Careercow Steve Shives - Self-Loathing White Cis-Het Atheist, Male Feminist Cuck, IslamoNazi Apologist, Blocked everybody ever on twitter

Who the true cuck of cucks?

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  • Steve Shives

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  • Andrew Stall. . . God, I can't even pretend to give a fuck about this spooge-cleaner

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Atheism+ is a cow with a bottomless udder. Perfectly combining neckbeardism with peroxide-feminism to produce so many hyper-sensitive deranged cultists, they should write royalty checks to the descendants of Ellen G. White. Sargon of Akkad put it best:

But I'll put it myself anyway.


Steve Shives is among the most notorious cucks of the modern age. He's been around for a long time under various names. His Livejournal account started in '06. His Cracked account started in '08. His Youtube channel started in 2011 before being rebooted in 2013. Mostly, he was a failure, but Steve gained quite a bit of popularity with his readalongs to popular Christian texts. Had he kept up along these lines, he'd be significantly more respected and would have untold hours less embarrassing footage of himself being mocked by every atheist who actually cares about liberalism flooding the net with every passing month.

Then Steve opened his mouth about feminism, and it all went downhill from there.


Like so many other cows on all ends of the political spectrum, Steve Shives has an unhealthy relationship with feminism. The second it comes up, all meaningful liberal values are expendable in his eyes for any reason cited by Lacy Green, Black Laci Green, or any other hysterical pansexual obsessed with the 21st Century version of the White Slavery Panic, reactionary leftism, and other things that trigger them.

On his own, he'd be a lower-profile Jonathan McIntosh, but for whatever reason, the online atheist community inspires behavior that is about as far from neurotypicality as Kanye West playing Magic: The Gathering with Sherwin Stern, Tom Cruise, and @Hellsperger. Steve stirs up drama at an alarming rate, and with a typical production schedule of five episodes a week, he makes a lot of room for further punishment.

The Mastress

It really doesn't take much power of observation to note that Steve's wife Ashley is a horrible, shrill harpy who'd be impossible to live with for five seconds unless you gave her your balls and your frontal lobe in a tiny wooden box. She may not be the only reason Steve's the reactionary, regressive feminist he fails so badly to convince others he's not, but she's certainly a pillar of his noxious philosophy.


One of Steve's latest sources of embarrassment, of which there will be many further entries, is his stumbles and apologetics on Islam. Despite his claim that he believes all religions are equally false, if a figure he feels is "underprivileged" could potentially be hit in the crossfire, he'll back down on criticizing their religious tenants faster than you can say "rape culture." Steve has done it all, from complaining about the "fresh eruption of Islamophobia" upon the brutal massacre of European Cartoonists at the hands of religious fascists to only addressing Islam in his readalong series via a Christian apologetics book he disagrees with.

Near universal condemnation has been brought upon him by the likes of Meridan Frost, autopsy87, and Gary Edwards among others for his abject cowardice, liberal condensation, and his I'm-not-qualified-to-judge-this-shit-even-though-I-judge-shit-I'm-not-qualified-to-speak-on-all-the-time attitude towards Islam. You can practically taste the white guilt eating away at his brain cells, and no one's even told him that many who aren't of the Davis Aurini mindset actually see many different peoples of the Muslim faith as technical members of whatever the hell the white race actually is.


Thanks to the work of Encyclopedia Dramatica's own, Cobalt Cat, who may or may not have an account here but deserves a shoutout much like @oddish and @Wilkins -- but not you, @LikeicareKF, you're still a fag -- I found out that Steve has quite the history under the name "nightwingwilson." A handle he used on both and, among other places, several adult sites such as Xtube and Xpress, which he verified by posting his pictures and his name and his location on these sites as well as some rather risqué photos that don't quite qualify as nudes but are sufficiently embarrassing enough to both warrant spoiler tags and warrant my screencapping:

[GALLERY=media, 1230]Lolsteveshives1 by *Asterisk* posted Feb 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM[/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 1231]Lolsteveshives2 by *Asterisk* posted Feb 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM[/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 1232]Lolsteveshives3 by *Asterisk* posted Feb 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM[/GALLERY]

[GALLERY=media, 1233]Lolsteveshives4 by *Asterisk* posted Feb 28, 2016 at 10:52 PM[/GALLERY]


Steve Shives produces a lot of content, so I expect to update this OP frequently even though it's already loaded with more content than any other OP I've ever made. It's clear that Steve Shives is incapable of rudimentary intellectual courage, learning from his mistakes, avoiding drama, or picking sex partners. He blocks anyone who might even possibly offend his sensibilities without hesitation, as well as the people who follow the people he blocks on every social media platform he can. But unlike, say, a certain cartoon-sperging asexual currently being sucked off by @WhoWantsStancakes as we speak, he never uses this as a means to avoid slap fights or feuds or drama of any description.

The milk shall flow as if from the heaven God will never allow third-wave cucks like Steve to set foot in. I wish you all happy hunting in this saga.

Steve Links

His Youtube.
His Twitter.
His Facebook.
His Google+.
His (archived) XPress page.
Steve's Drunken Peasants article. (TJ can still go play with bananas, but this still nails Steve dead-on.)
Steve's ED page.
Steve's Livejournal.
Steve's Patreon.
Steve's ThinkAtheist Page, which has a much better record of his content than Youtube.

Youtube Pundits Burying Steve

- March 1st, 2016
- March 2nd, 2016

Aldus Valor
- November 26th, 2015
- December 27th, 2015

The Armoured Skeptic (Dude's Canadian. It's how they spell it.)
- December 6th, 2015
- June 17th, 2016

The Amazing Atheist
- July 7th, 2016


Computing Forever
- January 25th, 2016

Gary Edwards

- December 12th, 2015
- January 14th, 2016

Meridan Frost.
- February 12th, 2016


Sargon of Akkad

Miscellaneous Videos Mocking Steve
- I Was #BlockedBySteve
- Men's Rights Movement the Motherfucking Opera
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Feminism sperg, cuck, and nudes. wow this cow is golden.

And seriously what is it with Atheism types and their dramas on YouTube.
We humans tend to seek a greater meaning or purpose for our existence which, in turn, leads us to serve something we perceive as greater or more important than ourselves: deities, governments, ideologies, etc. Mr. Shives seems to have chosen Feminism as his Master - er, Mistress.

HG 400

None of the people on the list are cuckolds. Alan Pardew, Anthony Burch and Andrew Stallings belong on the list. They're all known, proven, actual-cuckolds irl. This list is a dumb piece of bullshit made by a gamergater.

edit ; why isn't Eron Gjoni on the list? He's once, twice, five times a cuckold.


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I've added @Anne Other's Gary Edwards links to the OP. Thanks, Anne.

Surprised Antony burch isnt on this list considering he's a literal rather than figurative cuckold
None of the people on the list are cuckolds. Alan Pardew, Anthony Burch and Andrew Stallings belong on the list. They're all known, proven, actual-cuckolds irl. This list is a dumb piece of bullshit made by a gamergater.

I honestly had no idea who this cuck even was until just now.

edit ; why isn't Eron Gjoni on the list? He's once, twice, five times a cuckold.
Still not as big a cuck as Alex Lifschitz.


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cobalt, my best friend, would be truly ashamed to have a faggot like you mentioning him
I love Cobalt. Tell him he did a nice job with the ED page he wrote a few days ago.

Anyway, I never thought we'd have a Steve Shives thread. I've brought him up a few times in the SJWs thread. The funniest thing I've seen him do was try to DMCA someone's channel and having that person successfully counter his crap. The YouTuber's name was Wooly Bumblebee if you want to see what she had to say about that.

His nude pic on ED triggered me too. I just thought he was kinda boring besides that but there seems to be more of a rationale for him to have a thread than I thought previously.

Anne Other
Some more video links you might want in the opening post perhaps


TL;DR - Steve Shives Doesn't Understand the Men's Rights Movement
TL;DR - My Response to Steve Shives Response to Me
TL;DR - Steve Shives Still Doesn't Understand the Men's Rights Movement

#BlockedbySteve lots about but the one below is at least reasonably well produced.

I Was #BlockedbySteve (Short Film) Computing Forever

A common theme I see is people saying they subscribed to him and liked a lot of his earlier video, until he found feminism.

Some where I remember a comment from him along the lines of "two of my favorite people on youtube" this was some months back and was with reference to Jenny McDermott and Kevin Logan. Should I ever come across that comment again I'll screencap it.



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*looks at the nudiepix* OMG dat bush. It looks like it's crawling from his crotch and about to invade his legs and abdomen.


Perverter Of Goats
This guy looks familiar. Did he ever get into it with Shoe0nhead, because that's where I think I remember him from.

Edit: Yes he did. Her and the Armored Skeptic had a decent video about him and his wife.
I can't tell if the thing to the right of Steve is either a really ugly woman or a very effeminate looking man.
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