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wonder if he could be convinced to do a halloween special as naked snake and say all the lines along with it
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Excellent, fam. Thanks for spotting this, it's been an absolute shitshow at Casa del UnClit today. Getting to listen to a 34 minute long discussion on strange military rations in Steve's soothing voice would be really.....Nice!

MRESteve is just the fuckin MAN. I mean, check this out:
I just built a whole new extended set - and will still be using my old one too so nothing is lost. Stay tuned, I have amassed an insane amount of new material. All new (and old) rations, survival kits from the 40's, 50's, 60's, space food including Chinese from their Shenzhou 5 mission in 2003, vintage candy that dates from the early 1990's back to the late 1800's, and old food that dates back again, as far as the 1800s. Nothing too crazy, really - mostly kept it on the down low for the last few years so acquiring the stuff wasn't quite so expensive while buying, per say. But it's all getting out onto a tray. Nice.

THAT's how you make content, and how you psych your viewers up FOR that content! I mean, look at that. he has SPACE CANDY to taste for us ffs!

Can't say NICE! enough times. Not even close. 👍
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It's amazing how much better those Taiwanese MREs are compared to the shit China makes for the PLA.

No kidding. Steve said it himself: this was closer to the quality of a Japanese MRE then a Chinese one.

It honestly goes to show how well the various nations think of their military forces. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand all have smaller, high quality and specialized military forces while China and North Korea have barely trained blobs of cannon fodder along with a small officer and technician core. (who don't have to eat the MRE slop the grunts do either.)

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Dude, I love the southwestern chicken one. It's actually super good.
Do you know if those Kit-Kats are made by Hershey or Nestle? I'd kill for a kit-kat that looked like that in the states, but I'm guessing it's the Nestle/Non-US type.


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It's a Nestle one. If you get them by the case, they're usually around $30-35 online, though the shipping can be a killer.
If you are state side though, might want to wait, the USDA has been seizing meat products from other countries for the past few months.

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