Stepping On The Scale (517.2) 03/06/20 -

That's right, gorl, wear those socks so we can't see your dainty, rotting and untrimmed toe nails.

And after all these years, she still can't do a proper weigh in; just damn do that on an empty stomach in the morning and after taking a shit, how hard can it be?

Her complaining about she hates doing these weigh-ins on camera and how she has no room for them is just the most exceptional and dumbest shit. I can tell these Wednesday weigh-ins won't last more than 3 weeks.

But I'm feeling generous today, I'll just say it's good she at least lost some damn weight instead of gaining any. Still fat tho.


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I haven't seen her wear socks since she worked at the old folks home. I'm wondering how the heck she gets them on. Becky must put them on for her. She's too clumsy for one of those "sock buddy" contraptions. How did she find socks that fit around her ankles? Did she slit them up the back with a pair of scissors? Perhaps they aren't even socks at all, but shoe bags. Really wish we could've seen how her socks work.

Amber, please do a video explaining how you manage to wear socks. It is, after all, a non-scale victory.

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I don't think it's in response to comments, because people have been whining about how she weighs in off camera for like a year. I think this in response to her losing money. She could get away wtih it before, because people still watched her no matter how much she trolled. She's scared now; she didn't even wait until next Wednesday rolled around to post this (regardless of when it was actually filmed). I wonder what her analytics look like.

The analytics confirm your suspicion.

I hadn't been following her lately; she's just been too dull. Seems like I'm not alone.

See that big dip around May 19 on both graphs? That was when she lost 10,000 subscribers during the mass unsubcribe movement. Once that had run its course, her views recovered. New subscribers stabilized at 2018 levels for awhile, but have been nosediving this year. Her views are trending below 2018 levels.

This cannot be good news. In early 2019, she was growing so fast (in more ways than one), she almost certainly believed she was destined to be a millionaire. Since then, she has struggled to make enough to keep her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. No wonder she's losing weight... Wouldn't it be funny if she finally loses 400 pounds and nobody cares enough to watch anymore?


I was like - whuuuuut???
Okay, at least she's reading comments & responding to those. THAT is the kind of weigh in she should be doing weekly & if she wants to do it on both scales, why not? I didn't take the time to check for jump cuts or anything; was about to head off to bed. I'm sure if there are any, it will be pointed out.
I mean good for her I guess for doing a believable weigh in. And by believable I mean she stepped on, showed the weight, and got off with no cuts or weird angles.
At 0.23 there is a cut - she's wearing a visible floral top, then there's a cut before she 'returns' and says "and I've obviously ate, obviously" (one of the most obvious things about you, Albert) and steps on
So she's either stopped and took her top off - why would you do that anyways - (it appears back after the weigh-ins)'s something else
Is there any way she could do a voice over on an old vid?
I don't film things much so I don't know.
I still doubt it. She still looks larger than she ever has.
Absolutely there is and it's very easy - I have a very basic video editor on my phone that gives the option of removing original sound (if there's any to remove) and adding a voice-over at any point you wish to do one, so there's no reason this couldn't be old footage - just because she says 'March 6th' means shit - show us a current newspaper Amber lol

Totally agree she looks as big as ever
The ONLY weigh-in I'd consider believing from the hambeast is a YT live-stream, stepping on and showing the scale, which she's perfectly capable of doing, but we know she won't as she gets off on the controversy of is it/is it not real 🤷

Well the comment section is full of asspats and nothing else.
I'm sure Moo is happy.
Maybe I'm too cynical but all I can think when I see these is 'you're easily pleased' - this proves no more than her pointing-at-the-ceiling weigh-ins did, and even IF (big IF) it's the correct weight, she's lost just about nothing in the best part of two months - 4/5lbs is a perfectly normal weight fluctuation for a normal-sized adult, let alone a quarter-tonne behemoth

Thought your bedroom was too small anyways, Albert? Please do make your mind up 🤦


Hey, a good video! Good job!

Now you only need to lose another 350 lbs to be human.

Wouldn't it be funny if she finally loses 400 pounds and nobody cares enough to watch anymore?
That's already happening. Amber's weight has stagnated since mid-2019, and thus people are losing interest. If she loses weight, people will also eventually lose interest. The appeal of Amber's channel is that she's a freak show and to stay relevant, she has to keep upping her lolcow game gradually committing suicide in front of our eyes. Others are, and Amber isn't willing to.


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Shes going to maintain that 519 the rest of the year. She has a car, Becky and money so there is nothing stopping her from eating 4000 cals daily still. To be honest shes not going to drop anymore significant weight unless she's removed from becky.

First I didn't believe it's her feet, because her massive gut should be blocking the view and she wouldn't be able to see/film her toes and feet. But then there it was, huge, dirty, fat trotter pointing at things as per usual. It's Amber all right.
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Amber's always thought she was a stone cold fox unjustly imprisoned in a sphere of solid fat, and if she lost weight, her staggering beauty would stop the world on its axis.

But now that solid ball is becoming slightly deflated and everything is sinking south. Bulbous protuberances that never met are now intimately familiar, effectively making her look even worse. And all the while, her laygs have only gotten bigger and more grotesque while her income drops. Not saying that's karma, but it might be that karma she's always oinking about.
That's right, gorl, wear those socks so we can't see your dainty, rotting and untrimmed toe nails.
'It's for her privacy of her feet!'