Stepping on the Scale 04/13/19 -



Starts by saying she received the WLS paperwork, which she has already filled out.
0:42 - Beginning of April she set out to change. Definitely not after losing all the subscribers.
1:12 -She's binged a couple of times since then and it made her feel like she didn't even belong on the planet.
1:28 - 'How could do this with all the support I'm receiving?' Good point as you've been pretty cunty at people when telling them the support is what you need
1:54 - She's being super honest now, uploading her breathing etc. It was shameful, but she still did it.
1:59 - She binged last night, so bad. Woke up in the night feeling like she was going to vomit. I image filling in the WLS paperwork would have served to shake a few things loose, yeah.
2:27 - Lists binge: Big size of pesto pasta, whole bag double crunch ruffle zesty cheddar (8 servings at 150cal each), 2 kingsize twix (total 8 servings at 110cal each), whole bag 'Tasty Kate powdered doughnuts (5 servings 230 each). Assuming about 1200-ish (guess) for her big ol' bowl of pasta, that puts this binge at about 4 and half thousand calories.
4:40 - After all that she still felt unsatisfied because she was emotionally empty, so she had 2 ramens.
5:26 - one binge will erase all the progress, it's not fair.
5:57 - She's hoping the WLS stuff will mover her forward to seeing dietitians and therapist etc. Why not just make appointments with those people then? If that's what you want rather than the surgery because you know no one will actually operate? Your WLS surgeon is not a GP, they'll only refer you if they think you're a suitable candidate. But no, she wants someone to do it for her.
6:16 - She had a list of food she had to fill out and she rarely eats any of them. Then she got to the junk food page. It was eye-opening.
7:12 - I wanted to be accountable for the binging, but obviously when you binge you get super swollen. Ah, I knew there must be a reason, she's setting up excuses for the weigh in I'm going to optimistically assume is coming.
7:45 - Scale unboxing
8:12 - She's out of breath from stepping on a scale
8:18 - 572.4 lbs.
8:35 - 'It's irony I swear, I've been trying so frickin' hard to move more'
9:03 - She's counting her binge as 4200, then the ramen as 780 (fuck, that's more than I thought). If it's pesto pasta and a big bowl by ALs standard I feel like 1000 might be a the low estimate, but OK. It still puts her at the 5,000+ mark in one sitting.
9:27 - 'I'm glad I have this weight because I don't ever want to be here again.' I don't think you will be, just not in the way you're hoping.
9:37 - I feel really positive about this, keep rooting for me.
9:45 - Exercise time, it's been suggested she do things in sets, so she's going to try it out.
10:25 - demonstrates a set (5 arm ups, 10 punches)
10:59 - She already did her walk - 1 min 59.
11:20 - Jump cut. She did the 5 sets but didn't feel the burn. Then why did you stop?
11:40 - She'll increase reps tomorrow, if she doesn't feel it she'll go back to how she was doing it. (NO, JUST DO MORE UNTIL YOU FEEL IT BURN - THAT'S THE POINT)
11:55 - Twinkie went the vet today, rabies shot and grooming.
12:10 - Make up is smeary.
12:37 - Ipsy bag haul/ contents, she's just got her first one
13:25 - Make up still messed up, but she wanted to end the vlog.

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Dutch Courage

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Wow, she had a minimum of 5000 calories in a single binge right before bed, even after filling out all her WLS paperwork. That is commitment. 27.6 from 600; only a short sprint now.

I wonder if she mentioned to the doctor that part of her problem is that her "job" is eating mountains of food? If they don't know about it, they won't be able to address it.

Stepping on the scale nearly killed her.


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I appreciate the new Humblelynn as opposed to the Cuntylynn. Honestly, it's been a while since she's shown what appears to be effort in weight loss like this. Looking forward to hearing more updates on the weight loss clinic, but not holding my breath. We all know Amber's past track record; If she wants to succeed, she'll have to be consistent with cutting out binges and adding far more exercise.

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I guess I'll be that one person...Do those scales tell the weight that fast? I don't have one, nor do I watch MSHPL (do they have a talking scale?).

It seemed to me that Amber tapped the scale with her foot and the scale said "ready". It then took her a few seconds to step up on the scale and take her hand off the furniture she was using to steady herself. The scale almost immediately said a number.?

Also, there is a cut between Amber showing the scale on the floor and her preparing to step on it. Can you said tare?

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I'm confused with the binge revelation. Most bingers hide the trash, to try to dispose of the evidence of the binge, but she is showing it to the world, and I can't figure out why.
For one, many bingers are like Chantal and eat in the car to hide from their partners, but AL must need Becky to buy her those chips, candy bars, and doughnuts, so there's no hiding anyway, I guess.

For most people, I would see it as progress for them to own up to a major binge and count out the 5,000 calories, but for AL, I have a weird feeling that it's all an excuse for her 172.4 weigh-in. I go against the grain in that I don't think she's ever been over 600, because I don't think she's lost 30 pounds, and if she did, she'd for sure let us know. But I am suspicious about this binge right before she promised us a weigh-in, because the excuse for the weight gain is so easy.

One thing that stood out to me in the video was her complaining about how binging reverses her progress, and she calls this simple fact of life "unfair." Sure, it sucks that it took so little time to undo your days of moderation, but that's just how calories work and you have to accept and understand that to be able to make a change.

I wonder if after all this WLS paperwork she'll hear back "sorry, you're not a candidate" and we'll never hear about it again.
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Also, there is a cut between Amber showing the scale on the floor and her preparing to step on it. Can you said tare?
I think she said there is no tare feature on this (that she was able to tell us despite apparently not knowing what a tare feature was - amazing!) but I haven't checked the amazon link to see if it lists it or not. However, she could have just show the fucking scale like she claimed she would and therefore laid any doubt to rest, but now, she had to be AL about it. She said she wasn't wearing pants to excuse the fact that we weren't seeing it, but she knows how this game works and she knows the things people will say. It would have been really easy to avoid the doubt.

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Humblelynn's new strategy is paying off in spades. All she has to do now is show some empty Twix wrappers, talk about her 'shame' and punch the air a few times. Someone just left a comment saying they had goosebumps and were so inspired by her ability to walk 2 minutes. I'm not even kidding. The bar for this bitch is so low, she gets massive praise just for wiping her own ass. What a charmed life she leads.

Sorry, I don't care what that scale said. She cheated. Look at her vlogs from just JANUARY of this year. She's put on a massive amount of weight just in the span of a few months. We need an internet sleuth on the case, because there is not way she's being truthful on this!

ETA: Checked on Amazon. Doesn't look like there's a Tare function on this one. Still, what that scale says and what her face shows are so incongruent. She looks less human and more Laz-E-Boy chair with every passing week.
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Homegorl really needs to get that pattern with food under control if she even dreams of a successful weightloss surgery. I predict a penny from mshpl moment with the fried wontons but with Becky bringing her "healthy" fast food and then a loss of control with a pint of ice cream. The food haul was honestly super sad especially with the donut moment after seeing Eric's sister had them. This is why every damn day fitness and others say she needs to be removed from that home because the gays and even Becky are in a whole other plane then her with eating. Just look at that pasta meal during the optavia era, they made a massive meal and Amber who has no control went off the rails that night.

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