Summer 2019 Timeline Theories - Because shit is confusing as fuck, come and share how you think it's timed

BEST TORRID HAUL EVER!!!!, in this one both Amber and Becky have the same outfit they did on the 24th of may for the video "OUTFIT OF THE DAY + PARTY TIME!!!!" so I'd say it's confirmed it's the same day.
SINGING WITH JAMES CHARLES, James Charles' upload date is the 25th of June but there doesn't seem to be any other way to tell which day it was in particular.
WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE | DAYS 1-10, she uses a lot of excuses which to me sounds like she claims they weren't done at around the same time every day so, but her voice sounds the same every day and the lightning is the same, she probably filmed the weigh ins and the video in two different days though since she's at the hotel at the time of the video.

I think it'd be useful to split the timeline by the bigger events that happen, I don't know how far back this mess goes but there seem to be some useful markers, like the pool, becky leaving, the belly infection, the vacation, the tree (though she doesn't seem to go outside often), the ER visit and all that. It does seem to be too much work, unless someone here has incredible memory, people would have to go through not only Amber's videos but also her social media, the fag's videos and social media and then remember small stuff like earrings, makeup and outfits of people who only appear a few seconds.
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When people call her out on her bevhaior she claps back with "that video is SIX WEEKS OLD. You have NO IDEA where I'm at right now I'm doing GREAT with my weight loss/muh mental/whatever"

That is the main reason she fucks with her timeline. Beyond that, it's just pure laziness. If she can film six videos in one day, and do that for a week, she'll have more than a month's worth of daily uploads. That's exactly what she did.

Okay, I'm not sure how helpful it'll be but I found it amusing:

The day she met with the doctor was June 6th. She weighed in at 562.2 lbs.

In this video, she also states, "The last time I weighed in with you guys, I was at 567.0." <--Which we assume was when she abandoned her 100 Days of Weighing-In Challenge.

Ten days before her trip, she weighed in at 567.4 lbs going all the way down to 563.2 on the day before the Lexington trip (so actually she ended up still a pound heavier after starting WW this time around).

Her weight fluctuates more than the tides so I'm not sure if this is indicative of a timeline overlap; but it's hilarious that AOnly gained since abandoning the prescribed weightloss plan.


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I'm not sure if this will help but wanted to throw it out there: The red nail polish she's wearing in her "newest" vid (the makeup one) is the same polish she bought on her walmart shopping spree. Obviously she could've painted her nails more than once but lezbereal what are the odds she'd do that? I think it's more likely that she painted them once and filmed a ton. I know you can see that nail polish in other videos so people could use that for comparison.

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