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I give BAT but am too poor to donate more than that.

Maybe hit up porn sites like brazzers and tell em you want to make a deal for ads. Or Nutaku. Porn is the way to go when faggots keep going after mainstream.


chunkiest boy around
I have been thinking is it possible (or legal) to have some trustworthy middleman taking money in with methods Null can't (paypal) and transferring it to Null in ways mentioned in the first post. I'm tech retarded and feel iffy with all crypto stuff (only have BATs I have got from brave and feel even confused with those) and lot of options to help site are off the limits when you aren't American. I get there is risk of info of said middleman going forward and all shit, some reason's I probably don't even realize, but some kind of "fund for granpa Null's lung cancer treatment" via paypal and forward from there would be cool.
Again, realistically have no idea is this something that would work in reality as well as in my foggy brains.