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Law Stormy Daniels' Crowdfunding Cash Could be Seized in Avenatti Firm Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by It's HK-47, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Full Article | Archive

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    It's HK-47

    It's HK-47 Meatbag's Bounty of Bodies
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  2. Surely this is the end of Trump.... because.... well....... money... and prostitutes...and court... and something.... look, I don't have a coherent story, but the PIECES of a big scandal are ALL THERE!!!! JUST IMPEACH HIM ALREADYYYYYYYYYYY
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    TowinKarz Actually WILL Call Somebody.....

  3. While it sounds like she wouldn't get to keep it anyway since it was to cover her legal fees, the fact that they don't get it either for sticking their finger in the poop is incredibly funny. They were probably hoping to drain her with fees and maybe get some PR whichever way it went and now they get nothing.
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  4. upload_2018-6-13_14-1-41.png

    Still can't get over Trump porking a tranny.
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    Oh Long Johnson

    Oh Long Johnson Collecting your suffering when you die
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  5. This sounds like the excuses a police officer might hear upon finding something incriminating.

    "That isn't my email"
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    Goofy Logic

    Goofy Logic Is this thing working right?
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  6. No fucking wonder this piece of shit lawyer just refuses to give up this lawsuit against Trump.

    He desperately needs the fucking money to payback everyone else.
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    Derp Potato

    Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

  7. upload_2018-6-13_14-35-20.png

    Although I'll be she usually has a lot more body fluid ON her face.
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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
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  8. Her clam is probably so diseased and overused it makes Phil's recent rotting axe wound look like the cunny of a virginal 17 year old asian nun
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  9. She's great on Sneaky Pete tho.
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  10. Nothing is harder on a whore than losing her money.
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    thismanlies The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
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  11. "The firm’s debt to Frank was among the biggest it promised to pay when it emerged early this year from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection."

    When did Avenatti start pushing the Stormy Daniels story, again?
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    Coconut Gun

    Coconut Gun He's the gun member of the coconut crew

  12. Huh. You know, a while back folks were wondering who was paying Stormy's (and by extension, Avenatti's) legal bills.

    Crowdfunding. Great. Does anyone else look at this and not think 'money laundering 2.0'?
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    Capsaicin Addict

    Capsaicin Addict Just a fellow who loves spicy food.

  13. You know if the POTUS was doing the things claimed, there's gotta be at least one law firm willing to pro bono it. Name alone on that would be worth millions to a firm with ease.

    It's almost like, this was about something else other than justice.
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    True & Honest Fan

  14. He doesn’t personally owe anything. He only owns 75% of this corporation, and is liable for nothing personally. Any client funds are in a segregated account and do not belong to him. He also doesn’t even directly own the other company. His corporation is Avenatti & Associates. That corporation apparently owns 75% of Eagan Avenatti. It is Avenatti & Associates that is representing Stormy Daniels, not Eagan Avenatti.

    Even if Michael Avenatti specifically were the bankrupt, those funds would still be off-limits. This is just attention whoring by the creditor to a different professional corporation. A nothingburger, if you will.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  15. Lot's of interesting and juicy questions in there. I am going to speculate that the crowdfunding campaign was actually setup and administered by Avenatti. That would seemingly be the only way that it would be drawn into this would it not? Even if it was for the purpose of Stormy Daniel's legal bills and obligations, it is likely he set things up and his name as the Power of Attorney is on the crowdfunding account. Which begs a few questions that I honestly don't know the answer to, and am curious about.

    - Would a crowdfunding account setup and administered by a lawyer for a client be considered a Client Escrow Account?
    - Are Client Escrow Accounts attachable by the court in a Bankruptcy or a Judgement?
    - If not did Avenatti just screw himself by declaring miss Daniels not a client?
    - How has this bloody lawyer not been disbarred by now?

    Edit and An0n just answered most of my questions
  16. I can’t see that any of it would belong to him until he actually disbursed it to himself to pay ongoing legal fees. Anything that he’s actually taken as fees might be attachable, if he’s somehow responsible for the Eagan Avenatti debts despite having two layers of corporation between himself and that judgment.

    Things like this are held in trust in a segregated escrow account, and not disbursed without specific cause. Even if a lawyer doesn’t outright steal from such a fund, merely commingling the money in an account with his own personal money can be enough to get disbarred. If a lawyer actually steals or even borrows such money, though, disbarment is practically guaranteed. It’s one of the few death penalty offenses.

    He didn’t do that. He said Daniels is not a client of the Eagan Avenatti firm. She isn’t. She is a client of the Avenatti & Associates firm, and of Avenatti personally.

    Incidentally, I don’t know anything about this Eagan dude, other than he apparently really stepped in it, but it’s interesting Avenatti chose not to partner with him directly, but to have his own corporation partner with a corporation Eagan owns 25% of. It almost seems like he didn’t entirely trust this guy, and that mistrust doesn’t seem to have been a mistake.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  17. I swear to fucking Christ this timeline writes itself.

    NotoriousD Russian Birthday Bot

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