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I went liquid a few weeks ago when I saw institutions going precious metals. It was only a matter of time, this market the last 3-4 months hasn't made sense, and the virus just expedited something that was going to happen at some point this year anyway based on the inverted yield curve from 18 months ago.

Long term plays are snatching up oil and natural gas on the cheap, and sitting on them for the next 3-6 years. I diversified in defense ETF's as well - I have a feeling Trump wants to go to war his next term to solidify his mark on history.

Publicly traded private prisons. Publicly traded pay day loans/pawn shops. Waste management, and precious metals. Dump the rest into vanguard ETF's ($VOO).

Hold onto your asses.

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What's the best way to buy and sell nowadays? Is Robinhood still the king of normie stock apps? I saw where they recenty had some issues, but I don't know what else is out there.

Every 10 years we hit an "unexpected" recesion anyways, so dont be an exceptional individual and start panicking, give it a few days for the market to suddenly stabilize and if it doesnt, then you can start panicking
If you think a drop this drastic can correct in a few days you're out of your mind.
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Is Robinhood still the king of normie stock apps?
Here's the thing, Robinhood is going to remain the king of normie trading. They now have checking accounts, meaning you can just send your paycheck to them, they're about to roll out fractional shares, so if you're in a position where you can't afford some shares, you can just slowly build up a the diverse portfolio of your dreams a dollar at a time if you're that fucked.

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Would it be worth to try and jump onto some bits and pieces in the wake of Corona-chan? Any general advice?

Regardless of the answer to that, what's the next recommended thing to buy from aside from Robinhood? Not liking the sound of those outages mentioned a bit ago.

ETA: also, could we keep the red as a theme option? I'm starting to grow fond of it.
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I'm cross posting this from community watch thread on 4chan

I'm just gonna leave this old piece of autism from January here. A /pol/tard advised everyone to get out of the market on 1/31 and said a collapse would start in march.
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I'm so happy I followed this fucker's advice weeks ago.
stopped reading when i saw parts of this are censored. pic related.


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Holy fucking shit! Someone really pissed off Corona-Chan this time. What a fucking shit-show!

I’m here just wondering how long the Russians will last with those prices.
Saudis suffer too what with 90% of their economy dependent on oil, but SaudiAramco is still bringing in profits even at $30 a barrel, and Russia always seems closer to an economic and political collapse.

Guess we’ll see.

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I’m here just wondering how long the Russians will last with those prices.
Saudis suffer too what with 90% of their economy dependent on oil, but SaudiAramco is still bringing in profits even at $30 a barrel, and Russia always seems closer to an economic and political collapse.

Guess we’ll see.
My understanding is that Russia are looking to squeeze shale/ more expensive oil fields, such as the North Sea.

Must be a bit of a gamble, could explain why the Saudis aren't happy - maybe they're not as confident as the Russians that they will be able to squeeze the market. However, the 2014 decline did not end shale gas so will this?

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stopped reading when i saw parts of this are censored. pic related.

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Oh boy, China and the Economy.

There's a YouTube channel callee ADVChina, it's a couple Western English teachers who ride around China on motorcycles. They've been making videos for about 10 years. More importantly, they are both married to doctors. Good source of information about what's really going on.

China is not straight up lying about deaths from Covid-19, they have different reporting standards than the West. If you die in a hospital from Covid-19 and you have a pre-existing condition, the dx is for the pre-existing condition. With the way their healthcare system works, about 70% of people have a pre-existing condition. They have people dying right now from joint pain. On top of that, doctors right now have a quota for how many Covid-19 deaths they are allowed to report. It's 500 total, beyond that they have to report a different cause of death.

You can't really draw conclusions about the total number of death except to say it's very bad. The information we are getting out of Italy is more representative of what's about to happen in the US. We don't have a good way to track what's happening, but the people who get it multiplies daily. They went from 100 cases to a few thousand in six days and the number is continuing to increase at that rate. Their hospitals were at 200% capacity yesterday. A typical case requires hospitalization for about a week before someone can be discharged.

You can see the issue - overutilization of health care resources leads to people dying in the streets. One of the other things that's happening in Italy, which should scare the shit out of anyone in the West, is seniors are not being treated. Not at all, not even looked at in emergency rooms. The Italians are triaging patients and giving medical care to the people with the best chances, which makes sense if you are optimizing the system around outcomes. Even with the best medical care, a lot of seniors are going to die.

The problem for the US is healthcare spending. Just under 18% of our GDP is spent on healthcare, and more than half of that goes towards treatments for the last 6 months of life - bypasses, chemo, joint replacements, that sort of thing. There's something called the Platinum Patient, it's about 5% of the population and they get more than half the resources. Which makes sense if the system is optimized around necessity. The other thing to realize is senior have a lot of assets. Economists have been talking about the Great Wealth Transfer for decades, baby boomers have about $17T in assets that will be transferred upon their death.

This disease affects seniors more profoundly than other demographic groups. What happens in the US if we suddenly lose large senior populations? Think about it, 18% of the US GDP is tied up in senior care, that's several Trillion we stand to lose from the economy if they should pass. Seniors die differently than other populations, they lose a close friend and lose their sense of purpose. The secondary effects of a large population decrease would include another wave in about 6 months. The money that would have been spent on end-of-life treatments does not get spent another way. Estates take time to clear, assets aren't liquid, there's a lot of 5 - 10 year things that need to happen before a recovery can begin.

10 year bonds have been under 2% for a while, now they are under 1%. Some of the reason for this is uncertainty, but a big reason is markets know seniors are about to get their ass kicked. If the US follows Italy's model, the economy will receed by 3 - 10% just based on healthcare spending. That's not something we bounce back from right away.

And this is all because China sat on a pandemic for several months. Lies from the CCP have damaged the US economy in ways Mao could never have dreamed of. We're just waiting for the losses to fully realize, then maybe we will get serious about dealing with these shits. I'm personally interested in total divestment and declaring IP theft to be an act of war. More people will come to see things this way when they lose grandma and grandpa because there aren't enough respirators in the world to deal with the crush that's about to hit our healthcare system.

Fuck China.