SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!! - 9/5/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 79 of 100)


Will recap shortly. No fun is expected of this video. EDIT: RECAP (and confirmation there is no fun to be had)!

SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!! - 9/5/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 79 of 100)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

(Thumbnail - Shelf-Ass Ahoy!)
(Gotta say the smash-cut from the SnapChat filtered end-of-intro historical-Hamber to the moon-faced present-day-Hamber is JARRING.)

- VictimLynn needs sympathy points because TRYING ON CLOTHES is too much exercise and huffeen/puffeen/wheezeen/dyeeen for a "gorl her size".

(Something noticed - any "dress" she plans to wear as a SHIRT, she gets in size 4. Any ACTUAL shirt/top, she needs that size 6)

TORRID HAUL (Ordered based on unboxing, not try-on):

Black "Dress" with lace sleeves (size 4):
- She wore it through most of the video / under stuff.

Pink "Do All Things With Love" Sweater (size 6):
- Loves it, but it's another example of how she needs to lose weight.
- Flaps around 2nd-Tits around for a few seconds to emphasize that point.

Flower-Print Dress (size 4):
- "it's super see-through!"
- "Super cute. Liveeen for it."
- "Dress" cannot even make it past that shelf-ass.
- "LMAO" textover. (No amount of laughing will reduce/off that shelf-ass!)

Black Cat Shirt (size 6):
- "Perfect one to end on. Super thin, feels nice and cool."
- "It fits" (turns to show it getting stuck on the shelf-ass-ledge)

Black Sweater with lace bottom fringe (size 6):
- "definitely going to need to wear a tanktop under this"
- Cleavage Ahoy!
- Yup, every "size 4 dress" is just "a shirt" on her size-6+ body.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sweater (size 6):
- "most excited - watch it not fit"
- Sleeves are WAY too long because it's a generic size-6XL long-sleeved shirt
- Stretched to the fucking limit around her "mid-section".

Black-and-Red Checkered Sweater-Type Situation (size 6):
- "I look like a lumberjack"
- Buttons stretching to their limit in a cartoonish fashion
- Unbuttoned and shelf-ass is in full glory, she tries to hide that quickly

Pink "Dress" (size 4):
- "material like you could get shocked by an electricity si-chew-ation"
- "Uh... no..."
- 7:36 timestamp for DingyBra's 'right-cup-only situation'

Jack Skellington Cardigan Hoodie Sweater Situation (no mention of size - guessing 6):
- "also really excited" (like a fucking child)
- Waddles out, cannot even come CLOSE to closing it up

Random Hamberisms/Quotes:
- "No one wants to see my bra."
- "This is why I'm not a fashion person."
- "I am dreading every single moment of this."
- "My bun is extra bunny today so ignore that."
- "Cozy is my word of the day."
- "Definitely need to lose some poundages to feel comfortable in this."
- "I better see a haydur video with that, um, whole little song I just did."
- "What's with all the see-through clothing?"
- "Looks like I got my exercise for the day."


TL;DR: SKIP, unless you like shelf-ass and DingyBra-cup-outline screenshots.
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WHY did she do this to my poor eyes??? She included a CLOSE UP of her jiggling the fucking monstrous asymmetric growth on the side of her stomach. It begins at 8:15, so, trigger warning, skip that unless you are ready to part with the food you have eaten today! :cryblood:

Here is the Do All Things With Love tent she bought.

I am pictchering in my head Amber yelling at Necky to go get her MACDONALDS while wearing said tent. So much love in the fag shanty.

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Ah, our dainty Amber, doing all things with love and grace. Like making thirty different “youtube is ruining my life” videos, acting a cunt on social media and torturing her own body to an early death. Live laugh love, gorls!