SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!! - 9/5/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 79 of 100)

why the hell does she get some of the clothes 2 sizes bigger?

it's like a normal person getting an S and and also an XL

most get their clothes a size bigger or smaller b/c of diff brands, but she gets all her clothes from torrid so that's not applyable to her

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tfw you get a swear w/ buttons but you have to wear it as a cardigan because the buttons are about to pop

the only thing that looked 'decent' on her was that cat face shirt (from thefront at least)

but wish she'd stop getting those floral dresses, literally granny dresses

and i knew shed call this her exercise for the day. all that standing up, waddling to turn around, that shuffle and her lifting her arms to put her shirts on is 'workout'

edit: one more thing,

those size 4 dresses she get turn into fucking tight shirts lol
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 600lb lumberjack before.

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Yes, hello Miss Reid. I am an employee of the PCOS Group, the Politically Correct Obesity Syntax Group. I'm here to speak to you once again about your use of incorrect terminology in your videos. At least once in your video published on September 5th, 2019 you used the term "Fupa" to describe your anatomy. Your file has shown that we have needed to correct your usage of terms several times over the past three years. Your anatomy no longer contains a "Fupa", it was upgraded to "Gunt" 17 months ago.

More disconcertingly, after viewing this video I am required by PCOS Group standards to submit a petition to further upgrade your anatomic classification from "Gunt" to "Apron". I will be including still images taken from this video, as well as a rough diagram, to be submitted along side the petition. The images are as follows: (Warning, large images)
gunt1 - Copy.jpg
gunt2 - Copy.jpg
gunt3 - Copy.jpg
guntdiagram - Copy.jpg
As can be noted in the final image, your anatomical feature extends far past the required measurements to be classified as a "Gunt". See applicable terminology sections, or speak to your file manager for further clarification.
(give me my autistics and I'll be on my way thanks)
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My approximation of why the configuration of that shelf ass...
That fucking plaid thing-- I cant decide if shes trying to go for the big burly lumberjack look and took the wrong connotation from "big", or the "Grandma got me onesie pajamas (with the butt flap) for Christmas and mom is making me wear them to show them off to Grandma" look and Im laughing because theyre both so ridiculous.

gay frogs
Gorl looks like a pile of mashed potatoes and those clothes look like bedsheets.

In fact, according to the torrid website, a 6x shirt fits a 66-70 inch bust, and we can assume there’s a few extra inches in there because that particular shirt is baggy on the model. A twin flat sheet (in the US) is 72 inches wide.

So when she graduates to bedsheets she’ll probably need at least a full, safer to go with queen.

God this video makes me so happy. You can tell she’s starting to see just how distorted her giant lump body is and how much energy it’s taking out of her to waddle around in a tiny circle showing off her shelf ass for shekels. It might not ever totally sink in for her, but this vid is a good representation of how sad her life has become and tbh I’m pretty pleased.


Magical advice for reasonable fees.

I love whenever someone attempts to map out where normal body parts fit on Amber, it always makes things extra mortifying. Her spine has to bend in almost impossible ways, her genitalia/asshole is unreachable for any attempt at cleaning, her gunt apron is trying to meet up with her knees, and her legs are just perplexing. How does it all work? How can a human body take so much abuse and yet dies from such tiny things?

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