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Tfw no clever custom title
Their final smash better be a 'curse-ye-ha-me-ha'.
The interdimensional merge it's happening. You laughed instead of believin it: this is the result. Now Chris will get all the anime sword pussy, while we speculate on the next character like spergs


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Final Smash should definitely be something relating to the dimensional merge.
Hard disagree. Smash characters are all about their most iconic features, not just their most recent ones.

If Chris was in Smash, what would his moveset be?
Final smash would just be Captain Falcon’s, but the racetrack is a parking lot and the Blue Falcon is Son-Chu
Standard special is Chris shits his pants, does nothing. Side special he uses the pepper spray (and yells "Don't call anybody!"), low damage but good knockback. Down special is crashing into slumber (works like Jigglypuff's down special, Rest). Up special Chris waves his arms around furiously like when he'd get angry in one of his classic videos (like the one about his house), does good damage and gives some air. Final smash has Chris perform a classic curse-ye-ha-me-ha, may or may not transform into Chris Chan Sonichu for it.


Lmao, Sakurai wasn't kidding about the final event in their Classic campaign being interesting. So far they feel a lot clunkier than Robin so unless they suddenly click for me I'm not sure I'll be playing them much.
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Byleth really is slow and is going to struggle against faster rush down characters.


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I've given Byleth a fair shake but, yeesh. It's like he tries to be the usual fancy footwork swordie (thanks to about a third the moveset involving the whip blade thing), but also a heavy-duty bruiser at the same time with slow, hard-hitting blows and it doesn't flow well for me at all. And his general movement speed is just, downright bad. Even the heavy boys I like to use such as K. Rool feel easier to maneuver than him.

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I'm not really liking Byleth. They're slow with a projectile that encourages you to camp with it. Their recovery is good with you can hook it onto the stage but won't help if you're too far off. Their stage is just a traveling platform going to different walkoffs.


Things will change with time. Only in summertime.
Byleth is just low tier to me and I seriously doubt we will see many major top 8 tournament wins with them. You can interrupt them the moment before and during the tether, movement speeds is slow, most of their attacks are laggy, they can effectively be zoned out (Samus/Dark Samus and Mii Gunner), screwed against fast character that can get in close to them, and can be effectively juggled in the air with no quick way down (at lease Ganondorf can just down B and Mewtwo can just teleport down).