Stupid things you thought as a kid - we were all dumbasses when we were kids

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We all thought and said incredibly idiotic things as children, don't deny it. Here's a thread to share whatever stupid shit you did, thought, or said during your childhood, starting with this: When I was little, I thought old movies and shows were in black and white because color didn't exist back then.


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That's a great calvin and hobbs comic if you haven't read it OP. Not first to think that.

As a child I was lost on the concept of percentages. Something happens or it doesn't how can't it be 50/50? .

This should be a fun thread, hope it takes off. The way kids think is often adorable and sometimes baffling.

Judge Holden

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Between the ages of 3 and 8 I believed that the word "rape" (as i would hear on the news or in films/tv watched by my older relatives) was actually "rake" and thus whenever the news or TV was talking about somebody being raped (or "raked" as i heard it), I just assumed it meant they had the shit beaten out of them with a rake.

Needless to say my parents pissed themselves in decidedly uncomfortable laughter when we watched a certain simpsons epiosde together for the first time and i loudly announced "sideshow bob is being raped!"