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There's tons of animal crossing porn out there, I saw someone made an animation of the villager getting fucked by a tarantula (twitter really fucked me up that evening, I saw things I can never forget). It wasn't even an anthro tarantula, it was just a normal sized one from the game.

It's really nothing to do with just one cat, it's just cursed porn. Get over it Kayla lmao.

And animal crossing is not a kids game, it's not aimed at children specifically. Yes children can play it, but everyone knows the majority of the players aren't kids. Children won't understand the concept of certain elements like the Stalk Market, or be utilising the island designing app functions. It's more of a teen game if anything tbh.

But, it's funny you say people are fetishizing gender nonconforming shit when such a large % of the LGBT community do just that on a daily basis. Instant praise and worship for anyone who goes against those sweet gender norms. But instead you're worried about a cartoon cat wearing a dress? :story:

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I can't believe you neglected to mention how ugly her new theme is. Also, feyfriend and the fact that the "friends" portion has no link that leads to anyone is hilarious, because Kayla has no friends.
It looks like they got their screenshots from mobile view so they probably didn't notice.
I honestly prefer to look at her blog from mobile view because her themes are always so garish and annoying.
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Of course she only talks about what her partners can do for her. That's all she cares about in a person: what they can give her, or what they can do for her. She sees people as things to use, not faceted beings with actual personalities, likes, and dislikes. I wonder if she's ever comforted one of her partners, or even acknowledges their feelings.


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You know, Kayla as a person drives me fucking crazy. I've followed her thread for ages out of a wierd sort of masochism and a kind of cathartic enjoyment about seeing someone so incredibly, aggressively pathetic getting exactly what they deserve in life: nothing, just the general indifference of the world. She's endlessly frustrating and the fact that a good half-decade of her life reads like one year of a bratty teen on repeat is incredible... and sad.

But something like this actually makes me feel for like, one fleeting moment, that maybe she has a tiny bit of self-awareness about it all. I want so badly for her to just DEAL with her life, as much as it would mean the mil.k drying up it would be so good to see her just suck it the fuck up, stop wallowing in the same endless loop of 'I'm sad, I need validation, my life is shit, nobody loves me/everybody hates me/ I'm gonna go eat worms', and actually just... be a normal person. Be content with a job, a relationship, take her therapy seriously and work on her flaws, have a writing hobby which she can just enjoy making the content for herself and a few friends. The bar is SO LOW and all she has to do is like... stop basing her entire self worth on strangers because she wants to be a celebrity.

Its kayla so lol BIG RAINBOWS here and the post is surrounded by bog-standard Kayla crap, but man I've been up all night so I'm dumb and optimistic and fuckit idk it just makes me sperg on the internet or something.

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I think it is interesting how the things she "loves" about her "partners" is 99% what they can do for her. It is nothing about them as people, or things they express joy over, but how they coddle her. I just think that's interesting.
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Sorry if this question is late but, who exactly is this "faefriend" she speaks of? I think I've seen the username "werewolvesatemylife" trying to give her asspats on multiple occasions, didn't know the two of them were together now.

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Sorry if this question is late but, who exactly is this "faefriend" she speaks of? I think I've seen the username "werewolvesatemylife" trying to give her asspats on multiple occasions, didn't know the two of them were together now.
Yeah that's Gem, her asspats on the side.

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Sorry if this question is late but, who exactly is this "faefriend" she speaks of? I think I've seen the username "werewolvesatemylife" trying to give her asspats on multiple occasions, didn't know the two of them were together now.
They got 'together' fairly recently, so it's understandable. Basically she's cucking her fiancee for someone she's never met.
EDIT: They got together here -
Werewolvesatemylife is her AO3 Beta/Editor, but sucks at it just like Kayla sucks at writing.
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Kayla has become one of my fave cows to lurk on for some reason so I thought I'd pick up the slack of having to keep tabs on her boring ass:

(apologies if some pics look shit, I'm following the rule of no full res images for phone screenshots)

Around 2 days ago it was business as usual with whining that no one is interested in her shit fanfic...
...just a new york minute before reblogging some poor soul who *is* interested for some reason

They had a whole exchange talking about her AU and that still wasn't enough attention for her:

(It gets ignored because it's shit, babe :heart-empty:)

Other than that, there's some new selfies to gawk at:




And... could it be? A sign of change at last?

(Considering I stumbled across her recently in the wild scolding people in the notes of this "vent art" for saying a silhouette looks like Professor Utonium from PPG, I somehow doubt it)

"deliberately make people uncomfortable" says the girl who goes outside forcing people to look at her dressed like a diabetes-induced lolita fever dream