Skitzocow Steve Quest / Montagraph / Roy Warren Marshall / "Dale Ellis Bennett" / "Umbrella Man" / "Elite Rule" / "OctoberReignz" / "ImYourGhost" - Elderly schizophrenic troll with decades of history pretending to be a member of intel communities


Fuck yo wintergreen bullshit
The Blackstone guy never said that Monty was a pedo. That was Monty's interpretation. Monty was trolling the guy's Youtube show being an asshole and the guy called him out. Said that Monty was a real sicko or something and told people if they wanted to learn more about Monty to do a google search for sex with a melon and monty's "pedophilia" stuff..... which was a reference to all that shit out there like the thing you referred to.

Never called him a pedo. Said there is a lot of pedo related stuff connected to Monty that people have put out over the years, which is absolutely true. Definitely a lot of questionable stuff out there about him. All of it may not turn out to be true, but some of it is definitely real. Yeah some people call him a pedo for sure. But people like Blackstone and drumr828 and others that Monty targets have not called him a pedo. They only referenced that stuff.

A statement of truth or telling people to do their own research into the allegations is what these guys are guilty of. Fuck man. He made a video of what looks like a kid tied up with duct tape over her face forced to wear a pig mask before getting molested and killed. That's some fucked up shit. It's not libel or slander or whatever to call that shit out. But this is how Monty rolls. He starts shit with people and then when they fight back by pointing to the crazy stuff he has put out he goes fucking nuts.

What makes no sense to me is why Monty would try to sue people who he knows didn't call him a pedophile but doesn't do anything but make verbal threats against those TONS of people who have been calling him a pedo for years. Something doesn't make sense. Maybe he only goes after higher profile people because it will give him more attention. He's def. an attention whore.
Because he's loony.


Fuck yo wintergreen bullshit
One thing I noticed is that Montagraph will constantly bring up "I have a clean record. Never been arrested". He says this over and over again when no one even asked him.
You can get a felony expunged from your state record but a state judge cant expunge your federal file. If hes got a record the feds know. If he was really looking to prove his lack of a criminal history he could request a copy of his own fbi file and dox himself. But he wont, and even if he could be egged on to do that Id never believe his scans since he knows how to photoshop.
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You can get a felony expunged from your state record but a state judge cant expunge your federal file. If hes got a record the feds know. If he was really looking to prove his lack of a criminal history he could request a copy of his own fbi file and dox himself. But he wont, and even if he could be egged on to do that Id never believe his scans since he knows how to photoshop.
Could always do the basic FotoForensic checks and logical assessments. With that said, and as you've said, I don't even see the self-dox being a possibility.
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He might also just be bullshitting. Personally I think he knows about the thread and wants to barter with Moon to "TAKE IT DOWN!!!" in his usual mall-ninja manner.
So far, I feel like we haven't really found anything. Most of this information is either neutral public internet stuff, of very suspect value because one of Montagraph's enemies put out information that had been tampered with, or information that Montagraph himself put out for people to find.

I have been unable to find the missing short film, so I started working through Montagraph's past to find clues to accounts that may have the film attached. He put out a 10+ minute video about experiences he had at Elan School, and the stories in that video were painful. When I started going through support group sites, forums, facebook sites for "survivors" of Elan, I could see that everyone there had stories about being hurt, humiliated and assaulted.

He identified himself as being in House 7 at Elan School, so that is what I focused on. I searched through ancient forum posts, facebook, etc.; there are references to his original name being in Elan School records in the pastebin dox. I have not yet seen his names attached to any of these survivor support groups, I did find a comment under his "ImYourGhost" account on a trailer for a recent Elan School documentary, which is where he identifies himself as being in House 7, it is the top comment:

I also archived videos on this channel where he shows his face, though this is a known Montagraph account.

Interesting that he used the "ImYourGhost" account to make this comment, but his main Elan story video is on his Montagraph channel.

It would be easier to find things if every known username wasn't buried under so much bullshit. Hundreds of people attaching every user name to crap "exposed" videos and blog posts containing thin, limp and non-existent "PROOF" that he is illuminati, or deep state, or a pedo, or "OMG! Did you knw he is homosexual or bisexual or a crossdresser in our good clean TRUTHER movement!"

Just going to keep sifting off the cruft until I find the film, or Monty gives it to our fearless feeder.

He might also just be bullshitting. Personally I think he knows about the thread and wants to barter with Moon to "TAKE IT DOWN!!!" in his usual mall-ninja manner.
If he offered Josh decent cash, say at least 5 digits, do you think Null would take it down? Has anyone ever offered the erverlord a solid amount of money to kill a thread before? I mean, I have seen them beg and cajole and threaten lawsuits, but troons and degenerates are usually broke.


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Steve says in his "ImYourGhost" comment on The Last Stop YouTube preview "You can see me at 1:18 mid left hand corner! I remember all of those people." But I'm looking at the screencap from 1:18 and I don't see him in it. The people whose faces are showing don't match up to Steve.

Compare it with the photo pasted in from one of Steve's old passports. The closest match is the guy with the dark hair biting his nails. But note the absence of the unusually far apart eyes. Plus, Steve is quite tall - around 6'2" or 3" from what I've read. This guy is nowhere near that height. True, Steve would have been between 17-19ish at Elan and could have grown another inch after this video, but I doubt this is the guy.

Steve has made all kinds of claims over the years about where he has been, which secret government agencies he has worked for and all kinds of other false stories. With all the lies he has told, I'm not seeing a reason to believe his Elan story. So far, no evidence has been put forward that he was ever really at Elan. Anybody can read stories about Elan and then claim to have been there too - kind of like a fucked up version of "stolen valor".

If he was there, and if it is so important to everyone that we believe his story, then why won't he put ANYTHING out to confirm it?

IF he was at Elan, it doesn't mean that he was there because his parents were rich. They weren't. His father was in the military (he and his brother were born on a foreign military base). His family members (the Marshalls) were pretty bad characters. Constantly in trouble with the law. IF Steve (formerly Roy Warren Marshall) had been at Elan, he likely was there as either a ward of the state or as part of a juvenile court order resulting from some heinous or criminal behaviors.

In the absence of verifiable evidence from Steve/Roy that he really was at Elan, his story is no more credible than the stories of those who say he was sent to Elan for molesting a young boy.




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This asshole is no troll. Trolls fuck around and shit post and whatever. But this guy is different. He has played a significant role in at least 3 deaths. He pushed William Weeks (Chang13a) to suicide by attacking him non-stop, including viciously mocking William over having been sexually molested. He and his buddies (including George Webb's brother Dave "Acton" Sweigart) also went after a guy named Justin Hess. Flagged his videos. Sexually humiliated him. Attacked like crazy. Pushed and pushed until the guy finally lost it. Hess shot his mother to death then went out and killed a man by stabbing him in the throat.

I don't care if Steve Quest isn't 100% responsible for those deaths. He definitely played a role in what led to them. And he LOVES it. This asshole belongs in a cage like an animal. He deserves ZERO sympathy that some people call him a pedo. He has been doing that to people for YEARS with no consequences. It's good to see people standing up to that queef.
Here's some more about Justin Hess for some background:

I also got a little insight into why Montagraph's not tweeting so much the past couple of days after spamming Nick and Metokur.

Qanonada3301 has been prank calling him since 26th June and uploading videos of the calls to his Youtube page.

I don't know anything about Qanonada3301 but it looks like he's another larper but definitely has some beef with Montagraph. I also found an anti-Montagraph Youtube page which might have some worthwhile vids on it. I haven't had a chance to go through all of them yet.


Street View
These may not be on youtube any more, this is the great Trollop Rullez, who must really be enjoying Montagraph finally being roasted.

The emblem he uses of a three spoked looking thing is apparently a symbol for BDSM. There are other videos on this channel, new ones being posted regularly as this unfolds.

Yet another youtuber from early days of the platform, one of many who have waited a long time to see this day, having watched Montagraph drive people over the edge.
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I've been on YouTube since 2006 with an account since 2007. I've been watching the Steve Quest Horror Show the whole time along with the rest of the dumpster fire. I've never posted a video and only converse in the comments. I'll try to give you any backgrounds and references I can. The whole thing is a shit show far beyond Stevie Quest. But your probably aware of that. I'm not a boomer. Was born in 75 think that's genX or some bullshit.

YouTubeStory2, Chinada3, Sheriff of YouTube, PSYCHIC LARP #UNRIG are all channels of a Guy named James out of Canada. Long story short he came on YT like 2011 called Stevie out on some bullshit harassment larp having to do with the refrigerator ninja that off himself if I recall right. But so where like 10 other users. Stevie got pissed. Now Chinada kind of came on YT like Charlie Bronson and started kicking the autistic hornets nest. That fucking Canadian sensibility of right. He didn't know what the fuck he was getting into and that he was dealing with nutters. So kick the nest, but cover your ass.

Anyways Stevie, as you have witnessed, having next to ZERO real computer skillz, along with legal as recently proven, needs any information easily found on the public sphere. Sorry forgot the remote viewing and google maps 3rd eye view. Now Stevie has to have a tangible rage victim when he’s getting called out. Just like Nick. Nick's Twitter literally says call him. Fisrt Class, Grade A, Stevie the autistic toddler find.

Chinada3’s information was accessible on social media and Stevie being a classy scumbag commenced to Slander his like 70 yo father that had cancer at the time.

There countless abandoned account like this of Stevie's. Fuck Anus19 said he had 500... WTF. Why would anyone need 500 YT accounts???


How lolcows are real if our eyes aren't real?
Love the parts where he threatens to move to Minnesota to spite Jim and Nick, praises @Null and goes after Nick's rich mom
My theory was that Agent19 was being payed by him, but nobody pays a guy for more than 10 years to do this kind of shit. On the other hand, nobody could be friends with someone so mentall deranged. The boomers that follow him are what makes me really curious. What the fuck has this exceptional individual of special that some of these boomers defend him? Because not all of the accounts are sock-puppet accounts: some are unironically defending him. I mean Agent19 is a boomer sperg. but him at this point can also realize that Monty is fucking batshit insane.

Steve Quest spent time at 10255 W. 14th Avenue Lakewood, Colorado 80215 with a Lithuanian immigrant woman named Dale Pociuviene Bennett aka Dale Pociuviene Johnson (DOB Oct. 31, 1955). Today Dale is 63 years old and works as a Denver nurse at Porter Adventist Hospital Someone might want to reach out to her for more information.

While at the 10255 address, Steve filmed his 3 part "Umbrella Man" snuff videos. In part 1 he uses a tool shed in the back yard of this property to record the snuff portions of the women. Steve, as Umbrella Man, has the women tied up, gagged and scared for their lives. He films himself feeding bugs to one woman, putting duct tape over her mouth and then pinching her nose shut so she can't breathe and suffocates to death.

Before killing her, he forces her to write a letter to her family. At the end of part 1, Steve as Umbrella Man goes out to the mailbox at 10255 to retrieve the letter he has mailed to himself. You can see across the street from the mailbox. See the attached photos for verification.

Later parts from the snuff film include the infamous "Little Piggy" girl who he forces to wear a piggy mask while threatening to rape her.


The red shed from the the snuff film can also be seen in the background of the infamous Montagraph "Broomstick" video in which he spins a dollar store broom while threatening a victim named Chang13a - a man named William Weeks who had been molested in his youth. Steve was one of the internet trolls who gangstalked Weeks and helped to push him over the edge to suicide. Steve and Agent 19 (aka Cointelpro) called him a pedophile and mocked him for having been molested. The broomstick video was Steve's response to William Week's "infamous" refrigerator video in which he tried to get Steve to stop harassing him.

There are dozens of videos discussing Steve/Montagraph's role in harassing William Weeks to the point of suicide.

Steve Quest, formerly Roy Warren Marshall - an alumni of the Elan school for disturbed youth..... they never should have let him out.


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Don't bleed there are sharks in the water
Considering that this dude's trigger word is being called a pedo and his weird sexual content, is it possible that he isn't the pedo but was the victim of a pedo and then shipped off to Elan to cover up that someone prominent in his life or town raped him as a kid? Everything about the umbrella man reminds me of emily youcis
The weird part about the Elan School saga in Montagraph's story is that nearly every kid from certain parts of the country with any kind of issues were sent to Elan, because they were giving the people who made those decisions monetary kickbacks. IF Montagraph went to Elan it could have been for any number of reasons -or- no reason at all. They even sent orphans to Elan. I haven't found paperwork either way, just information with blurbs that say that paperwork exists, which is basically vapor as evidence is concerned.

It was also a hot topic on the internet during the time that Montagraph's internet history starts, big topic in certain conspiracy circles from the late 90s on until about 2010. There are multiple ancient forums with no posts in them since 2014 or before that I was running through and searching over the last day that catered to both former students and staff at that school and conspiracies that surround the school. No luck under any of Montagraph's known aliases.

Perhaps if a student that was at Elan during the time that Montagraph claims to have went there came forward and corroborated or was asked nicely that might be some kind of proof, but the people that went through that school saw some serious shit, and I am not into messing with people like that. To me, it looks like they went through enough and bringing up that kind of past seems inordinately rude.

Plus there were multiple posts in those forums and groups from people asking about other students and how they fared or if they were still alive, and none of the known aliases came up.

The Elan story hasn't born me any fruit, and I think it is a dead end. If anyone is interested, I archived a ton of the member lists from the support group pages, etc.

TL;DR I went through every Elan support group and documentary page on Facebook, multiple old forums, as many lists of people at Elan I could find. Nothing about Montagraph or known aliases, all the way back to 2011 on Facebook, further back in broken old forums.

I did find this ancient weird troll Facebook page. People have been trolling this guy for a long time.
Weird old troll Facebook account (Dale Bennet, Montagraph)

Friends of troll account

and one post regarding a Steve that people in the Elan survivor group who people blocked.

@b99r452cwy01n How did you find out that the shed on the back of the property you posted about is where the Umbrella Man videos were filmed? Did Montagraph post about that anywhere, or let it slip at some point along the way? EDIT: Nevermind, I reread your post and it was clearer to me. Nice info.

EDIT 2: Someone is looking for Montagraph, lol. Dale Bennett and Roy Marshall, in requests for contact classof '84, Steve Quest in 1977, at

Update: Video claiming Montagraph is larping as a girl troll named Knightsabers01.

Knightsabers01 Twitter account (Since 2011. References Montagraph multiple times. Also claims to have started on net at 14. She talks like a boomer.

Tweet where Knightsabers01 claims Montagraph hit on them. Look at the picture, they drop their AOL email address. Also Katherine Sabers name, leads to more accounts.

knightsabers01 troll blogspot. what is crazy some of the memes have a certain budding style to them you might recognize, but maybe all old memes look the same. There are even some of the egg shaped head on weird body memes in here like the Rekieta memes made recently. The first video is interesting.

Knightsabers01 YouTube account

On this video we find a comment from yet another Montagraph account, Anon Amos.

I would archive the videos of Montagraph, but except for a couple of dogs in his hotel room that were adults when Montagraph still had color in his hair nothing funny or interesting.

Montagraph page, circa 2009:
His banner says he is into Dramatube. Same kind of videos he makes now.

Then shit gets juicy. This lady doesn't need to pay naked women to be in her art, because she learned photoshop. And she never asked Montagraph to piss or shit in her mouth, either. You can see Montagraph yawn in the comments.

The same damn profile pic and main account name for ten years. E-celeb status: 100.

People still sign up for Amazing.


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