Stunt Plane Hired For Gender Reveal Party Crashes Into the Sea Killing Two -

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Selfishness and stupidity has resulted in a fair number of Darwin Awards for this pointless display of conformance with the completely unnatural heteronormative sex/gender binary.

Please don't get me wrong here in thinking I believe there is something wrong with being cisgender and heterosexual. It is the most typical array that occurs in the human genome. What's unnatural about "the binary" is the assumption that everybody is born cishet or there is something "abnormal" about people who are transgender or same sex attracted, when the more realistic perspective is that they are naturally occurring "atypical" traits that aren't at all pathological.

What's wrong with this whole picture is the whole compulsion to announce to the world what kind of junk your kid had when it was born without knowing a thing about how well their gender identity is going to match up with those genitals.



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This might be the single worst formatted A&N OP I've ever seen, completely violating all the guidelines and somehow managing to have a link that is almost as long as the commentary provided, which is just fucking fantastic.


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It's a shame, even Tom got an anime avatar yet I still immediately think of the gross, fucked up looking goblin sitting in his shithovel when I see a post from him.