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You know that the new DLC characters will be mostly Fire Emblem sword wielders.
God I hope not. It is my hope that not a single one of these DLC is wasted on a Fire Emblem character. We have enough of them as it is. Hell, i wouldn't even mind if at least one of the characters revealed wields a sword or even more than one, as long as it isn't Fire Emblem.


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I just want all the remaining DLC characters to be complete and total surprises like Joker and PP and not what everybody is piggybacking on like Steve and whatever that Dragon Quest character's name is.

I still want Crash Bandicoot as DLC.
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I like Fire Emblem, but even I'll be annoyed if it's a sword wielder.

Because that'll just be another excuse to make ANOTHER Marth clone.

If it's an axe wielder however...

I mean, so long as it's not Minecraft Steve I don't even care, they'll be able to make anything work.

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I wanna meet this Kyle person, sounds like the only person that knows what they're doing in that backwards ass batshit community.


...Did someone say "weeaboo"?
Man, if Joker's stage only comes with 2 shitty non-remix songs like Cloud's DLC, I'm going to be sad.

You know that the new DLC characters will be mostly Fire Emblem sword wielders.
The chick from the new Fire Emblem game uses an axe in the trailer, so there's hope yet!

I'd be surprised if she wasn't in this. An axe character could have a different enough moveset it should be fine.
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It's time for assembly...FROM HELL!!!
I'm so glad plantboi came in the update. Now I'm hyped for Joker!

Also, it appears that you unlock PP automatically in WoL, but I was only able to do so in NG+. If you attempt a fresh game you don't get PP as soon as you start playing. I don't know how far in you gotta get before it auto unlocks yet.

EDIT: Plantboi unlocks in WoL after you obtain ten fighters unless you start NG+.
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