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apparently staph talks to this roommate once a week on the phone. which is....good, but fucking weird? she's getting socialization but who has scheduled phone calls with their friends once a week? she flexes about how she seriously does have irl friends u guise, she's NORMAL, but does something that literally no one but sad lonely old ladies do. makes me think the roommate is doing the chris-chan gal pal thing and just trying to be nice to the resident spud, and it's been going on for ten years.
Maybe someone in prison who has to schedule their calls? She could be fangirling after a serial killer for all we know....

Sappy looks baked.
Also, is hypothyroid a new self-diagnosis? There's so many I can't remember them all.
Gland problems have been an excuse for fat people to be fat for forever.


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Considering we have a pandemic and many people are isolating, I don't think the "phone date once a week" is that weird.
That's pretty much what parents expect from children going to college or their out of town adult children. Idek why a weekly phone call would be weird, unless she's like passive aggressive about it when they're too busy or forget. Then she'd definitely be like those voluntary shut-ins..

Or y'know, prison buddy or someone in a ward of sorts like someone else suggested.
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if steppgie was properly diagnosed, would i treat her better? probably not, but maybe i'd be more sympathetic to her struggles. being spergy isn't an excuse to be a shit person after all.
it would at least be an explanation other than 'she's dumber than fuck'. ....I mean, maybe an explanation IN ADDITION TO 'she's dumber than fuck', but you know.


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Once again Staph tries to throw under people under the bus so people talk about them instead of her and once again Staph has proven herself to have shitty opinions of other people.
Good thing she's a coward and wouldn't ever actually scatter harmful seeds on a persons property. As someone said upthread they can do a lot of damage. Knotweed is a particularly bad one and does damage to building foundations once it spreads. This tanks the property's value because it has to be removed and destroyed in a particular way to get rid of it. She could be in serious legal trouble if caught trying to cause that kind of damage to a person's home.

For that matter, the community garden? Meant for growing food? For people who need some extra food because they can't afford enough from the store?

What if she, I don't know, used some of that to help a certain someone who needs extra food because they can't afford enough from the store?
I'm still irritated because, while @Binghamtron-5000 could probably help clarify the community's ratio of people who legit need to grow food there versus little old ladies with a gardening hobby, that is usually the purpose of a community garden. At least where I'm from. That's why it pisses me off so much seeing Stapph use it as a larp, she's like a kid who begs and whines and throws a tantrum about how much they want a kitten, and then two days later loses interest and dumps all the responsibility on their pare-- oh wait.
There’s really no appropriate reason for Staph to be using community garden space. There are a few in town and ime they tend to be populated by:
- People who are into it for the community. Maybe where you live nobody talks to their neighbors (more and more common) and you want to get out and get involved with people in the city. We all know Staph is not doing this.
- People who live in apartments or otherwise have no space to garden. It’s an opportunity to spend time outdoors and grow something more than just herbs on your windowsill. We all know Staph has the space at home, so she’s taking it from someone else.

To be fair though, idk about people who use these plots for survival. I’m pretty poor and you can’t really grow much to live on a 6x3 raised bed or whatever, especially if you have to spend time/energy traveling to get to it. People are more likely to get EBT in that situation (a LOT of people here are on EBT, including people with 1-2 jobs, it’s an economically depressed area only staying afloat because of college kids imo)