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Doctor Placebo

Western education is sin.
Afaik all of their original shows have dried up. The squidbillies was the last remotely entertaining thing I saw on CN. I think now they have like one or two tumbleresque cartoons, the rest is reruns. they're trying to pander up an audience.
Imagine if the audience they tried to pander to with their children's cartoon channel was actual children. One might say that glamorizing a mental state that involves being unhappy with the body you were born in and drastic surgical and chemical alteration to deal with it is grossly irresponsible. Fortunately the target audience for children's cartoons these days is 30 year old millennials.

Doctor Placebo

Western education is sin.
Absolute ironic part is that your average troon (which isn't a hermaphrodite) wants to get their genitals mutilated in order to feel like the opposite sex.
That's the the thing that makes this whole stream of bullshit so disingenuous. They're complaining that "Nazis" are "inconsistent" but for them to actually be consistent with the comic they're cheerleading they would have to be anti sexual reassignment surgery in all circumstances, and there's absolutely zero way anyone who talks like this is against transgenders getting reassignment surgery if they want it.

The chance that any of these people actually know an intersex person is also close to zero. As is the case when people bring it up to push enby bullshit, they're using an extremely rare condition to try and derail any concept of normalcy concerning sex chromosomes.


Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
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