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Le Bateleur

Major Arcana
Steven Universe is a cartoon and thus for children.

However, certain people older than this target demographic have become obsessed with this show and they project their Social Justice dogma onto it in the most bathetic way, which leads to sperging like this:

somechick said:
It’s not “oh, she’s fat, but she’s beautiful” or “she’s fat, but she’s strong.” There is no doubt, no dismay, no disbelief, and no fanfare for the fact that she can be all these things at once. It’s a given. She’s fat, she’s elegant, she’s drop-dead gorgeous and wickedly silly, she’s a mother, she’s a commando, and she’s so much more all at once because, simply, why not? Why couldn’t a person be all those things?

Rose exists to show the kids at home that a person can be endlessly generous, magnificently compassionate, feminine, flowery, funny, principled, decisive, and completely kickass while also refusing to be ashamed of her curves, rolls, folds, and bulges.
Of course, if Steven’s mother is the kind of person we can all aspire to be like, Steven’s father, Greg (voiced by Tom Scharpling), is more like the kind of person we might see every day. Greg is fat. He’s also technically homeless, living in the same old broken-down, rusted-out hippie van he had when he was a teenager, and, frankly, homeless people and fat people do end up on the receiving end of a lot of the same stereotypes. They’re lazy. They’re dumb. They have no ambition. They have no drive, perseverance, or passion. They have no self-control. They’re pathetic, contemptible, a burden, or an eyesore. They’re an unsightly, unseemly, disgusting waste. But that’s a list of everything Greg Universe isn’t. It’s not that he has no drive, and it’s not that he has no passion. It’s that, in a world controlled by the wealthy for the wealthy, even the hottest passion and the hardest work in the world make for no guarantee of comfort or success. Unlike Rose Quartz, Greg Universe is a product of the planet Earth, and the planet Earth is not a meritocracy. People don’t just get what they deserve here, so Greg was chewed up, spit out, and left to pick up the pieces on his own, with no support and no safety net, by a series of institutions that were never designed to work in his favor, and his weight, like his living conditions, can easily be read as a function of modern American economics. Greg keeps his head above water — barely — by working every day at a car wash at the edge of town, and for people like that, for the working poor, meals, by necessity, have to be cheap, easy, and quick, and it’s not a coincidence that the cheapest, easiest, and quickest-to-make meals in the country tend overwhelmingly to be the greasiest and the most fattening. Healthy eating is not a privilege we can assume Greg has, especially when the only prominent purveyors of food in the show are a donut shop and a French fry stand, and that reflects a truth that affects millions of people every day, generation after generation.

Post moar Steven Universe fanwank.

The Steven Universe thread that we had here at one point was so Plagued that it exploded to fifty pages in under two weeks and had to be locked. That being said, I've got some good stuff that shows the fans are cancer regardless of what community they are on:

A classic of 4chan spergery:

Tumblr sperging:

But honestly, my favorite stuff is how cow-worthy the people who make it are:

This guy is a VA/storyboard artist

Most of the people drawing male gems are young male fans of the show, and this guy as a whole is a cow because he thinks he's hot shit when he's written nothing of importance before or since SU.

It extends to the very top, too. Just a whole fucking production team of spergs that think they're changing the world with a children's cartoon.

Don't they have some kind of turf war with Bronies, featuring each side trollshielding to a gargantuan degree?
See above. They exploded when someone who happened to be a pony sperg also wanted to be an SU sperg.

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