SUPER FUN TORRID HAUL!!!!!! - 9/5/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 79 of 100)

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Maggots on a Train v2

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Sep 12, 2018
Yes, hello Miss Reid. I am an employee of the PCOS Group, the Politically Correct Obesity Syntax Group. I'm here to speak to you once again about your use of incorrect terminology in your videos. At least once in your video published on September 5th, 2019 you used the term "Fupa" to describe your anatomy. Your file has shown that we have needed to correct your usage of terms several times over the past three years. Your anatomy no longer contains a "Fupa", it was upgraded to "Gunt" 17 months ago.

More disconcertingly, after viewing this video I am required by PCOS Group standards to submit a petition to further upgrade your anatomic classification from "Gunt" to "Apron". I will be including still images taken from this video, as well as a rough diagram, to be submitted along side the petition. The images are as follows: (Warning, large images)
View attachment 923865View attachment 923866View attachment 923869View attachment 923871
As can be noted in the final image, your anatomical feature extends far past the required measurements to be classified as a "Gunt". See applicable terminology sections, or speak to your file manager for further clarification.
(give me my autistics and I'll be on my way thanks)
(Edit: bad english)
I had never appreciated that what looks like a giant perky shelf ass on deformed obese women is actually monster love handles. It's not an ass that defies gravity at all, it's mostly back fat. A rear fupa.


Aug 4, 2018
Amberlynn: I’ve maintained 560lbs since January guize

Also Amberlynn:

View attachment 923766
Good Lord, are my eyes broken? Between the vid posted on the 31st and this one, it looks like she fucking exploded.
That's at least 625 if not 650. She was visibly less wide in January, the last time I really believed she was actually 570.


Dont you guys think I should choose my own foods?
Nov 30, 2018
Her skin was crawling while wearing that plaid sweater cause to her that is a masculine print and she is GIRLY AND FEM!! I cant get over how uncomfortable she looked in it, more so than the skin tight orange number that she kept pushing her B cups together in. Why did you buy it?

I need footage of A out and about in one of those Jack skellington numbers.

Edit:just finished watching. Dont really know what to say about that stomach other than her trying to pull the bottom of the dresses over the gunt does nothing lol.
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Stairs are my worst enemy
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Aug 16, 2018
I need footage of AOut and about in one of those Jack skellington numbers.
I recommend the following look while out and about (at the Cheesecake Factory):
  • Jack Skellington sweater
  • Pumpkin mini backpack
  • Bright orange leggings (she needs more options anyway)
  • Black lipstick
  • Heavy black eyeliner
  • Hair chalk or temporary hair dye to give her hair blue streaks
  • Chipped black nail polish
  • Vampire teeth
  • Giant candy corn earrings
  • Black flats
  • Her Apple Watch to make sure she gets her steps in (doubtful her step count would increase but it’s funny to see her virtue signal about wearing it)

hyacinth bucket
Jun 25, 2019
I ask this each time, but because I wonder about it each time: What does she see when she looks in a mirror/sees herself on video?

She's turning around in clothing not even big enough to get over her fat ass, yet you'd think she was a dainty ballerina.
What do you see Amber?

If she's not seeing a butt that twerks itself, I don't know what she's seeing.

Pog Mathoin
Jul 11, 2018
Sometimes I wonder what the people making clothes for Torrid think. You know, the workers slaving in horrific conditions in sweatshops in China and Bangladesh. When they sew these gigantic tarpaulins for American fatties for a paltry few cents per hour, do they ever wonder what kind of beasts actually wear them? If you were a small-size person from China, could you even fathom what a person large enough to fit into a 6X would look like?
The American dream.


Stairs are my worst enemy
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Aug 16, 2018
And all of those clothes she got will “fit” for approximately 2-3 months at the most. She would be saving money if she were actually losing weight.