Steve1989MREInfo / Steve1989 / Steve Thomas - that guy that eats old MREs


“It was the grossest thing I've ever tasted, because it literally felt like fire.”-steve1989
this thread is about the man, the legend Steve1989MREInfo. He is famous for trying 80 year old peanut butter.
I have no hate or love myself towered him, i just wanted to make this thread because this man is interesting and others wanted it.


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I love Steve he's a mad man and good YouTuber. Not a lolcow but definitely should have a thread here in food.

I loved seeing him eat stuff from the boer war.. yes 120+year old.

Man has an iron stomach. I enjoy his personality and happen to love military history and he's educated in it.

Odd ball and a lot of fun for people who like history food or mil stuff.


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I like that he also reviews the cigarettes that come with some packages. Very impressed that he actually sampled the 150+ year old American Civil War hard tack, that stuff practically looked fossilized.



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I've seen this guy (and several others doing similar videos) during a few of my youtube rabbithole sessions. All I can say is... Hey, if you really wanna eat decades-old shit that soldiers didn't even want to eat when it was brand new, then I say go for it. I enjoy the videos not because I'm at all interested in how the food tastes or holds up to the test of time, but because for some reason I just really like seeing how things were packaged in the past.

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I absolutely LOVE this guy. While I would never watch a mukbang to save my life, watching Steve unpack and eat ancient military rations while talking in his soothing voice is so fun that I will sometimes binge on his vids, even ones i've seen before. Also, no one has ever made me want to start smoking again like watching Steve enjoy a viet-nam or ww2 era package of superbly aged MRE cigs.

The American civil war piece of hard-tack that he ate had to be a world record for oldest food item consumed. I couldn't fucking believe it when he didn't only just nibble a corner of it, but made an effort to use up as much of it as possible. Then again, he probably paid a fortune for it so may as well get the max value possible, amirite?

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Nah. Honey doesn't go bad and archaeologists find several thousand year old honey in tombs and burial sites all the time. And then you have stuff like this:

Truth. I should have said 'record for oldest military ration item consumed'. I know there have been older items found like old beef casks from the Napoleonic wars, but you'd have to be a complete fucking suicidal moron to eat any of that.

Steve just did a Canadian forces Montreal smoked beef in mustard sauce MRE, and now I dearly want me a gigantic corned beef sammitch.

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