Stupid thing that have been deemed "problematic" - current year is problematic

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Title thread says it all.
I remember when we first had "problematic likes" i.e. liking something that wasn't in the narrative made you a FUCKING NAZI.

Now it seems the term "problematic blocking" is making it's way, you can't block troons or other idiots because you are silencing and invalidating them.

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  • Conservative values, not in the GOP sense.
  • Just wanting to be left alone.
  • Not virtue signalling loud enough.
  • Believing that being qualified and doing your work well should be enough for a promotion or pay raise instead of being laid off to make space for some dangerhaired diversity hire troon.
  • Not sucking said diversity hire's penis.
  • Believing there's a lawful way to immigration and wanting illegals deported.
  • Not consooming the latest product.

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I just hate the word "problematic" in general. It sounds really fucking gay, especially if you're a dude using the word.

Whatever happened to all the good simple words that were perfectly fine to describe something:
  • This is "bad"
  • This is "an issue"
  • This is "not good"
  • This is "weird"
  • This is "unacceptable"
  • This is "dumb"
There, it's not that hard to stick to tried and true phrases.

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I've seen a lot of leftists lately demonizing Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick as "problematic" Hitch for being a bit of a perv with women, and Kubrick for being "the monster" that made Shelly Duvall schizo.

Hitch was a bit of a creeper, I'll give them that. He never got rapey though, just took the flirting a bit far. Doesn't mean you still can't enjoy his movies. Kubrick was kind of a dick, but it's a major stretch to think he had anything to do with Duvall's current mental illness.

This is a major issue with leftists, they'll look for ANYTHING to nitpick about and then once they find the tiniest nugget on someone, it's cancel them and deem anything they've ever done as problematic. These joyless fuckers really need to learn how to separate the artist from their work and just enjoy things in their merits alone.

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