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The next character is a swordsman, but instead of Fire Emblem or anime it's Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher. How do you react?
That would lead to a massive shit fest. On one hand you'd have people complain that a character who never appeared on a Nintendo system, uses a sword, and is """edgy""" is in smash over waifu #984, on the other hand you'd have all the people that fellate CDPR and they glorious Geraldo being extatic, though there might be some butt hurt of the main character of a massively popular game both critically and financially going "main stream". Should be fun either way
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These days? They're way more politically correct now than they were in the past. Or did they just not notice they exist until the third game?
Believe me, I think seeing those cards from the first Witcher would make them really lose their shit, but they've had a vendetta against the company ever since their Twitter PR account made a "problematic" joke when Cyberpunk 2077 was shown off (fun fact, they've been hounding the poor bastard since he left CDPR).

Really, once you've "fucked up" in their eyes, they'll always despise you and wish for your ruin.

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