Subway Caveman (aka the "WE LIKE FORTNITE" guy, FredFlintstone.jpg, Toronto Caveman and a bunch of other shitty aliases) - Essentially if Chris Chan was a little autistic Columbian boy running around Toronto in a Fred Flintstone costume making a gigantic public nuisance.

You may recognize him from this garbage meme.

This guy used to have a meme page on Instagram - or, multiple (each having about 20k followers). He went by many usernames such as "fredflintstone.exe", "7granddad.exe" (now being used by a completely different person), and "fredflintstone.jpg". His entire schtick was that he was piggybacking off the 7 Grand Dad meme far beyond its prime, by dressing up in a Fred Flintstone costume with a Mario Cappy hat. He would go out in public and scream very vulgar and unfunny things for "content", such as holding up an Infinity Gauntlet with the middle finger and screaming "FUCK YOU HAMILTON, NIGGA," always constantly saying "bruh" within every conversation he engages in, always incooperates the fact that he's single and counts every waking month that he had been single, and constantly makes a fool out of himself. He also blames his toxic behavior on having autism. As written in his dox, he has:

-Sexually harassing multiple friends IRL
-Physically assaulted friends IRL (throwing chairs, attempting to fight, etc.)
-Masturbated in multiple Discord calls without friends' knowledge or consent, with his defense being he "has no shame" (exact words)
-Prioritized his shitty YouTube show over a friends' dying grandma and the death of Etika
-Pressured underage girls into nudes and ERPing with him (one case even involving one of the victims being intoxicated)
-Posted one of his victim's underage nudes to Twitter and tried justifying it (and later apologizing for it after being pressured into doing so)
-Constantly claims he's quitting social media but never does
-Threatened murder, mass shooting and other physical violence involving firearms and knives
-Generally being a fucking lolcow.

The first major incident began in 2017 when he was 15 and dated a girl who followed his original meme page "fredflintstone.jpg" and constantly gloated about how he was no longer single. He would pressure this girl into meeting up with him very constantly, and it got to the point where she dumped him due to the anxiety he was giving her. This led to Alberto stating on his page, "If your girlfriend dumps you over having anxiety, she's a thot," and attempted to get his followers to attack her (photos attached below). This resulted in immediate backlash and as so, he proceeded to bitch and whine on his story (videos attached below), until he deleted his main account.

He then proceeded to go on his alternate account and begin a livestream, where he listened to a disstrack someone made on him (which I cannot find for the life of me), and within the disstrack they said something along the lines of him being gay. So... to prove his heterosexuality, he began stripping down, until he dropped his boxers revealing his 15 year old underage dick to 40+ people. His exact words, "You ever wanted to see a Canadian penis? Well, good for you, good for you! Because y'know what? BAM! Bam, here's my dick!"

I will not attach footage of this livestream for obvious reasons, not even a censored variant.

After hibernating to Twitter for a few months, he returned in April 2018 under the username "fredflintstone.jpg" where he continued his usual retarded antics. He attempted to create a show on his YouTube channel called "Fred Flintstone's Grand Odyssey." Here's episode 1 and episode 2 if you can sit through that shit.

In 2019, a group of trolls decided to create racist memes using Alberto's username watermark as to imply he himself made such memes. They were obviously not and people knew this, but they decided to go along with the joke to fuel Alberto's rage. This resulted in the infamous "I'M NOT RACIST" livestream (attached below). He later angrily PMed one of the trolls stating he was indeed not only not racist, but he hated white people and preferred black people over them, and stated that his last girlfriend had a penis thus making him superior.

After this incident, he deleted his account yet again and made a "personal" Instagram account which would become his main social media outlet. He would make the usernames very obvious which only resulted in people finding them and requesting follows, but Alberto apparently didn't understand the concept of changing usernames, so he would delete the account altogether and make a new one. This cycle would continue at least 7 different times.

The full list of kinks is attached below, but the most notable ones are his "sheep girl" fetish, where he would roleplay as a shepherd and sexually engage with a girl dressed as a sheep (horns, wool sweater, etc). Of course, this leaked out which resulted in him growing angry at those he trusted to keep it a secret, despite him posting it himself on his own social media.

In October 2019, a Google Doc was released, created by a former friend of Alberto's describing the sexual harassment she was subjected to by Alberto. He later confirmed everything in the Google Doc and tried fishing for pity, and his blind fans believed him.

However, it was leaked this month that he had posted a nude he pressured a girl into giving, a 14 year old girl at that. When this surfaced, many of the people who tried to cling onto his innocence gave up hope and abandoned him, and there is a possibility he will face federal charges as authorities have been notified as of writing this thread.

I'm positive there are far more encounters that people can add regarding this guy. If I forget any, I'll add. There's of course other minimal incidents of drama including someone stealing his old username "7granddad.exe" and such, but I tried to summarize the most noteworthy encounters.

Someone managed to completely dox him if you want to take a gander for yourself. This includes his numerous social media, his address, his phone number, etc. He has no one to blame for himself as he was already very public about his full name and location.

He absolutely flips out whenever people bring up his sheep fetish, when people catfish him, when people leak his account usernames for people to follow, and when people bring up the previous things he's guilty for. He's obsessed with quoting the Joker whenever he fucks up (ironic because the whole point was to not idolize the Joker in the movie), the Beatles, the history of the Toronto Subway station, Nintendo, and the Flintstones.

I will be adding a link to a Google Drive folder containing archived screenshots upon screenshots of him being a nuisance to society.


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