Skitzocow Steve Quest / Montagraph / Roy Warren Marshall / "Dale Ellis Bennett" / "Umbrella Man" / "Elite Rule" / "OctoberReignz" / "ImYourGhost" - Elderly schizophrenic troll with decades of history pretending to be a member of intel communities

Whatsit Toyah
Video claiming Montagraph is larping as a girl troll named Knightsabers01.

Knightsabers01 Twitter account (Since 2011. References Montagraph multiple times. Also claims to have started on net at 14. She talks like a boomer.

Tweet where Knightsabers01 claims Montagraph hit on them. Look at the picture, they drop their AOL email address. Also Katherine Sabers name, leads to more accounts.

knightsabers01 troll blogspot. what is crazy some of the memes have a certain budding style to them you might recognize, but maybe all old memes look the same. There are even some of the egg shaped head on weird body memes in here like the Rekieta memes made recently. The first video is interesting.

Knightsabers01 YouTube account

On this video we find a comment from yet another Montagraph account, Anon Amos.

I would archive the videos of Montagraph, but except for a couple of dogs in his hotel room that were adults when Montagraph still had color in his hair nothing funny or interesting.

Montagraph page, circa 2009:
His banner says he is into Dramatube. Same kind of videos he makes now.

Then shit gets juicy. This lady doesn't need to pay naked women to be in her art, because she learned photoshop. And she never asked Montagraph to piss or shit in her mouth, either. You can see Montagraph yawn in the comments.

The same damn profile pic and main account name for ten years. E-celeb status: 100.

People still sign up for Amazing.
The Young Woman Montagraph and Agent19's friend KnightSabers posed as



Don't bleed there are sharks in the water
The reason that I have not made conjecture about Knightsabers01 being an alt account for Montagraph or Agent19 is because the person in the profile pictures or old videos actually associated with her accounts does not age. There is no date in that video. The Knightsabers01 accounts go back a decade. Did the girl catch them very early in the game and they just used her likeness anyway? How old is the BandiCam video? Something about this part of this story does not add up for me, is all. Time passes and people age.

Even if she made a video tomorrow and it was very obviously her and she said Montagraph and Agent19 were stealing her identity, I would still question if she wasn't somehow involved in this as weird performance art or something.

Montagraph is being straight up about giving the video to Josh. If Josh decides to show the video that sort of ends the game for me. I just wanted to see something that was apparently so erased from the web that you wind up mired in a thousand rabbit holes looking for it.

It has all been pretty fun, though.

Whatsit Toyah
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Don't bleed there are sharks in the water
Barrett Brown? LMAO. Barrett Brown is a journalist. I have read his prison articles, they were good. The Chan Wars are over, soldiers. You can put down your Guy Fawkes masks and Low Orbit Ion Cannons and go home. I know Barrett Brown's history with what was called "Anonymous" in the news. This ain't it, chief. Sabu sold out Lulzsec. It is well documented.

All of the videos that either are for or against Montagraph seem the same to me, almost like the same people make both. I just wanted to try to find a video that seemed unobtainable. If the trash fire journey is funny, or interesting, I archive it and laugh.

Thanks for posting up the vid, @Whatsit Toyah. I didn't see anything in the comment section about KF directly. I am done watching Montagraph content unless he and Null wind up doing another interview or if "Little Piggy and the Umbrella Man" pops up somewhere I will watch that.


Friendly Mexican Ghost
@b99r452cwy01n, what's your history with Monty? You seem to know a lot about him, like you have been following him for years. I don't ask for any specific details, so he wouldn't know who you are.


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Just thought this guy was some skitzo angry at metokur for making fun of him. Never would have guessed he had connections to the CIA, FBI, Free Masons, NWO, and the illuminati. Truly we are blessed by this man's presence and we should refrain from making fun of him less he backtraces us and reports us to the cyberpolice.

Also, why does he capitalize every word when he writes anything, and what the fuck does 'learnzed' mean? pic related


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User Sheriff of Youtube claims (in comments) that he has 7Tb of data on Montagraph. Any one wants to check this?

Sheriff of youtube is one of this guys sock accounts. He posted on his on his own video. (other accounts are Chinada3, psychic larp, Qanonada3301) He's been calling out Montagraph for a long time, I wouldn't be surprised if he did have 7tb of data on him.

Montagraph posted this yesterday, the video he's talking about was mass flagged and was taken down. He's claiming Nick and Metokur were responsible for it and they're claiming he's islamaphobic and the zodiak killer, JB Smeary and killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Also keeps saying things like, this is the exact type of thing that starts a lolsuit. MadameBovine Montagraph and the 222 cult - mentioned in chat, probably the channel and video name. I checked the channel. It's another sock with another related account MadameBovine1988.

(Now I'm pretty sure something would have been mentioned on the Metokur thread if he had started gay ops especially considering the 20+ pages of hat sperging).

Chianada3 posted about it too.

The gist of this video is that this is all gay ops and Montagraph put it out there himself to cause drama. I have to say I agree but I'm kinda pissed we couldn't archive it before it was flagged.

From another Montagraph call out channel. They all troll the same way, these weird videos and egg photo shoops. He does have a turtle-esque look about him though.


I think we finally found the autistic illuminati.

Edited to avoid double posting.

Latest Monty stream from today, here's a breakdown he took it down straight away:
He's now suing paypal instead of going after Morphonious again (I don't understand why though), Still going to sue Nick and Metokur. Someone from KF fail trolling the chat. Lots of I'm actually the victim here I'm only defending myself. Called the FBI in 2001 because he predicted 9/11 through remote viewing. Thanks everyone for flagging the video, keeps saying the FBI took the video down. Talks to the chat a lot, they all tell him what they had for their dinner.


How lolcows are real if our eyes aren't real?
What makes me realy curious is this individual known as ccbrown. He is constantly sucking Steve's dick in Agent19's videos:


Seen all this, you might be thinking "This is probably a Agent19 or Steve's sockpuppet account", but the thing it's that this guy is a moderator on Steve's chat.



Also remember that Agent19 is also moderating the streams:


Two options: either Agent19 is so fucking pathetic that he moderates the streams with two accounts at the same time or there is another individual of the Baby Boom that we have may overlooked
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What makes me realy curious is this individual known as ccbrown. He is constantly sucking Steve's dick in Agent19's videos:

Seen all this, you might be thinking "This is probably a Agent19 or Steve's sockpuppet account", but the thing it's that this guy is a moderator on Steve's chat.

View attachment 829140

View attachment 829146

Also remember that Agent19 is also moderating the streams:

View attachment 829154

Two options: either Agent19 is so fucking pathetic that he moderates the streams with two accounts at the same time or there is another individual of the Baby Boom that we have may overlooked
I noticed CC too on the streams. From some of the comments I think it's actually a woman and some of her mannerisms are English rather than US. There were two women in the original smilies group and one was from the UK so I'm guessing that's who CC is. I'm only assuming that because Montagraph is so paranoid he would only let someone who he's known for a long time be a mod.

It looks like he's working on some gay ops for Metokur and Nick so I think watching his streams will be worth while and downloading them quickly. He's already DFE'd everything on his Youtube and Twitter relating to the offending video and his mass flagging. I noticed on the channels that call Montagraph out like Chinada and Adevnulset they are filming their screens with a camera and making their comments over it. I thought at first this was just a boomer thing but it might actually be from necessity because Montagraph puts out false flag videos about himself, blames it on someone else then makes himself out to be the victim and erases all the evidence.


Don't bleed there are sharks in the water
No reason for Montagraph to sue the Farms. Except for a couple people posting here who already did not like him before the thread was made, this thread reads more like a "Monty's Greatest Hits" album than a derogatory thread.

The bad things people accuse Montagraph of are not provable. Even Melon-y was a nothing burger.

Hey doesnt Boogie hate melons? Someone should link him the melon video just to see if he cries.

EDIT: Montagraph has been a personality on the internet since there was a internet, I am sure he can smell the stench of failed wanna-be e-celebrity all over Colonel J.
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For the record...
A couple of points from this video. Doxxing is not illegal when it is public information such as the type of content posted on KF. This is why the cows are never successful at suing Null or having their threads taken down. Even recent stricter privacy laws worldwide don't protect against your own stupidity for putting your personal information out into the world.
However, it's not a secret that Montagraphs friends use their positions as 911 operates to get doxxes. This is absolutely illegal even in the US where companies and the government play fast and loose with individuals personal data. There was a case only last week which resulted in a 4 year prison sentence for the person using their position to access personal data for doxing. Bare in mind that person was caught afrer 1 instance and Montys pal has been doing this for over a decade.


@Whatsit Toyah it literally says on the page when you make a KF account not to use an account name you use elsewhere.


itsa me, oddguy

Agent19 on the Montagraph article talk page said:
Boy, i'm giving you a order. You have 12 hours to remove all trances of me from this site or it will be burnt to the ground. Then I will make you homeless and eat and drink from the gutter.
Agent19 was not in the article, so I presume this is actually Monty, but either way, I responded by adding his name to the article and am now rewriting it and putting it on the front page... sort of. It's a lot of work and this shit is boring. Anyway, the article is less shit now and I'll work on it a bit longer before giving up.

This asshole is no troll. Trolls fuck around and shit post and whatever. But this guy is different. He has played a significant role in at least 3 deaths. He pushed William Weeks (Chang13a) to suicide by attacking him non-stop, including viciously mocking William over having been sexually molested. He and his buddies (including George Webb's brother Dave "Acton" Sweigart) also went after a guy named Justin Hess. Flagged his videos. Sexually humiliated him. Attacked like crazy. Pushed and pushed until the guy finally lost it. Hess shot his mother to death then went out and killed a man by stabbing him in the throat.
You said 3 deaths. That's only 2. Who's #3?

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