Why did Twinkie Stoore attack Al?

  • She smelled like bacon grease

    Votes: 33 16.0%
  • Attempted murder

    Votes: 88 42.7%
  • Twinkie wanted to give Al a haircut

    Votes: 2 1.0%
  • A combination of the above

    Votes: 79 38.3%
  • A different reason

    Votes: 4 1.9%

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Islamic content:
  • Al opens by showing her makeup collection
  • Puts make up on
  • Looks like she’s topless in the video from her fat
  • Luckily, a tank top strap shows up
  • Al drones on about her Vlogmas schedule
  • Eric, sounding like a congested llama, goes on about getting wisdom teeth removed
  • Eric is surprised it’s like a surgery where he has to take off work
  • Eric has no job besides being a “YouTuber”
  • Amber goes on and on about how good of an artist Becky is
  • Amber shows her OOTD featuring a polka dot mumuu, cardigan from Wommart and a choker from Wommart
  • Amber does a “dance”
  • Big Al and Necks have a date night and see “The Possession of Hannah Something” in Becky’s words
  • After the movie, the human thumb says the movie was okay
  • They review the movie while eating Subway. Al gets turkey instead of chicken because it’s less calories
  • Amber believes possession is one of the scariest things ever and thinks the movie “wasn’t cheesy” so therefor it’s good
  • Big Al does an Instagram “pole” on possession and if it’s real. Amber believes it isn’t but Becky believes it is.
  • Shows clip of another Vlogmas. It’s a B&BW haul
  • Amber jokes about ending Vlogmas and taking a break for a couple months
  • Ends video by saying that the video she just filmed needs to be uploaded and edited
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Islamic content in this video
  • the process of vlogmas is "omg so much"! editing (which she barely does), uploading, processing (clicking buttons) has our gorl TIRED
  • she doesn't keep her clothes on the floor...she keeps them in a box near the closet on the floor
  • more talk about her period
  • Eric gets surgery tomorrow. Hopefully they're having him put down
  • AL is jealous of Becky's art...her "masterpiece" (yes, the same childish anime drawing from before)
  • twinkie attacks AL's hair...probably smells bacon grease
  • OOTD: torrid clearance ladybug, assessories by warrmort...again
  • "Becky has the BEST clothes" Becky literally dresses like a 13yr old boy who watches "the big bang theory"
  • MORE SUBWAY YASSS COME THRU DIETITIAN & WEIGHT LOSS GOALS! Our gorl got turkey because it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay healthier
  • Becky started talking about the movie and I had to skip through it because I for real can't listen to her speak for longer than 5 seconds without wanting to go to bed
  • jokes about not doing vlogmas. so hilarious. so inventive. also thanks for showing us your fake sincere face is the same as your "real" sincere "I need to lose weight or I'll die I'm scared" face


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since I dont have the willpower to watch her videos, what subway sandwich did she get and did she get the deluxe with a cookie without showing the cookie? (got ninjad, its turkey)

I used to work at subway, it was hell, but now I know how to make a p good sandwich.

The grilled chicken is like rubber with chicken flavoring, and fyi: the Cold Cut Combo is made of turkey stuff that didn't get into the "real" turkey slices.

A second helping of Amber’s new go-to dance move. Dropping it low and then jump cut before picking it back up. Day 3, hair is down but getting greasy. Hence the little yorkie hairstyle. I’m guessing side braid/low side pony tomorrow and then hopefully she’ll start putting it up by day 5.

Every time Twinkie crawls all over her all I can think about is a month ago when Eric said she had flees and the lack of flee bath that has happened since then.

Also amber tasted something funky in her sandwich and was grossed out but didn’t want to stop eating it so she chalked it up to the cheese. Yummayy.

Video opens on the unpacking of makeup to music

0:46: Talks about how hard getting a video up is and how it takes hours. Like she's personally processing the fucking thing with the sweat of her brow.

2:49: I have some 'chorsies' I have to do. Some housework around the house. If I didn't permanently low-key want to smack this bitch the word chorsies would have done it for me. Also she totally does housework you guise!

2:59: AL is super excited for sushi. Er, that is, her date with Becky.

3:05: Speaking of smacking a bitch, here's nearly 2 minutes of Eric

5:21 - Becky is an Artist

6:20: AL mistakes Twinky's attempt to chomp through her neck and end her misery as affection

7:14: The fuck is on Becky's arms? Is that veins? Dirt? Looks weird.

7:23: Boobs, leading to OOTD. Jiggle 'dance' in a polkadot tent and cardigan.

7:40: You can never dance too much. Tell that to the cardiac arrest you nearly had after doing 10 steps yesterday.

8:28: Fucking ducklips outside the cinema.

9:30: They ate a lot earlier than planned and now it's been 5 hours (so you're telling us you didn;t have snacks at the movie? Bullshit.) so subway mukbang. Because that worked great for her last time.

10:12: Wants tot alk about the movie but Becky isn't frame, so instead of moving 6 inches she jiggles 4 out of her 6 breasts until Becky appears.

10:39: Fucking hell the lettuce hanging out of her mouth as she eye checks the camera while waiting to tell Becky how wrong she is in her opinions.

11:23: AL finds a movie about a girl being possessed by a demon 'relatable'.

13:17: Now that's she's finished disagreeing she goes to the Instagram poll she set up to prove Becky wrong in some of her other beliefs.

15:15: AL can count to 3

16:00 - She's taking a break for a few months, except 'ha!' she's not. I can't keep up with this level of wit and hilarity.

And we're done.


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Unless she just got up from leaning against some sort of textured fabric and that's a skin imprint, there's something seriously wrong with her arm and/or circulation. :O
It reminds me of an old person's skin, except Becky isn't even 30. Her other arm has it too, just not quite as noticeable in that screencap.


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Is Eric aware that without a Gallbladder if he eats the food he eats after his surgery he will be running to the bathroom with liquid explosive diarrhea?

Without the GB to regulate bile production the liver just shoots out a ton of it causing the shits when you eat foods high in fat.

Might put a hinder on the fags already dull sex life.
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