary and intersex people, society at large still believes there’s only two genders and biological sexes. That’s why I take up the label of agenderpunk.

We live in an era of gender explosion, new terms are being coined all the time. Although genderqueer was coined in 1991, I prefer the more modern concept of xenogender, a gender based on an aesthetic, idea, or other abstract construct. To be agenderpunk is a xenogender, as my gender is based off of the political ideology of anarchy, and the social concept of punk, counterculture. Beyond that, I do enjoy experimentation with neolabels, relating my personal experience with gender to darkness, horror, or poisonous plants. Yet ultimately my goal in this identification is to break norms.

I’m here to show the world that my gender identity is indeed political, I stand in defiance of the forces of [parasexism?] aka intersexphobia, exorsexism, aka enbyphobia, hetero and cisnormativity. Queer resistance goes much deeper than pride, I stand on the shoulders of Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, I amplify the forgotten voices of indigenous people whose culture or traditions mirror our modern-day gender revolution. As my body is a temple, so I adorn it with the goal of bending society’s gendered expectations. I want to, I want you to question who and what I am. I want to challenge norms and rewrite preconceived notions. If I look intimidating, it’s only a defense mechanism against those who refuse to open their minds and hearts to new horizons. My gender is to have no gender, except if only to have that hint of occasional hard armor.

But it’s still an uphill battle. Although leftist political space is geared towards community, geared towards social justice, try their best to be accomodating, some unconscious binaryism still slips in. It’s of course unintended and quickly rectified, however it’s not less awkward, comfortable and disheartening. I speak before you today to ask you to stand up, don’t judge and assume by appearances. Even on days when I do not put great effort into being androgynous and present presumably female, I have nothing but a right to be recognized. I have the right to look, act, and channel a sense of femininity without being read a woman. I would rather not deny myself for your own personal comfort, because I did that for over 25 years. I have a right to be seen according to my true identity, my name and pronouns are not preferred, they are mandatory. I am Yarrow Brown, I am ‘anarchoenby’, I am simply me.

Christ on a fucking cracker. Also, even Youtube's CC program thinks she's making up words.

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Regardless of the context or subject, this speech is a mess. It's largely rambling, she doesn't seem to have a central point or message (other than me me me me me) and she isn't a very good public speaker. Aside from her voice, she doesn't know how to engage her audience using tone, inflection, intonation, etc. As she is most likely autistic, I could give this a pass, but since it's Staph, I won't.

If this were a graded assignment in school, it'd be handed back with the notes of to tighten the speech, shorten it and to work on transitions at the very least.

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Are you scared of the punk!?!?!
Okay, but where our anarcho-enby buys xir clothes? The piece she wore for her autistic speech is straight up a grandma's piece. I swear, where I come from there are random selling booths, e.g. on train stations, selling clothes like this and their clientele consists of old Catholic grandmas.


phantom feminized testicles
Womb Wizard said:

Okay, firstoff who the fuck says 'squee' since like, 2010. Christ.
Secondly, if this is the clip I'm thinking of it was Adam Driver (possibly in a very staged celebrity collab sort of way, but still) saying 'dude wtf stop being gross and horny at me, this would be a total uproar if I was a chick, seriously fuck off'. Like the whole point of the thing is to not be a horny freak at him and Stapphy's takeaway is 'excellent, gonna be a horny freak'.
No means no you little incel.


Molṑn lolí

I love how blatant she is about being spoiled and wasting the money. She's not waiting on her gibs to bay for her house. She's not waiting to eat. She's not waiting to buy clothing. She's explicitly waiting for her disability check to come in to go Christmas shopping. And not for some poor kid who needs a spark of joy or whatever. All signs point to her buying Christmas things for herself. Which she states blatantly and proudly.

What disability is she claiming again?

i don't miss the bowlcut, but her current hairstyle makes her look just like one of my great aunts. the shirt isn't helping either. it is an improvement over the usual downsy boy who fell in a bucket of pins at hot topic look, but she still doesn't look like the cool androgynous-but-femme hardcore anarchypunk she claims she is.

I also have an aunt who has this exact hairstyle. How does that even work? Aunt Gyro somehow looks like everyone's aunt.

Just for the record, if she did post those pictures on facebook they arn't on AnarchoNB. She either has a third account or never actually posted them. Or I screwed up how facebook works again.

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