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Of course Brave changes their shit right after I go through with setting up an Uphold account, making a Brave creator account, and adding my Sam Losco YT as a publisher, and tipping all my BAT to that. Once it transfers into my Uphold account next month, it's all going to KF.
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I sent Null a visa gift card via dm... for those of us who don’t understand the youth of today and cryptocurrency, it was very easy and straightforward. 10/10 recommend it. Swing by your local shop for a card and just dm the numbers on it.
Sorry if I'm being a spud, but is it like when you'd buy stuff from a mail order catalog way back in t'daybefore t'internet, where you'd put the long card number and the CVV? Because that's a ridiculously simple way of doing things for me.


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Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to announce a significant update to the Brave Rewards wallet.

Starting 07/24/2019, users who browse with Brave’s Nightly build will be able to withdraw BAT from the Brave Rewards wallet after verifying and creating an account with our partner Uphold! Users will also be able to buy additional BAT, should they want to contribute more than they earn through opting into Brave Ads.

Here are some important details regarding this update:

If you wish to earn BAT by enabling Brave Ads and send those BAT to publishers via auto-contribute and tipping, that will remain as-is. What is changing is that you will need to verify with Uphold if you wish to add funds to your wallet from another external source — such as a credit card, bank account, or another crypto wallet.

Why do we require that you verify your Uphold account in order to gain control over your wallet?

While Brave isn’t a bank, our partner Uphold is the custodian of verified wallets and can make connections to banks, allowing funds to travel into and out of the wallets. As part of our commitment to maintaining your privacy, Brave does not process or store the data that you provide to Uphold when you sign up. That is managed by Uphold and is a critical step necessary to allow this flow from your browser wallet to an external account.

For users who have already gone through this process with Uphold (like our Verified Publishers), the process is even easier. When prompted, you’ll just need to log into Uphold.

This is a new feature we are excited to have you try. We would appreciate it if you could keep the feedback focused here.

As with any new feature, we expect some issues to be reported. At release, we will flag a couple of items so that we can give you a general timeline as to when they will be remediated. — each of these issues will be resolved before the feature is in full release (that is, by the time the feature progresses from the nightly channel, to dev, to beta, and finally to the release channel)

Issue 1 (Privacy) - Temporarily, your wallet address and Uphold user name will be visible to content creators you tip. This will be fixed well before general release. We expect a fix in early August.

Issue 2 (Verified channels) - For launch, only Creators with one channel will be verified. This is a temporary stopgap while we work with Uphold to address linkability concerns for Publishers with multiple channels, the ETA on which is early August.

Issue 3 - Direct tips will not be reflected in the Creator dashboard statement for a small period of time. For now the best place to see these tips is on the Uphold site. We expect a fix in early August.

Issue 4 (Self tipping via user wallets) - For this release, Brave users who use the same credentials for their user wallets as Creators may not be able to self tip. We are working on fixing this feature.

Issue 5 (Existing Ad Rewards) - if a Brave user has Ads rewards already claimed, they will not be automatically deposited to their user wallets for the first release. Also, the Ads settlement in August for nightly and developer channel users will not be deposited directly to user wallets. However, all Ads rewards will be deposited directly to user wallets starting September.

Other noteworthy changes for Creators when 0.69 goes to release

  1. Creators will now have to be verified with Uphold to get tipped any BAT
  2. Unverified creators will not be able to participate in auto-contribute due to the unverified status as well
How can I try this feature?
At the time of this post, you will be able to find it in the Nightly build here : 191

The feature is also available in our Developer build here : 32

This has been a widely requested feature and is a major milestone in the development of the BAT ecosystem.

We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback!


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Do you know if KF is verified through Uphold? Because if not, then I've stupidly wasted the BAT I've sent in a few months ago. It shows up as being verified through Brave, though (which is why I sent the BAT).

EDIT: "It is not currently possible to send it to the Kiwi Farms". Well, there's some money gone down the toilet. I'll just send the BAT I have to Madattheinternet.
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If I wanted to upgrade someone to supporter status, can I do that and how much is it?

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Hey, does madattheinternet accept Brave tips? It has the verified thing but so does kiwifarms and I seem to have read that it will let you tip BAT but then doesn't give it back? I know I could do uphold but I don't want the hassle, man :)

Edit: says it on the front page. Nvm :)
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Is the VISA Vanilla okay, or is there another preferred type of pre-paid card? I was looking at one but it said valid in the US only. Not sure if it will work for Fearless Leader's living situation or not.

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Can someone help.

I wanted to go to a Bitcoin ATM to send money to our leader. Apparently they need my fingerprint? Or I can use an exchange based on an existing bank account.

Everyone says bitcoin is anonymous, but every transaction is traceable and they need my fingerprint to get started, so what the fuck?


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Can someone help.

I wanted to go to a Bitcoin ATM to send money to our leader. Apparently they need my fingerprint? Or I can use an exchange based on an existing bank account.

Everyone says bitcoin is anonymous, but every transaction is traceable and they need my fingerprint to get started, so what the fuck?
That is odd. The ATM I used only asked for my wallet QR code. I know there are different companies running these machines. You might want to shop around. In my area I have 4 to choose from, unless it's a local regulation where you live. If that's the case I'd pay the homeless guy standing behind you to use his fingerprint.

Coin Radar shows the companies running the ATM's:



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If I donate BAT to MATI can I still get the T&HF banner? I've been wanting to donate for awhile and it seems like the easiest way to do so. I really don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a crypto just to donate and the prepaid CCs are apparently hard to come by in my area.

For those who only have credit card or credit/debit whatever, you can sign up on MATI and donate that way. It's really simple, no real name required. Just select a donation amount and you'll be fine. You can easily move from one to the other and you'll be pro-rated depending on your choices. It's the simplest option for dumb niggers like me.
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