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Eh. This presentation was entertaining, but it doesn't hold up much compared to Joker, Hero, and Banjo.
How long before Terry's stage is banned in competitive for being too gimmicky?
It is gimmicky but that's part of its charm. It probably won't be a personal favorite of mine since fighting from a ledge is where half of the game's mechanics come to shine, and taking that out is amusing but would probably get old fast.


lol im god
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i didn't get my tuna and bacon

but i got a lot of more songs that are good or better. 50 to choose from.

the autist of dojima

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I think I've written this before but it is nothing short of amazing how much love Sakurai has for gaming as of large. Also very cool of SNK to let them have such a library of killer songs.

Seriously what the hell is Square's problem that they only let Smash have two tracks?
They are a bunch of jews and dont even own their songs
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