Superstraight Containment Station - No superphobes allowed!

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Superstraight or Super straight is a newly classified sexuality where an individual only finds sexual attraction to members who were born as the opposite sex.


For instance, a superstraight male is only attracted to a natal female, but not a trans female. Permutations of superstraight include superlesbian (female only attracted to natal female), supergay (male only attracted to natal male), and superbi (either sex attracted only to natal members of either sex)

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However, it is an unfortunate reality where superstraights are surrounded by bigots and hate, and thus superstraights are often marginalized or sent death threats such as above. As a bastion of social justice, Kiwifarms has gone through great lengths to archive this prejudice while sharing and celebrating superstraight culture. The purpose of this thread is to make it easier to find and document interactions within and towards the superstraight community, from negative comments by detractors and examples of solidarity in the superstraight community.

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When did we come up with this?
Never. They’re trying to push a narrative here folks
Correct. According to the superstraight Reddit, it was pioneered by Tiktock user kyleroyce.


However, the LGBT wiki is already attempting to push a negative narrative about superstraight. Their only evidence claiming so is a citation to a Tumblr user who merely asserts 4chan created it with no verifiable proof, as the screencaps from 4chan are clearly users reacting to it already existing.



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I think this thread might already be infected, if we go by this definition. Maybe this should be a superphobia thread instead. After all, wouldn't it just be too mean to disrespect the wishes of the poor supers? You know, have a heart? He he he.

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I’m supporting Super Striaght. I should be able to date/marry a biological females without the threat of troons demanding I date them.
That's called being straight. Adding a label like this insinuates that being straight means that you can date men which, no, that's gay. The whole thing stunk the moment it popped up given how much bullshit was spewed onto 4chan simultaneously. Gay op.

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