Orbiter Stephanie Josephine Fritsch / Stephan Joseph Fritsch - Shameless E-begging Retired Hooker from Las Vegas, Betrayed by Thomas Wasserberg


Stephen sperged out again today.

According to him he was in talks with BuzzFeed to get an op-ed or some sort of profile done on him, however it didn't fit the BuzzFeed content policy. So he's talking like this was his one big break at financial freedom and now it's all over for him (even though he quit his 2 week old toilet cleaning job about 3 weeks ago).

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EDIT: Ok he just posted a Facebook live video, he big mad today.


QT 219

This is why you don't help troons. Instead of reacting positively to a situation beyond their control, this fucking asshole goes out of his way to have a tard meltdown. Nevermind the fact that the author of the article has put their career on the line over its publication and subsequent removal.

Fuck this guy and his motherfuckin' Jimmy Neutron dome. :story:


God is dead. Pennsylvania taxpayers are giving him money to buy bras and letting him slowly descend into psychosis.

General updates 6/19:

Stephen is trying to move out of his government housing in Pennsylvania. He is selling a bunch of shit so that he "has to move less stuff". The guy wants to live in NYC for seemingly no reason as well as Connecticut. His followers keep telling him it's a waste of money and the prices of living there are high for a normal person with a job, but he drowns this out. This doesn't make much sense considering he will have to reapply for all the state benefits he receives (which is a long list).
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Buck is mad he dyed his spaghetti hair again:
tranny hair.jpg

Yikes I have a flower mushroom head Yikes ! 5 hours of Job searches now self care ..I am dying to see my hair color.
Being a poor activist sucks at all levels!

You don't get to engage often because you can't afford to get to Washington DC!

I called all my lawmakers today. Hopefully in a small way that can help the cause.

It is not the glamorous stuff in Washington DC .

It is the only thing I can do for the cause !

Activism should not be a popularity contest because lives depend on our Unity!

I don't do this for me . I do this for the community!

I can't ever afford to go to a Gala or even a prom..


Fight for Medicare for all!

Healthcare is a human right not for the privileged few!


It's just all so fucking exceptional.
This guy is just so fucking wild. It's amazing to see how he had such a following back in 2016, but his followers are simply tired of his shit. He whines daily about his situation and doesn't have the agency to do anything about it. The followers that remain just help him continue to waste money, resources and time from the people of Pennsylvania who are nice enough to put a roof over his head.


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