War Street chaos erupts in Copenhagen after a Quran is thrown on the ground -

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I love that when stuff like this happens all the apologists jump up with muh crusades and events that happened a thousand years ago, so basicly you're saying their mentality is the same of a medieval peasant and never evolved form that
With socjus and attitudes like that I think "the northern war of aggression" could really get some traction these days if reformulated and accompanied by the right buzzwords, just throw it out as an excuse for why any ills in the American south isn't the fault of the people in the American south and it's not their responsibility to undergo forced change pushed by a white colonialist power.


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Translated from Danish Wikipedia about "Stram Kurs":
The party has been landscaped on the basis of its somewhat unconventional demonstrations , which usually take place in the middle of or close to residential areas which are on the government's so-called " ghetto list ". Here, party leader Rasmus Paludan appears, who stands for the verbal part of the demonstration, while a couple of the party's other members stand in the background and hold a banner with the party's logo extended.

These demonstrations always attract a large audience , and many young people in particular appear, among other things. to take selfies with and record videos of party leader Rasmus Paludan. The demonstrations are also recorded by the party itself, and the videos are posted on social media and YouTube to promote the party's publicity and message.

As it is not uncommon for violent incidents and verbal threats to occur, the police always appear to be quite up to the party's demonstrations.
So they're gimmick is going to the worst neighbourhoods and intentionally provoke the people there.
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I get what you’re trying to do, but trust me. Even the most haggard, meth-ridden, moonshine swilling swamp dwellers wouldn’t look twice at somebody tossing a book on the ground. And if it’s the Bible, well, the worst they would do is go and pray for them.
Some of the Pentacostals in Appalachia might even invite them to come on in and join them in "taking up serpents" .


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
Any of those "Islam as totes peaceful and Christians are just as bad" people that show up in every thread wanna point out an instance in which Christians rioted and attacked people over a dropped bible?

I'll be waiting.
I'm still waiting for them to come up with a Christian 9/11.

At this rate, Poland is the only place that isn't infested with Islam and won't be for the foreseeable future because, ironically, they're so hard right.
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