StraySheep / Kayla Marie Waller / morinokunikara - Thread #2 The Return of the Tranny Spudking Sperglord Who Tried To Delete Her Thread

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Remember all this, Kayla? Remember how poisonous you were to this pregnant woman and her family? Remember how upset you were that they were doing exactly what you and Nick were doing - living at home with parents?

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Not a word now about how psychotic your sister-in-law is or how annoying your nephew and niece are. You got what you wanted, which is being the only leech in the house, so you're happy.

So much to say about her husband's self-serving spending habits and how at least you weren't bringing kids into this tiny apartment - now they've got their own place and are welcoming their firstborn daughter, and your mouth is shut because you should be able to accomplish the same thing (if not even faster, since they're irresponsible spenders with two kids and you're so very good about money, right?)

Maybe you can't say more because you're too busy eating your words.
How can you be more neurotic than a psychotic person? Easily, they're literally the opposites if each other lmao. Someone with a neurotic disorder is very, very aware of how unnatural their experiences are. For example, most people with OCD do not truly believe if they don't act on their compulsions that something bad will happen, they have the overwhelming fear that something will happen and act on it to relieve the severe anxiety. When that 'something bad' is something like a loved one dying, the risk just isn't worth it in the mind of someone with OCD.

Psychosis is the opposite end of the spectrum, with symptoms causing you to not know what's real or not and loosing awareness of your declining mental state. Someone in a psychotic episode would genuinely believe someone would die if they didn't act on some kind of intrusive thought.

They aren't terms you should throw around so easily, maybe I'm just mad at the internet here but considering Kayla is self diagnosed with bipolar in the first place, saying you're a psychotic bipolar sufferer is actually bordering on infuriating. If you're suffering from psychosis and off your meds, that's a really dangerous situation. Kayla you read here, are you genuinely suffering from psychosis? You're hallucinating? You're delusional? What are your symptoms? If you're being genuine here, and I'm fully serious, you need to make a big effort to get that therapist appointment before you get seriously unwell. Psychosis isn't something you just self diagnose with on the fly.

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We saved you the last boiled egg!
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Kayla you talk about literally everything else why wouldn't we expect you to talk about your alleged psychosis that you've never mentioned until right now. Both conditions you claim to have (BPD and Bipolar) only usually cause psychotic symptoms during intense episodes, so it's not something that's constant like with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.

You have a therapist but haven't began to be actively looking for a bipolar diagnosis which is pretty reckless if you're also suffering psychosis because of it. Your medication may effect, especially if you're taking an antidepressant as taking that without a mood stabilizer with bipolar is very risky and can cause pretty bad spikes in symptoms.

I don't really care if you talk about your symptoms or not Kayla, but I do dislike people who self diagnose for this reason- if you think you have a condition, diagnose yourself with it and make minimal attempt to actual get the treatment for it all you do is make more people believe that sufferers of mental illness are just faking for attention. You are very lucky to live in a country that has access to therapy and psychiatry, as someone from the UK where you're looking at 6 weeks minimum for even an assessment over the phone for basic counseling for depression, it really is rage inducing to see people throw around mental illness labels like they're little quirky traits you can just stamp yourself with. People die here because they can't get access to see a psychiatrist as the system won't even let them onto a waiting list as they're not considered sick enough. You have to become actively suicidal or severely psychotic for any community care to start helping you, ideation alone isn't even enough- you have to have a plan to jump in front of that bus not just think about maybe doing it every day.

So please don't waste the resources you have access to, you really have no idea how lucky you are.


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Damn, the apple didn't fall far from the tree with Nick's sister if Kayla is to be believed. Both Nick and his sis are complete doormats to their unpleasant, entitled partners. The poor parents should be getting ready for retirement but instead have to feed, look after and shelter the whole menagerie... and still Kayla bitches about how they season the Thanksgiving dinner they provide to her. *sigh*

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Then do therapy online or with a drop in or with what I'm sure is a variety of online crap popping up. Just as before she got like 2 appointments in with this therapist, she puts no effort in. Not surprising.

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This is my first clip through this thread but she’s so fucking annoying I’m not sure if I can make it from page 1. Christ, bitch, get a clue. If even other whack job tumblr users can’t stand you, the problem is definitely you.
"smh i dunno how people can be? so stupid? like i'm just venting for validation in public and getting mad when people don't like it?? tbh its rlly annoying when i'm not showered in praise I don't even deserve but i'm trying to be better abt not acknowledging my faults. It's just. so easy to blame other people"

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I think the reason people there block her is probably because nearing her mid 20s the way she acts is creepy as all fuck. Sure, I’d expect a child to sperg about Love Live and cry for attention from their peers, but an adult? Yeah, she’s definitely a narcissist, and no one wants to fuck with that level of it.
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