SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!! - 9/5/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 79 of 100)

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Aug 14, 2019
Buying all these clothes to me means that she is accepting of her size and plans to stay this way for a while. But I know there's not much she can do other than nest like an obese rat in her bed and buy clothes online so have it gorlilla.
Right, Anyone who is trying to lose weight isn't going to waste all that money on unnecessary clothing. Her Torrid hauls are an admission that she doesn't want to lose wait and plans to maintain her humongous size.

Nov 7, 2017
I'm new and curious. Has big Al or Thumby ever tried infiltrating KF?
Not directly that I can recall, but it’s obvious they lurk here. Usually someone will comment about something and in her next vlog she’ll mention something about it without mentioning us, of course because she never reads comments boo boo except when she does.

Soda Sink

my dietitian blocked me
Jul 9, 2018

Here's a decent picture showing her bra (taken from reddit) Looks like she stretched the band so much with her 625 lb girth, that she can only hold one tit at a time. And she chose righty.

It's almost time to take that old bra out back to watch the sunset.