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Andrew Noel Schaefer

Mentally ill goblin who only talks about soda.
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Yeah this games p good. 9/10 its ok -ign

Included is my final character build. Went fighter. I love how you can cheese the entire game by having Butters go into professor chaos every other turn or BYOB and abuse potions. You get shit-tons of money, and even if you somehow dont have enough, sell your things in canada and convert it from funny-money to REAL MONEY AUGH YEAH

tl;dr easy rpg thats an entertaining romp from the begining to the end!

Andrew Noel Schaefer

Mentally ill goblin who only talks about soda.
Person of Interest
IMO the best part was going to Canada, although I was also disapointed that you didnt go to... you know... THAT canada. The Canada that even Canadians think is weird

Thats right. I am talking about


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For me, it's gonna be like every other game that comes out that looks really good - I'm not going to be able to play it because I can't just pay $60 for a video game.

Groceries are really expensive in my country *sigh*

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