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I sold at 36, so I have a few regrets, but I'm looking on the positive side of what I earned from this successful investment and not what I didn't get.

It's by far the most successful stock I've ever harvested so...
Nobody has gone broke taking profits


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Quote: We are immortal as long as we shall live.

Anyone can be rich if they try hard enough as well as believe in themselves.

The problem is what happens when they get to that point of wealth when they are young and forget that they will get old. There will be additional costs and so on when you get older.

The answer seems to be that the number of around 80% will lose everything within 5 or so years.
It does not matter if you win the lotto or a sport star, the failure rate is around 80%.

And the thing is that this number is what I learned when taking my business classes, during the late 80's early 90's. This failure rate seems to not changed during all of these years.

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2021 lol
Cohen tweeted out a peanut emoji
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GME stonk go up

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I sold at 72 and 62 today after buying at 42.8 this morning. Ill take a few k for harnessing reddit energy. Id sell though if you still have it. The meme energy is flagging

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The GME redemption arc is stomach-churning on so many levels...

I’d sooner buy NIO stock than stoop to their level. Still, GG for people who stuck by it.


posting on the internet with my frens
So what's the next autistic stock? I'm a little in Black Berry for the meme but I want to get on DeepFuckingValue-tier gains and get over 10 mega's from 50k like he did.

I'm considering heavily upping my BB position tho.

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