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Accidental Spy Kids reference
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Nauseated Courgi

It's an Ass-Fuck-Get-Fucked world out there
Ever noticed how all the ultimate dlc characters except for joker bring something new and """fun"""" to the table
Rlly makes u think:thinking:
I thought it was already known that the DLC fighters each have a special gimmick that differentiates them from the in-game fighters.

Joker has Arsene who, when active, makes Joker's overall specials stronger and more effective. Also he can somewhat angle his final smash.

Hero has his vast arsenal of spells for his specials and his critcal hit mechanic.

Banjo and Kazooie have their nearly unstoppable side special that can only be used 5 times per stock.

And Terry has arcade-styled inputs plus two side specials along with two additional super specials when he's at 100% (Thanks Vertexwindi).
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Nauseated Courgi

It's an Ass-Fuck-Get-Fucked world out there
Nor is Sora. The cunt can stay where be belongs.

I keep forgetting Geno exists.
As I've said before, neither of those two have a chance making it in at this rate.

Geno can't make it in because Square Enix already has a rep for DLC and the company is extremely strict with their stuff as it is with the one's that made it in.

Sora can't make it in for the same reasons as Geno, and in addition to, also being partially owned by Disney.

The odds are just too stacked against them to make it possible. Man, remember when people were hyping themselves up from that grinch "leak" and the resulting chimp out when they confirmed it was fake.
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Pixel Perfect Troll
Terry has arcade-styled inputs plus two side specials plus two additional super specials when he's at 100%.
the Scrub Quotes account on twitter is having a christmas party right now of people bitching because you have to actually input some brain dead commands to use the powered up moves

In my time we bullied the fuck out of everyone that did not know how to do a shoryuken

Agent Wet

So far right now I am enjoying playing with Terry right it feels like you can do alot stuff with him. I don't what is with me and enjoying characters I never thought would be in smash but became one of my favorites to use like Terry and Joker for instance.
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Curious Internet Traveler
I got Terry yesterday and he is so much fun, He is great with juggling and his moves hit hard. I can see him making people salty in the tourney scene
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