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Eeeugh, that screencap... Every time I see him I have to gaze upon the moist wet mouth and be reminded of the early days of the internet when people posted goatse everywhere.


Though I guess it's fitting considering how much shit he spews.
Yeah his mouth definitely looks like a wet little puckered asshole just waiting to crap out another load of bullshit. He's an ass faced, spooge crapping, homo head fuck constantly smearing self-righteous, sanctimonious indignation pulled on out his shit hole head all over the walls of YouTube like he's God's great white fundament fuck of effeminate infallibility.

(channeling my inner RazorFist on this one)


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Steve's early fanfic, starring himself.
Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Around age four I began experiencing a recurring terror at the thought of death. It was the certainty that made it so awful. With anything else, you at least have the option of wishful thinking. Sure, Mom says you’re going to get it when your Dad comes home and sees what you scribbled in permanent marker on the wall, but there’s always the chance that Mom will clean up the mess and decide not to tell him, or that Dad will see the wall but not get mad afterall, or my personal favorite, that he won’t get home until after you’re in bed (I wagered heavily on my father’s consideration of my need for sleep as a child). But with death, there’s no way out. It’s inevitable.

When I would run crying to my mother, clutch her around the legs, plead with her that I didn’t want to die, she would hug me and put on her most optimistic smile and say, “Oh, honey, you aren’t going to die for a long, long time.” This only made it worse, knowing death would always be up ahead, waiting for me. I knew someday I would be an old man. The “long, long time” line wouldn’t be so reassuring then.

“Mom,” I often said through sobs and tears, “I’ll miss you when I die.”

I always died first in these morbid death fantasies of mine. I’d picture myself up in Heaven, which was about ten feet above everyone’s heads, peeking over the edge of a cloud, calling down to my family. Mom would mix up a glass of chocolate milk and toss a spoonful of it up so I could have a taste. God was around, too. He dressed in brown polyester slacks and a crisp light blue shirt, and looked like the Professor from Gilligan’s Island.

Going to Hell never frightened me. My parents, particularly my mother, are Christians, and brought my brother and I up in that tradition. But, except for a few months when I was in first grade, we never attended church. And they never stressed the prospect of eternal torment and damnation much. It wasn’t dying before my loved ones that scared me, either. I told Mom I would miss her when I die, but what I was really afraid of was not being able to miss her. This article is the first time I’ve ever publicly, explicitly identified myself as an atheist, but in my heart I’ve been one since I was a child. I’ve always known — it’s this life, then oblivion.

God is a story we tell to make ourselves feel better. We made him up when we were in our infancy, when the world was a frightening and incomprehensible place, to explain the inexplicable, and to soothe our fears. He made sense of things, and he told us it was possible to survive death. He told us there was a place to go after this, a world where suffering and death would never be able to find us, a place that was everything this one wasn’t: just, peaceful, and eternal. It’s a beautiful idea, and a comforting one, and one I’ve never been able to believe.

I’m not angry at God. I just don’t tell myself the comforting story anymore. It’s not that I’m any more comfortable with my looming nonexistence now than I was as a bawling child. I just don’t imagine another world to soften the deficiencies of this one. I’d rather come to terms with the universe as it is than waste my life pretending it’s something else.

And, shit, it’s not all weeping and howling indignantly into the void. Theists paint a picture of the godless universe as this bleak, hopeless place where joy and meaning are impossible, and of atheists as these dour mopes who sit around sipping coffee and quoting Sartre and Nietzsche back and forth at each other. That isn’t my experience. When you live with the assumption that the natural world is all there is, your meaning, your purpose, your worth aren’t handed down to you from authority; they’re derived from your life, the people and things you love. When you look around and realize that all this wasn’t constructed by a man in the sky, that it — and you, and everyone and everything you have ever known — is the result of a process that unfolded according to natural laws, and is still unfolding at this very moment, the universe becomes a place of overwhelming wonder.

No religious myth has even approached the true magnificence of the world. The cosmos is greater, and older, and more mysterious than our priests have told us, or our ancestors could have imagined. Think of the vast, ever-expanding universe science has revealed just in the last hundred years or so.

Think of the hundreds of millions of galaxies and other objects within range of our telescopes, some so distant that to look at them is to look back almost to the beginning of time. Think of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the echo of the big bang, distributed evenly across the sky, detectable no matter where you look.

Think of the cells that constitute your body, the DNA molecules that you share with every other living thing on the planet, descended, gene by gene, from a shared ancestor. Think of the atoms that comprise those molecules, that were forged in the furnaces of stars.

Consider that everything in the universe, from the farthest quasar to your cat, is made of the same stuff, and then see how profound the supposed truths of the Bible, or the Qur’an, or the Vedas sound.

I’m still afraid to die. I still wish there was a God, or at least an afterlife. But there isn’t. And there are times when I look up at the sky, or out across a field of trees, or into Ashley’s eyes, and I think, “What more do you want?” None of this is owed to me. To even be here is an unfathomable privilege. I wish it could last forever. But the fact that it doesn’t only makes it more important to cherish it, and enjoy it, while I’m here.
who the fuck is Ashley? His wife? Because god forbid this idiot spawned...

Dammit Mandrake!
Every time I see him I have to gaze upon the moist wet mouth and be reminded of the early days of the internet when people posted goatse everywhere.
Unrelated tip: you can usually post goatse on your Facebook wall two to three times before they either ban your account or temp-ban you from uploading images. I highly recommend you give it a shot. It's like posting it on a forum except you will see these people at the next holiday/family gathering, thereby making it infinitely better.


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So, it's been a while. What's this cuck been up to lately? Still soiling his tighty whities lately?

Dig this folks unless you love and accept Star Trek Discovery as Cannon the your a Holocaust denier
He's called anyone who takes stock in the theory that Modern star trek exists in a separate continuity to older Star Trek as being "conspiracy theorists"

Most of these arguments boil down to "the one piece of evidence is dubious and I don't believe it" and "Star Trek is a fictional show so it doesn't have to conform to continuity" and "the designers intentionally made it look like shit". This is similar to counter arguments that people tend to try and use to defend modern Star Wars. Like "it's just a show calm down" = your criticism doesn't matter.

You don't make these weak sauce arguments when you have a good foot to stand on. You can make them in any instance to defend any poorly made product. Like "The Phantom Menace is fiction and doesn't need to stylistically match A New Hope" and "It's just a movie calm down"


Your move, Chief.
Steve’s getting a $2k grant from VidCon to improve his content apparently. Right now he’s being dragged on twitter over being an insufferable cunt who blocks dissenting opinions.
God damn, companies giving soft cucks a $2k grant is one step forward for society to become idiocracy.

Xenu Warrior Princess

Shut up baby, I know it.
Steve’s getting a $2k grant from VidCon to improve his content apparently. Right now he’s being dragged on twitter over being an insufferable cunt who blocks dissenting opinions.
Almost every reply to that tweet is stating the fact that Steve blocks everyone, people stating they never heard of Steve but discovered they are blocked by him, or people stating they are not yet blocked by Steve...which a temporary condition as he is blocking people from the thread.


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A common misconception with Steve Shives is that he had sanity once. It is my contention that this is not the case. A lot like many former members of Channel Awesome, and assholes like Dobson and Moviebob, Shives was always like this, and it's my belief that he was always seeking the proper environment to thrive in.

If you go back to his content taking on Christian loons, you will see that his discussion of them carries with it a hefty dose of moral superiority. He often attacked religion itself, on the grounds that inherently wasn't backed by facts, but always with an aura of insufferable smugness to it. When Social Justice came around, Steve latched onto it willingly because it gave him an excuse to feel morally superior to basically everyone. He made that decision willingly, and without a shred of hesitation.

He's called anyone who takes stock in the theory that Modern star trek exists in a separate continuity to older Star Trek as being "conspiracy theorists"
I know next to nothing about Star Trek, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't Discovery based off the J.J. Abrams movies which actually used the separate continuity idea?


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I know next to nothing about Star Trek, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't Discovery based off the J.J. Abrams movies which actually used the separate continuity idea?
Yes and no

JJ Abrams's movies did use a separate continuity idea. Specifically they came up with an "Alternate timeline" that occurs at the start of the first film Star Trek 09.

However Discovery was stated to be existing in the "prime" timeline which is supposed to be the canonical one from the previous Star Trek series. However this is dubious because it reuses a great deal of design elements from the Abrams films, most notably the technology and uniforms are very much based on those movies. Which is where the theory that every Star Trek series made after Star Trek 09 is using an alternate license from CBS and these things have to be different for merchandising purposes came from. Since Star Trek's primary source of revenue is merchandising, the show's ratings and advertising revenue barely break even. Discovery also retained a great deal of crew members, props and uniforms from the Abrams films which fans have extensively documented.

There's a variety of evidence for this, not the least of which being that the reason why JJ Abrams stopped making Star Trek films was reportedly due to the license agreement between Paramount and CBS. It's also known that the Tribble in Star Trek Into Darkness was licensed from CBS separately, they weren't allowed to use it and they weren't allowed to make a toy based on it.

The 1 piece of evidence that Shives seemingly focuses on was that an artist on the show stated the Enterprise had to be 25% different. Which caused CBS to claim "no it was done for stylistic reasons" and he takes this as gospel. Despite most of the videos discussing this pointing out the website this was posted on was owned by CBS. This is clearly bias on Shives's part since he didn't do the bare minimum to even look at the other evidence. Nor the statements by the cast/crew on these shows that have corroborated the theory. It's not like CBS has a financial interest to stretch the truth and claim the Enterprise was altered for stylistic reasons. Like how Discovery was their flagship show for their streaming app and did so poorly that Netflix wanted their money back for funding the entire first season.

It's also predicted this issue will be resolved in a few years due to the new owner of Viacom, the parent company of CBS and Paramount, having an intense desire to merge CBS and Paramount back together due to Paramount's recent string of terrible flop movies. So this video will be horribly dated in a few years since this 25% thing will no longer be a factor. Once this happens and NDAs end we'll get an official explanation from the creators of these shows and Shives'll have egg on his face.
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If you want a good explanation on the entire rights issue and the differences between Star Trek's prime timeline and the Canon one, these videos should help: