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There are concerted efforts to demonetize this site and punish me for hosting it. I cannot use traditional payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Patreon, et cetera. Donating to the site is very convoluted but is the only way to do it. The site's operating expenses exceed $1000/mo because I have to buy far more infrastructure than a traditional website in order to handle our immense complaint volume. Traditional hosting hosting are not an option for us and I have to spend a lot to keep us alive. This is done without the benefit of any parent company or sponsor. The only reason I can afford to do this is because of small dollar donors. I am unemployable because of reputational damage done in association with the site; if I could work a regular job doing IT I would and I have tried.

Best Option: Brave & BAT
Seriously, just get it.

Brave is a browser that is a lot like Google Chrome but with privacy features and ad blocking built in. If you use Chrome, you can switch to Brave without losing any extensions/features. Instead, you gain some. Brave integrates with BAT, a cryptocurrency, which you can send to me in small amounts. If the regular users of the site gave one penny worth of BAT for each day they logged in, the site would be financially stable forever.

Both Brave and BAT are created by Brendan Eich, the person who created JavaScript and founded the Mozilla Foundation, which created FireFox and basically killed IE over a decade ago. Eich was removed from Mozilla for supporting 'traditional marriage' bills in California. Since then, FireFox has gone to shit. His new foundation is doing well and I have absolute faith in his vision.

Brave gives free BAT as grants and also allows you to view ads for additional BAT. These can be donated to the site at no expense to you. You can also integrate into Uphold, a currency exchange program, to buy BAT tokens to send with your browser wallet. Not just the Kiwi Farms uses Brave, and it 'soft-integrates' into sites like YouTube as well, allowing creators to claim their channel URLs and allowing viewers to send infinitesimal amounts of BAT for time spent watching their videos. Brave is something that benefits the Internet as a whole by easily allowing poorfags to bypass shitty payment processors and directly enable the things they actually use online without inconvenience. Seriously, just use Brave.

It's also the best mobile browser.


Check / Gift Card
I can digitally accept these and people find buying prepaid visa cards at corner stores are most convenient. PM me the details. I need the CCN / CVC / Expiry + the exact dollar amount on the card. Try to avoid Walmart-brand debit cards and American Express "Serve" cards because they're a pain in the ass to setup. is a way to create gift cards online without revealing any of your own details to the merchant. If you want to send a gift card very easily, just sign up, plug in some funding source, and then create a "Merchant" account (not specific to any service) with a "Total" value of whatever you intend on donating. Send the details of this card over PM.

Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency)
Bitcoin remains the best option, always.

Signing up on Uphold is easier than PayPal. It does require some form of ID but it's straight forward. Coinbase is another dropdead easy Crypto provider with multiple options but it only works in certain countries.

You can also sign up with Coinmama and buy up to $150 with only a mastercard/visa. You must send the bought Bitcoin to a wallet, though, so unless you plan to send me BTC directly through the purchase, you must also set up a wallet. Coinbase will give you wallets for free as a part of your account. I can confirm this works fine.

Jaxx is a free, open-source decentralized BTC/crypto wallet you can run on your own computer and phone. Blockchain does this online.

My Wallets (As of April-17)
These are our cryptocurrency addresses. I rotate them spontaneously for privacy reasons. It is preferred you use the most recent one listed here. If you'd like to contribute in a different cryptocurrency, contact me. If you would like a unique donation address, please PM me and ask for one. (There is no direct privacy risk using these, but some people prefer a unique one. XMR is always private.)

BTC: 1EiZnCKCb6Dc4biuto2gJyivwgPRM2YMEQ
Use the BTC address for Coinmama purchases.

ETH: 0xc1071c60ae27c8cc3c834e11289205f8f9c78ca5
LTC: LcDkAj4XxtoPWP5ucw75JadMcDfurwupet
XMR: 438fUMciiahbYemDyww6afT1atgqK3tSTX25SEmYknpmenTR6wvXDMeco1ThX2E8gBQgm9eKd1KAtEQvKzNMFrmjJJpiino

Cash / Money Order / Restraining Orders / Legal Services
Joshua Moon
913 Beal Pkwy NW
Suite A-1017
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Do not send cash by mail. Check and money order are perfectly fine, but may take up to two weeks to settle.

Please do not send physical gifts or cards to this address as they will not reach me.

Bank Transfer / Zelle / Venmo
Contact me if you'd like to wire money. I do not accept these kinds of transfers from people who are new to the site, sorry.
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I'm shit at mine too mate no worries it's funny because considering I spent most of my time in front of a computer you'd think I'd be better.
Just do what I do. Post absolutely stupid shit, then after you did that, read it like it was written by somebody else.

When you realize how stupid the shit you said was, edit what you said to make it better.

About Us

The Kiwi Farms is about eccentric individuals and communities on the Internet. We call them lolcows because they can be milked for amusement or laughs. Our community is bizarrely diverse and spectators are encouraged to join the discussion.

We do not place intrusive ads, host malware, sell data, or run crypto miners with your browser. If you experience these things, you have a virus. If your malware system says otherwise, it is faulty.

Supporting the Forum

How to Help

The Kiwi Farms is constantly attacked by insane people and very expensive to run. It would not be here without community support.

We are on the Brave BAT program. Consider using Brave as your Browser. It's like Chrome but doesn't tell Google what you masturbate to.

BTC: 1EiZnCKCb6Dc4biuto2gJyivwgPRM2YMEQ
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ETH: 0xc1071c60ae27c8cc3c834e11289205f8f9c78ca5
LTC: LcDkAj4XxtoPWP5ucw75JadMcDfurwupet
BAT: 0xc1071c60Ae27C8CC3c834E11289205f8F9C78CA5
XMR: 438fUMciiahbYemDyww6afT1atgqK3tSTX25SEmYknpmenTR6wvXDMeco1ThX2E8gBQgm9eKd1KAtEQvKzNMFrmjJJpiino