Stepping On The Scale (517.2) 03/06/20 -


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Something drifted through my head a moment ago. That 519 weight is based around her "being delusional" that she was 570ish instead of the over 600 we were pretty sure she was. 570 minus the 50 lbs she said she lost would be around 519. DelusionalLynn acted like she was losing weight last month but if she's still 519 she only maintained...unless she actually was losing weight the whole time but couldn't admit it because to tell us the real numbers would have outed her as having been over 600 lbs at some point.
That whole bit of "572.4 is my highest weight ever and I've never gone higher than that" is a clear lie that anyone with functioning eyes can figure out by looking at Amber when she first admitted to 560 in January 2019 and comparing it to how much larger she was in the summer and December. Consider how much weight a healthy weight woman gains during a healthy pregnancy (~30lbs?). Amber's overall visible size gains during that time was much more than what that healthy weight woman would gain during pregnancy.

She might be 519 now but she definitely broke the 600 mark last year. She just doesn't want to give the haydurs the satisfaction of confirming it.


I was like - whuuuuut???
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Her reply about the shirt. People are finally figuring it out. Lol
Damn, gorl, just - no 🤣

I'm not sure which brings on the near hysterical, part-amused part-despairing laughter more - thinking how long it took Albert to pull this 'excuse' out of her ass or the fact there's Amber-drones believing it right now 🤦

You'd see the top still with the angle she's filming from had this actually been the case - not all of it, but some - damn her lahhhhs are just ridiculous at this point

As an aside, I was thinking of how (it's mentioned by someone else I think but I can't be f*cked to look lol) how Hambone only ever replies to negative comments, and that got me thinking - all these lovely comments that she's just dying for and yet she never hearts any or just replies a brief 'thank you so much!'

Scrolled through loads of comments and behold look what I found 😲
Anyone notice like I did anything about the username? 🤔


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Is there any way she could do a voice over on an old vid?
I don't film things much so I don't know.
I still doubt it. She still looks larger than she ever has.
Yes. How likely is that? Well, Amber would have to figure it out to implement that technique, so already leaning toward not likely. Then, she'd have to sneak it by the turbo autists charting her gains and sickness generated losses, so that's a whole 'nother plate of orange chicken to deal with...

So yeah she could, but I doubt she'd get away with it if she did for long is your answer?

I rewatched the video and noticed what seems to be a jump cut just before she steps on the scale. Now, if I were going to tare a scale but hide that I was doing it? I think that's where a cut would be but what do I know.
See? Any reused footage won't last long, she can't even slip through an edit opportunity on casual viewers to fudge the results for any length of time.