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Recap coming soon... and here it is
Super Random Mystery Box 26/06/2019
  • Excuse the lighting you guisssse
  • Even though the trend died, she is still doing it
  • This mystery box costed 40 to 50 dollars
  • Failing to use scissors
  • Box looks “foooollllllll”
  • Box smells good, unlike Becky’s
  • Got “a soap” that might be expired
  • Did not like the last mystery box she received
  • Got sunglasses and she is liveeeeeeeen
  • Gets a movie called “argun” (Eragon): some random dragon movie
  • French edition included, but she does not understand language
  • Got blue pens for writeeeeeeen
  • Sparkly leaves to tape on the wall (from Dollarama)
  • Got really long socks she is giving Becky because #myanklesarebiggerthanatree
  • Gets a “beer opener” that she is living so hard for
  • Gets a flimsy dimsy tripod and violently orgasms at the sight of it
  • Gets a fucking GPS and a car plugger inner, she does not know what it is because she has never seen one in her lahf
  • Receives a random fucking cord
  • Smells everything in the box as it comes out
  • Last item: an iHome speaker system
  • Box may not have been worth the money
Final thoughts: that box was not worth the money at all lmao, it looks like a bunch of shit you would find under your bed when you are moving out! I am sensing desperation for YouTube shekels because it took everything in me to finish watching this fucking thing and she is not tryeen.

Anyways, here's a meme.

No one:

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I think all this content was produced (+ all those "mystery" Japanese snacks, jewelry boxes were bought) during her manic episode in May. And she's stretching it out and trying to convince us she's """"productive"""" and doesn't spend all day watching Netflix on pillow mountain. She has the easiest job in the world, and is still too lazy to do it. Ugh.

If I hear "I'm LihveEeEEeen" one more time, I will explode. Who is she imitating, she never used to say this phrase before???

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11/97/10 isn't a fucking expiration date, you dolt. I highly doubt that soap is made with ingredients that would cause it to expire.

Also those fingerprints on the sunglasses lmao. This is literal junk. Dollar Store pens, shitty stickers, a bottle opener, a weird cord...

My god, Meg's Depot is making bank off of morons buying these shitty mystery boxes for "entertainment." Can't believe ALR spent 50 dollars on this. I also can't believe she bought another one after admitting she thought the first mystery box was trash.
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I think all this content was produced (+ all those "mystery" Japanese snacks, jewelry boxes were bought) during her manic episode in May.
It would explain why she was "manic" in the first place, if that's the case. She got the dopamine rush from all the new crap she wasted her money on and easy, ready-to-film content. Followed by the immediate crash when she realized that nothing in her life has changed because the food and crap still haven't satiated the void.

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before anyone starts complaining about this not being weight loss related, can we please just let the girl pretend to be trisha for a few minutes before she kills herself with food in probably less than a year???? HAYDURS
Get used to it, because our gorl bought Trisha Paytas’s “Glitter Box” & you know well get a video of her opening that too. I’m sure she’ll be “living for” all of Trisha’s dollar store junk too.

Birthday Dickpunch

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If she were smart she could save money and do loads of these with all of the random shit she's bought over the years. It's all going to be unused, so she could box it up, do a "mystery" unboxing and nobody would even know.

Shit, if Becky did it without her knowing even Amber wouldn't be able to tell. Just think of all of the journals and water bottles and chokers she could be liveeeen for!