Superheroes are just cops with capes. Time to cancel...

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Aug 21, 2018
So, SHIELD doesn't count as Internal Affairs, then?

The Gangster Computer

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Apr 16, 2017
On one hand, this is retarded and a moronic assumption made all the more idiotic by the fact that all superhero media these days shares their woke mindset. On the other hand, I'm sick and tired of capeshit and capeshit films, so if this leads to their deaths then I won't complain. Probably the only time I won't.

Ita Mori

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May 2, 2020
This isn't surprising, coming from the same crowd that rattles at Marvel for having Spider-Man being pro-Cop & a straight white man.
The amount of times Stan Lee had to tell em to fuck off because he wasn't going to make Parker a fanook and a cop hater...

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Jan 12, 2017
I know everyone's been getting tired of capeshit and the MCU, but I don't think anyone could've foreseen the potential end to it all with Disney now having to face down the double-barrel of ire against the very people they've wanted to pander to just because of the "COPS ARE BAD" mantra going on right now. 2020 just has not been anyone's year, has it. :story:

I Love Beef

Mar 16, 2019
I've said it myself that SJWs will not stop until they've sucked every single last ounce of happiness and joy from this world, even stuff they themselves enjoy they'll turn on.

Because what it boils down to is they believe this is an unjust world at its core and therefore happiness is an unjust act, only ceaseless misery is "woke" enough, nobody should be smiling, laughing and having a good time when there's injustice happening somehow, somewhere (which is always going to be the case)

Here's the crazy thing, they may not necessarily be wrong, maybe this world is a Hell that humans supplant illusionary better ideas of reality upon, but to that I say, so what? Why would anyone want the alternative?

They are Neo trying to wake humanity up from the Matrix when "reality" is nothing but a dead wasteland, why bother?

The end game of these people if they gain the absolute power they so desperately desire will be a Jonestown style mass suicide on a human race scale, self extinction, the ultimate act of "social justice"
Not to make this a dick measuring contest of who is more "enlightened", SJWs are the equivalent of someone who is a lolcow who does have a vague hint that the world is the Matrix, but they instead do otherkin lifestyles instead of notice the Agent Smiths that gradually don't even bother due to their self sabotaging exceptional ineptitude. SJWs think they are doing the right thing, but are still stuck to the infrastructure than anything philosophical or inherent to humanity that goes beyond their privileged first world cradle they'd (and we'd) obviously die the first thing it goes kaput. I don't know how the fucking clown world goes, but it's sure finishing up the shit from the 1990s on censoring locally made US sequential media down to the conceptual level and regulating it to be the bitch whipping boy of FCC/Morality Squad "Standards&Practices TM". That was the last thing on my mind that will be the foundation for the warpath of these wackjobs.

Honestly, I don't need to say "don't cancel superheroes". It's common sense. At the same time, this was just a calamity upon itself, really. Shit sux, but the US comics industry and the superhero giants had (let's see) 24 years to clean their shit up. As much as I parade and ardently flagwave anime to shit, seeing superheroes be on the chopping block, I can't help but say that this is but a perfect storm of disappointing and sad tragedy. May inspiration and creative value guide the artists who enjoy superheroes and find value in wanting to create them despite these baffling and absurd times.

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Apr 24, 2020
Don't get me wrong: I fucking hate superhero movies, Marvel is a shit company, every superhero movie is the same and predictable, the actors who play those characters are cringe, the special effects are lame as balls, and the CGI is silly and cartoon like. With that said, I'm fully on board for cancelling superhero movies...but not for the insanely faggoty retarded reasons as outlined in the Time article, but rather what Martin Scorsese said about them being the cinematic equivalent of amusement parks. The genre is dead, so let's just kill it already. How many more fucking movies do we need with a ragtag team of colorful heroes saving the planet from some glowing beam of light whilst destroying a ton of buildings in the process and delivering a bunch of one-liner jokes? It's all the fucking same.


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Jan 2, 2017
The idea that Hollywood is going to sacrifice their golden-egg-laying goose isn't going to happen: even if by some Satanic miracle the idea of cancelling all superhero media gains traction in the general US populace (I seriously doubt that's going to happen, but I've been wrong before), the Chinese eat up the Marvel films like popcorn.

Apr 13, 2018
Articles like this are the product of two things:

1) A desperate attempt to get clicks. Any attention is good. It doesn't matter if people click on it to get mad. They still get the click.

2) Building off of that, media has expanded to such a degree that beyond just getting attention, companies that produce content need to just fill the empty space and will throw whatever the hell they can to fill it.

Syaoran Li

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Feb 19, 2017
The idea that Hollywood is going to sacrifice their golden-egg-laying goose isn't going to happen: even if by some Satanic miracle the idea of cancelling all superhero media gains traction in the general US populace (I seriously doubt that's going to happen, but I've been wrong before), the Chinese eat up the Marvel films like popcorn.

True, but China got ass-fucked by Corona same as everyone else, and being the epicenter of the original epidemic, are one of the hardest hit countries by it.

Even with our higher official rates of positive cases, I still think China's got more cases and worse ones since they have a higher population and their government's official numbers are not trustworthy by any stretch of the imagination.

Let's be honest, capeshit is played out and the genre more or less peaked last year with Endgame and Joker.

Even then, I still think the main reason why Joker did as well as it did was because it was more or less capeshit in name only and was more or less the opposite of an MCU summer blockbuster.

China loves capeshit more than the average bearded bugman or dangerhair punk but if Trump really does get elected to a second term, he's probably going to be imposing stricter trade sanctions on China. If that becomes the case, then I think the Chinese box office might not be the Hollywood goldmine in the 2020's that it was in the 2010's.