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Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
Any evidence for this?
This came up recently:

"In areas where paper vaccination cards are often lost or do not exist at all, and electronic databases are unheard of, this technology could enable the rapid and anonymous detection of patient vaccination history to ensure that every child is vaccinated," researcher Kevin McHugh said in a statement.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team's research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday.
Here is a comment where he speculates on using it in reference to vaccines now:

The question of which businesses should keep going is tricky. Certainly food supply and the health system. We still need water, electricity and the internet. Supply chains for critical things need to be maintained. Countries are still figuring out what to keep running.
Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.
As an amusing side note, Bill Gates once explained that the reason they started taking these measures in Africa was because parents of children had no idea of their vaccination history or any medical records at all, so there was no way to know if they'd had it before. Keep that in mind: we are going down this road because Africans are too retarded to remember what strange white people injected into their children.

There is no oppression that is more real than any other. Also, richness is only part of it, which is why "elites" is more acceptable. On one hand you have billionaires, on the other hand you have multi-millionaire scientists and engineers who basically have the same effect. There is no greater lobbying force than Silicon Valley, and these are the very same people we offload all our progressive values onto. They're the "good guys," they're the ones telling you to give up your rights to black hooligans right now. It's why Bill Gates is inventing microchips to find who hasn't been vaccinated, it's why we think all scientists are just smarter than everyone else when in fact they have a very niche specialty and know no more about politics or economics than any of us, and they're all richer.

The Bell Curve refers to this as the "competence gap" and it's far more detrimental than money, that's a very 20th century concept of labor and power. It's the problem that if you have the right credential, people just assume you have more of a right to steer society. Acceptance of landlords is not as bad as accepting that Neil Degrasse Tyson has a better idea of what's good for America than you.

Also on the Jewish influence thing, we can all try this out in our lives: say to your friends and family that you think Chinese influence is going to fuck up the country, see what they say. Then try it with Russian influence. Then try it with Jewish influence. Let us know the results using your one phone call from jail.
If we are speaking of western countries then the only oppression is economic ones, and regardless if the opressors are billionaires or millionaires the target of their ire is the white middle and lower class that is blamed for every of society's ills.

Also there is a brainwashing process for the last decades to have people with degrees (not even necessarily advanced ones) be seen as more suited to deal with political problems even if the degrees of those people have nothing with the issue. Of course this never extends to actual economists because they're usually more based than most fields.

Both of those result in a system where billionaires can point to millionaire scientists and say "While you don't necessarily trust me you can trust this tranny with a social justice degree on how to save our environment.

As for the last point, the problem with Jewish influence is that unlike Russia and China, there is no organized Jewish government. You have different communities spread over the world, with the more infamous billionaires being just as hated there.


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I like to think that a few Jews like Stone Toss strips and laugh at those pesky SJWs until a comic like this shows up, then it's all sweating and teeth grinding.
Or they're like Gottfried and appreciate a good shitpost. Come to think of it Gottfried has been canceled repeatedly for such things and keeps coming back.


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Or they're like Gottfried and appreciate a good shitpost. Come to think of it Gottfried has been canceled repeatedly for such things and keeps coming back.
The fact that Gilbert Gottfried had a career in the first place despite being a hook nose short of being a living Der Sturmer cartoon is nothing short of a miracle.


I am the Prom King, I seethe at everything
Even a (((noticer))) like me thinks Gottfried is hilarious. One of my favorite comedians. If you all ever get a chance to see his appearance on Norm MacDonald’s podcast from about seven or eight years ago, please do so.
I will always give him credit as being the second most enjoyable character in my favorite Disney movie. Nothing speaks to my childhood more than a neurotic Jewish parrot

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Gilbert Gottfried is awesome:

GG: I remember — and this was a proud moment for me — it hit the papers that some Nazi white supremacist group was warning everyone about the frightening amount of power that the Jews wield, and they were naming powerful Jews. And my name was on the list! I’m there with Steven Spielberg and I thought “Wow!” I almost wanted to send them a thank you letter! When do I get mentioned with Spielberg and Michael Eisner and Billy Wilder?​
They were sitting there at the comedy club in full Nazi uniform. This is like a show in Berlin, in a dream world. People at the table after in Iron Crosses and swastikas saying “I love ‘Problem Child’” and taking out their phones to do selfies with me. And I’m watching them be so friendly and adoring and I think “Gee, maybe the Nazis have gotten a bad rap!”​

He absolutely understood everything. More Jewish people should be like this, tbh.