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Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
I found a familiar face on Know Your Meme. Not as a meme sadly

He should have accounts on TVTropes and SCPWiki as well. TVTropes wouldn't allow him to put his fanfiction on their site so he decided to bitch about how they don't like gay men and SCPWiki found his writing to be shite so he flipped out on them too, going so far as to find one of the people from that site and flip out on them on Twitter.

Oh, if you notice, many of the comments he made on knowyourmeme also has his facebook account commenting on them as well when you go their respected pages.
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Can we just stand back and appreciate his comments on Know Your Meme? I had a bit of fun skimming through his activity.

Also he posted the SCP photoshop "Fuck off faggot"[1] on their too, so that's neat, but ultimately harmless as anyone that browses KYM would definitely assume it to be faked for a meme or something. Only now have I realized just how strong the jpeg artifacts are on the SCP comment too.

Archive Links

He got suspended from knowyourmeme, how long till it's because their homophobic and he's going to sue them?
Also some links to where he threatened a 13yr for just reblogging his callout, I have these because the kid messaged them to a friend of mine for help
And I don't know if this one is just his normal trolling bullshit but he admits to wanting to rape 9yrs
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John Goldfarb, get your ass back home.
Went and screenshotted some old tumblr post/ask I found from him to post here.

What terrorist organization? Lmao.

Also, here's his YouTube, in case it wasn't posted before. Honestly I'm too lazy to check.


Wix site: Archive won't archive it because of the way the page is designed, so here's a screenshot.


This "Why am I always right indeed" is from the Wordpress.

He's a Steven Universe fan? A mage in my sock.

Anonymus Fluhre

No man fears what he has seen grow
He still posts on MTG Salvation.
80 pages of comments if anyone wants to go through them. Seems like he doesn't play Magic the Gathering but reads the books.

He was apparently Falconfly on Wikipedia too, account is banned.
banned for personal attacks it seems, hmm Carlos doing that? No way! He'd never
Google doc on him

I'd almost feel sorry for Carlos for being illiterate if it wasn't for the fact he was born with autism.

Also, Guns N' Roses are on to us? That's cool, I was a fan of their music back in the 80s.
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Muh Vagina

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This reply to him tho

No one asked for your opinions or your desperate attempt at being relevant. If you wanted someone who takes you seriously, I am sure you could find a local brothel, but I have seen your Twitter account profile image and if you're not kicked out for having a face like that, I am sure you would be arrested for just looking at a children's day care center; and going by your "outstanding" book reviews on Amazon, I doubt you could afford even a handshake.
Little boy who struggles to be important, you are not funny, you are a mediocre troll (at best), you are not interesting, your fascination with marsupials is rather disturbing and if you're not going to contribute the DeviantART community but use it as a platform to peddle your attempt at literature, then please go somewhere else where you can find others that have the same amount of character and level of expression, namely, a stack of bricks.

Step up to the BBQ at your own peril.
I shall be waiting, little boy.

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