Superhero Movie Sperging - Exactly what it sounds like.


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With Black Panther, and Infinity War right around the corner, and far more on the way, why not make a thread sperging about Superhero movies?
EDIT: I said sperging about Superhero movies, not complain about them. If you want to do that, go to the “Movies You Didn’t Like That are Widely Praised” thread.
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I'm tired of superhero movies, especially marvel ones, because they're just so boring. I can predict all the shitty jokes, The ending is obvious, I'm sick of the drilled in politics, and the characters are either 3deep5u or just stupid, sometimes both. There's like a million different movies all connected and I gotta watch all of them and recently enough to remember what happened (I'm not rewatching a movie from 5 years ago just to go watch another one now) and know all the lore so I get what's happening and who's who. I don't mind formulas as long as they're fun, but these movies aren't fun. They're just 3 hour slogs.


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I've been watching Dare Devil and Jessica Jones on Netflix and I think the TV show format works much better for comic book adaptations than movies. I used to not think that because Smallville, Supergirl & the Flash were all dumpster fires, but I think franchises like Spiderman would really be helped by moving away from rebooting once every 2 ± 0.5 movies & having a TV show that has him lurking in the shadows during the night to fight supervillains in low key situations like his blind neighbor.

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Someone somewhere said superhero movies hit their peak in 2004 and they became shit after that, but I disagree.

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I'm not the only one who still remembers this, am I?
I fondly remember film and did not realize that Danielle Panabaker of CW's Flash fame was Layla until I wiki-ed her a couple years ago. I met her at the local con and had my copy of Sky High autographed by her.