Stunt Plane Hired For Gender Reveal Party Crashes Into the Sea Killing Two

Dee Price

ugly tranny,
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Oct 22, 2018
People put too much value into when these parties fuck up. It’s basically a celebration of the baby, of new life, it’s just as dumb as when pyrotechnics at concerts injure and hurt people but people get extra venomous about this cause uh oh Californian white woman makes the blood boil.

Also, fuck off granny tranny.
I never really seen the need for a gender party. the baby shower is enough. And yes they are either a boy or girl but no need to throw a party over it. Just have the baby shower and let the guest bring their gifts and get on with life.

But Thomas has to make a big deal out of it due to the fact he thinks it is a crime to say if it is a boy or a girl. He troons out on everything about the the binary animal system set up by evolution.

He can not help but sperg at normal people for his raging idiocy and troonism. and we all know how much tom loves to force himself on others. His love of seamen is well known. they even caught him forcing himself on a sailor and his breath was nothing less than horrible

tom kiss..gif

Then he force a kiss on the poor guy.


They say the poor sailor vomited himself to death.